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Will The Brilliant Satire Of Stephen Colbert Work On Late Night Network Television

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I just want to start by saying that I love Steve Colbert and his brand of satire that is the essence of his award winning show on Comedy Central – but is mainstream America ready for him on late night network television? The host of “The Colbert Report” just signed a five-year contract to succeed David Letterman […]

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Jon Stewart Destroys GM Over Their Faulty Ignition Recall

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Jon Stewart weighed in last night on the GM ignition switch controversy last night on The Daily Show. Stewart eviscerated the automotive giant for their gross negligence in dealing with the 2013 recall for the faulty ignition switches that was first discovered back in 2001. The Daily Show host points out that GM could have saved […]

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PARAGODS – The Next Big Comedy Hit !

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I just want to know what the Director/Writer Shawn Allen was doing when he came up with the idea for Paragods . . . I wish I was there.   Paragods is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen, and it hasn’t even been released yet. In their own words: “Think of us […]

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Jon Stewart Calls Out CNN Boss Jeff Zucker For His “Steady Spiral Downward”

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Jon Stewart slammed CNN and it’s new boss Jeff Zucker on last night’s “The Daily Show.” Zucker who has “failed up” his entire career; taking NBC from number one in prime time to number four, has made the one time cable news giant unwatchable in his first few months on the job. Zucker’s programming moves […]

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No Star For Kim Kardashian On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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The good people at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce have rejected a request by reality TV money grubber Kim Kardashian for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The narcissistic celebutard, who came to fame for her sex tape back in 2006, is asking the board members to broaden their criteria in order for […]

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The Reality Television Epidemic

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Ten years ago, the only big reality TV shows that were on TV were The Real World, Big Brother and Survivor. Fast-forward to 2012, and now it seems as if reality TV has taken over America. No matter what time of the day it is, you can most likely find a reality show on TV. […]

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Girls Will Be Girls: Why HBO’s Girls is a Must-See

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Honestly, I have not met one person who does not LOVE the new HBO dramedy, Girls. If you haven’t heard of it, you must be living under a rock; and if you haven’t watched it, you are truly missing out. Created by television newcomer Lena Dunham, who also acts in, directs, writes and produces the […]

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Andy Griffith – RIP

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Andy Griffith died today at the age of 86.   Andy was known as the Sheriff of the little country town of Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show featuring other great actors . . . Don Knotts as Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife, and Ron Howard who played his son. The Andy Griffin Show dominated TV […]

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The Brand New – America’s Got Talent

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When NBC announced that Howard Stern would be joining as a judge on the family show  “America’s Got Talent”,  the attack was on by others to prevent this unthinkable act of treason upon the American Public. Was it the same Howard Stern that berates people and invites strippers on his radio show ? Like many […]

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FCC Ignores Natives

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 Networks have been trying to please most of the people most of the time. It is because they care; they care about their ratings. They also want to make the FCC happy. Most stations try to have  diverse programing. TLC even had a show about Muslims. The one group that has been left out some are […]

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Ashley Judd and ABC’s “Missing”

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When I was a kid, I watched my father sit in his recliner after a hard days work and laugh from beginning to end to shows like “All In The Family” and “Jackie Gleason”. I, myself, loved to listen to Bill Cosby, watch “MASH”, and all the James Bond movies. Today, its a reality show […]

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Keith Olbermann Out At Current TV

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Controversial liberal TV anchor Keith Olbermann has been fired from Al Gore’s Current TV and replaced by former New York governor Elliot Spitzer. For Olbermann, it’s the fifth time he has been shown the door since he first hit the air back in the 1990’s on ESPN’s Sportscenter. Current TV founders Al Gore and Joel […]

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What Your Favorite Directors Do When They’re Not Making Movies

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Almost all of your favorite directors, from Spike Lee to Scorsese, direct commercials. In fact, quite a few directing greats got their start in commercials. Being surprised by that is tantamount to being shocked that a great chef, in addition to cooking at 5 star restaurant, also cooks at home. As a director myself, I can offer […]

