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High School Student Suspended For Asking Out Miss America

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A very brave high school student in Pennsyvania was suspended this week for asking Miss America to his senior prom. Patrick Farves stood up in front of his entire school and asked the current Miss America Nina Davuluri to the annual end of the year high school dance Thursday night. But Patrick’s courageous stunt earned the Central York High School senior a […]

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New Book Says Mafia Had Contract To Kill Johnny Carson

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  In a new book about legendary late night talk show host Johnny Carson, author Henry Buskin writes that the Mafia put a contract out on the “Tonight Show” host after he drunkenly hit on a mobster’s mistress in Frank Sinatra’s favorite Manhattan bar.   It was 1970, and a predictably sloshed Carson was pounding drinks […]

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Merry Christmas From The Staff At The News Burner

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We just wanted to take a moment and wish all of you a very merry Christmas. We also wanted to thank the more than one million readers of The News Burner for making us one of the fastest growing sites in the country. We want to send our warmest holiday wishes to the 50 plus […]

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“Doctor Bello” Movie Premiere Set For September 27 At Kennedy Center

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The trailer for the film Doctor Bello, starring Isaiah Washington and Vivica A Fox was released today on Youtube. The movie will be screening at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC on September 27th. The film will then open in Africa in 300 theaters on November 30, before it is released in the U.K. and […]

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“First Day Of School, Last Day Of My Life” 15 Year Old Guns Down Classmates

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Perry Hall High School, just outside of Baltimore, was the scene of the latest school shooting today. A 15 year old sophomore, who some say was bullied all summer, walked into the school’s cafeteria at around 10:30 this morning and aimed a gun at two classmates and said “I’m going to kill you,” and open […]

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Obama Gives Stern Warning To Syrian Leader Over Use Of Chemical Weapons

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President Obama sent a strong message to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, letting him know that if he uses chemical weapons against rebel forces, the United States will respond with serious engagment of military force. It is believed that Assad has a stock pile of weapons of mass destruction. ( Hmm, where have I heard that […]

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National Geographic Awards It’s Top Traveler Photographs

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There are a lot of photography magazines out there but I still believe that National Geographic brings us the most spectacular images on the planet. The magazine has released some of the finalists in it’s annual travelers photo contest and they are truly breathtaking. From under water surfer shots to picturesque nighttime landscapes, each of […]

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Dolphins Say Adios To Ochocinco

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  The Miami Dolphins wasted no time and released Chad Johnson last night from the team. The wide receiver formally known as Ochocinco was arrsted for head-butting his wife on Saturday night during an argument over a box of condoms. Johnson was booked on domestic battery charges and spent Saturday night in Broward County jail. […]

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Dead Man Emails His Son After Disappearing Off Long Island Beach

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The next time any of you are planning on faking your own death to cash in your life insurance policy, it might be a good idea not to email family members after you’ve disappeared. Unfortunately, Raymond Roth didn’t think of that and now his son is facing a lengthy jail sentence. Unless Roth can prove […]

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Lindsay Lohan Makes Crew Strip Before Going Topless

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  Train wreck actress Lindsay Lohan was feeling a bit shy on the set of her new movie the other day. Lohan was about to film an intimate scene where she had be topless. But before Lohan appeared bare breasted on camera and in front of crew members, she made the filmmakers and the crew strip to […]

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Uruguay To Be First Nation To Sell Marijuana Legally

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Finally, someone has come up with a federal plan to legalize marijuana and take drug profits out of the hands of criminals. Unfortunately, that plan is not here in the United States. The president of Uruguay has proposed a bill for his country to sell marijuana at a cheap and reasonable price, then monitor what […]

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Wife Hits Mistress With Car – Then Strips Naked And Blocks Ambulance

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If the Miami zombie attack is the strangest story we have written about so far this year, this story is a close second. A woman in China, took her car and intentionally ran over her husband’s mistress as she rode her bicycle with her four year old daughter on the back. Zhang Shih, 38, allegedly […]

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BCS Is Dead – College Football To Have Playoffs

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  The flawed system of BCS bowl games that dictate who the national champion is in college football is gone. A committee of university presidents approved a plan for a four-team playoff put forward by commissioners of the top football conferences. Years of fans voicing their displeasure with the BCS system has finally paid off. […]