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Pat Buchanan out at MSNBC

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NEW YORK (AP) — MSNBC dropped conservative commentator Pat Buchanan on Thursday, four months after suspending him following the publication of his latest book. The book “Suicide of a Superpower” contained chapters titled “The End of White America” and “The Death of Christian America.” Critics called the book racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic, charges Buchanan denied. […]

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FEB 14th Judge Napolitano: Final Word After Being Fired on FOX NEWS

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Judge Andrew P Napolitano had a distinguished career as the youngest life tenured Superior Court Judge in the State of New Jersey from 1987 – 1995.   Judge Napolitano didn’t go off into retirement at some pool side Villa.   No, he went on to advocate for the Constitution and the values it stands for […]

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Cougar Town is Back

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Tonight (Tues 2/14), Cougar Town airs its season premiere on ABC at 8:30 EST.   Christa Miller who plays Ellie on the show stopped by Siriusxm The Pulse studio to promote the show.   Clearly, a favorite of the Pulse listeners. That after a short run on the air, the network did the wise thing […]

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Howard Stern – Finally an Honest Judge

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If you watched the super bowl last night, you must have seen the commercial featuring Howard Stern as a new judge on America’s Got Talent.   The Show had to think long and hard about this choice, as the Parent’s Television Council “blasted NBC”. [The Hollywood Reporter] You know, after thinking about this, Howard just […]

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Guy Steals 42″ Plasma | News Burner Video of the Day

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Once you finish watching this video you’ll realize that this is obviously an advertisement for LG… and a damn good one. Check out how this guy ‘steals’ a new thin LG 42″ plasma and make sure you look at the bottom right hand corner at the end of the video. Pretty cool!

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Just a few...

Who Owns What You Watch On TV?

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Over the past 16 years channels broadcasted to homes in the U.S. have increased by over 70. But who owns all of those channels? UsTelevision.com looked into it and found the biggest businesses that have stakes in the stuff we watch on TV. [WallStats]  

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Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Aunt Viv Thinks Will Smith Is An Asshole

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  Well, so much for a full cast reunion show for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Janet Hubert, who played Aunt Viv for the first three years of the show, has come out with some pretty harsh words for the star of the show, Will Smith. Recently in Los Angeles most of the cast […]

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News Burner Video of the Day | Top Unseen TV Characters

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Have you ever noticed that some of the most beloved television shows in history have recurring characters that never show up on screen? Stan Walker, Maris Crane, Mrs. Columbo, Bob Sacamano, Ugly Naked Guy… the list goes on and on. Strange how so many of these unseen characters were a integral part of their particular […]

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Happy Birthday Flip Wilson – My Man !

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Flip Wilson was proclaimed TV’s first black superstar.   (1933 – 1998).   Admired by such great comedians like Red Foxx, Flip (born Clerow Wilson Jr.), got his start in the ’70’s on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson & Ed Sullivan Show. Flip finally got his own show on NBC, “The Flip Wilson Show” […]

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‘Col. Sherman T. Potter’ dies at 96

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Col. Sherman T. Potter from MASH passed away today (Wed 12/7/11) at his home in Los Angeles.    He was loved for playing the Col in MASH. Col Potter, aka Harry Morgan (real life), also was known for his roles and appearances in Dragnet, The Os-Box Incident, High Noon, Inherit the Wind, Pete & Gladys, […]

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Will all the MTV Teen Moms just GO AWAY… Please.

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Before the social critics go get their panties in a bunch, I will clarify, I don’t mean the oops got pregnant at prom teen moms we see waddling around this time of year, but the MTV teen moms who just don’t seem to go away. With MTV’s Teen Mom 2 set to premiere tonight on […]

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She is kinda cute for a couch potato.

What Americans Truly Do All Day Long

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We are all different in several ways. Some of us are morning oriented and really start of well with a run at the gym. Others need  shot of coffee very hour until the early afternoon hours just to keep up with the masses. A few of us enjoy countless hours of video game joy while […]

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