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If You Love Mike Tyson – You Have To See His Interview On PTI

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Mike Tyson has come along way. I covered the most feared heavyweight of his time during the 1990’s when he was biting ears and getting beat by fighters that he would have destroyed in his prime, but today Tyson is in a great place in his life and is about to take his talents to […]

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John Edwards Mistress Rielle Hunter Says: “I Did It For The Kids”

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John Edwards’ ex-mistress Rielle Hunter, who is a complete piece of sh#t, came out earlier today on ABC News and said that she is bashing the late Elizabeth Edwards so that Edwards kids will know all the dirty details of her affair with the disgraced former senator. Hunter, who was having sex with Edwards while […]

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Brandon Jacobs Visits 6 Year Old Fan – Returns $3.36 To Him

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Last month we wrote about a 6 year old New York Giants fan that was told that his favorite player wouldn’t be a Giant anymore because the team didn’t have enough money to pay him. So little Joe Armento wrote Brandon Jacobs a letter, cleaned out his piggy bank and sent him all the money […]

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Alec Baldwin Punches Out Daily News Photographer

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30 Rock star Alec Baldwin had a bit of a meltdown this morning in downtown Manhattan and decided to take it out on a Daily News photographer. Baldwin was coming out of a New York City Marriage License Bureau and just decided it was a good day to punch out a photographer. I have a […]

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Want To Throw Up? Listen To Kim Kardashian Explain How She Just Has “IT”

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If you know someone who is choking and your not up on your Heimlich maneuver skills or you just feel like throwing up, listen to what Kim Kardashian had to say about why she’s rich and famous.  In an interview with talk show host Oprah Winfrey,the fame- loving,  money grubbing ego maniac says she just […]

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As Asteroid Flies By Earth – Discussions Heat Up About AG5 In 2040

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As some of us space geeks got a rare chance to watch a giant asteroid cruise past the Earth Thursday night, discussions have started to heat up again about asteroid AG5 which some scientist say could possibly hit the Earth. With tonight’s  near-Earth asteroid, dubbed 2012 LZ1, set to swing through the Milky Way some […]

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WBO To Investigate Pacquiao Bradley Decision

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One of boxing’s major sanctioning bodies will review Timothy Bradley’s controversial split decision victory over Manny Pacquiao, the first step toward what promoter Bob Arum hopes will be “clarity” in the judging of the fight. WBO President Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel said in a statement Wednesday that the WBO’s championship committee will review video of the […]

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Kris Humphries Contacts FBI Over Ex Girlfriends Extortion Attempt

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Kris Humphries really knows how to pick em. After a sham of a wedding that lasted 72 days to money grubbing fame whore Kim Kardashian, Humphries is now being extorted by the girl he has been seen with over the last few months. The FBI was contacted on Friday by Humphries and his attorneys, when […]

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Spirit Airlines Pulls Ad Spoofing Secret Service Colombian Hooker Scandal

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Discount travel carrier Spirit Airlines has decided to pull it’s controversial ad that spoofs the Colombian prostitute/Secret Service scandal that has rocked Washington. The Spirit Airlines’ ad featured women in pink bikinis around an agent implying secrecy and the slogan “More Bang for your Buck” for flights to  Cartagena, Colombia – the location of the scandal. […]

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Elite NYPD Anti Gun Unit Accused of Treating Black People Like Animals

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The New York Daily News is reporting that top supervisors of an elite NYPD anti-gun unit allegedly treated white suspects with kid gloves while treating blacks like “animals” deserving of a bullet to the head. The explosive racial charges appear in sworn depositions from three members of the firearms suppression unit: two current NYPD detectives […]

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Maria Menounos And Four Others Pose Nude For Allure Magazine

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Allure magazine has released it’s naked issue and Maria Menounos is one of five celebrities who stripped for the sexy but tastful nude poses for the May issue. Top fashion photographer Patrick DeMarchelier shot the spread for the annual nude issue, which used to feature the work of photographer Michael Thompson. As we have reported […]

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As Predicted Severe Weather Claims Lives In The Mid West

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On Friday we reported that the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center had sent out dire warnings to residents in as many as eight states, with the warning of high end, life threatening events. Unfortunately, their prediction was correct and the storms took the lives of some of those in their paths. The storm killed […]

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