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Jon Stewart Exposes Fox News Hypocrisy Over Benghazi Coverage

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Jon Stewart ripped Fox News last night for it’s partisan coverage of the Benghazi story that the right wing news channel has been obsessing about for the last year and a half. The Daily Show host acknowledged that Benghazi is an intelligence failure – but where was Fox News during the Bush years when two massive intelligence failures cost thousands of […]

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CPAC Speeches provide Jon Stewart With Some Extra Ammo

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  Jon Stewart destroyed Paul Ryan’s brown paper bag school lunch story from this past weekend’s CPAC event, proving that Ryan completely distorted the original story to advance his message. Stewart also tore into the NRA’s Wayne Lapierre as he strolled out to the CPAC podium to Huey Lewis’s “Power Of Love.” Over the last few […]

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Jersey Boy Jon Stewart Puts Chris Christie Bridge Scandal In Perspective

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New Jersey native Jon Stewart defended his home state and its first rate quality of corruption on Wednesday’s The Daily Show. The Comedy Central host weighed in on the Chris Christie, George Washington Bridge scandal that is dominating the cable news channels. But Stewart was quick to point out that the Christie scandal that is […]

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Jon Stewart Rips Fox News Host Stuart Varney On His Fight With The Pope

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Jon Stewart ripped into Fox News host Stuart Varney in a segment on last night’s The Daily Show. Varney recently took on Pope Francis and his position on trickle down economics and free market capitalism. Stewart started the segment defending those who are looking to raise the minimum wage from seven dollars and fifty cents an hour to a wage […]

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Jon Stewart Breaks Into Song to Quiet Critics Of Obamacare

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Last week The Daily Show ran a segment about the news media claiming that Obamacare is done because “even Jon Stewart” is taking shots at the President’s new health care plan. Pundits from CNN to Fox News used Stewart as the tipping point in their criticism of the failed rollout of the Affordable Health Care Act. After airing clip after clip of media […]

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Jon Stewart Crushes CNN On Their Good News / Bad News Line Of Questioning

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Jon Stewart simply destroyed CNN on last night’s The Daily Show for their “is it a good thing/ bad thing” line of questioning that you often hear on their network. In the clip below, Stewart shows how CNN has dumbed down their news coverage to the point where there is no nuance to a guest’s answer, it’s […]

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Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Malala Leaves Jon Stewart Speechless

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Malala Yousafzai is possibly the bravest young woman on the planet. After speaking out about a women’s right to have access to education, Malala was shot in the head by the Taliban in October 2012. The 16 year-old has now recovered and has been called “the most famous teenager in the world,” as she continues her work as an activist […]

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John Oliver Skewers Anthony Weiner In ‘We Turn Now To Our Ongoing Coverage Of This Penis’

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John Oliver took Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger to task last night on the Daily Show. The disgraced former Congressman is not quitting his run for Mayor of New York City despite leaders in both parties calling for him to drop out. Yesterday it was disclosed that Weiner spent $45,000 in campaign funds to investigate the hacking […]

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Jon Stewart Calls Out CNN Boss Jeff Zucker For His “Steady Spiral Downward”

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Jon Stewart slammed CNN and it’s new boss Jeff Zucker on last night’s “The Daily Show.” Zucker who has “failed up” his entire career; taking NBC from number one in prime time to number four, has made the one time cable news giant unwatchable in his first few months on the job. Zucker’s programming moves […]

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Jon Stewart Recaps The Republican National Convention In Tampa

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The Daily Show had a special Friday night airing from Tampa Florida, the location of the Republican National Convention. As Jon Stewart pointed out, Tampa is as hot as a gorilla’s anus, but to be fair to gorillas, that’s more of a dry heat than what they have in the stripper happy city by the […]

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The Daily Show: Robert Pattinson Interview

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Jon Stewart is still my all time favorite host & he proves why in this clip – Obviously Robert Pattinson has media junkets to do for his new movie  “Cosmopolis” coming out, but the fact that he chose Jon Stewart as the first show….. Very Cool – He has  a great rapport with Stewart and […]

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Jon Stewart Brings Us “Miller Time” On Fox News

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On last night’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart called out former New York Times writer and Dick Cheney story leaker Judy Miller for doing a 180 on White House leaks. Miller is now criticizing the Obama administration for high level, damaging security leaks which is about as hypocritical as you can get since Judy Miller […]

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Jon Stewart Breaks Down The Life Cycle Of The Political Gaffe

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  On last night’s The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart discusses the birth of the political gaffe and how it grows from just a gaffe into a full fledged political attack ad. As President Obama gave birth to his “the private sector is fine” gaffe, Mitt Romney one ups Obama’s gaffe with a gaffe of […]

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Vintage Daily Show Segment – The Thin Jew Line

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With Jon Stewart returning this week with Michele Obama as his guest, we take a look back at a vintage Daily Show segment titled “The Thin Jew Line.” Wyatt Cenac explores the invisible religious boundary causing controversy in Westhampton Beach. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c The Thin Jew […]

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What Is Good Enough

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 The dishes are clanking and the utensils sound like tambourines. Five people are talking all at once, dish washer is going, and traffic is flying in and out of the walk-in cooler. A waitress rushes back in to pick up her next order. Rushing she grabs a new bread basket and puts in it the bread she […]

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Jon Stewart On Last Weekend’s Two Festive Holidays

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On Monday’s The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart points out that the Jews didn’t quite get the same elaborate celebration from the President this past weekend. Easter at the White House included the Power Rangers and the Harlem Globetrotters. Passover was a measly four questions and a bowl of Matza Ball soup.   The Daily […]

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Jon Stewart – Could We Be Looking At Santorum 2016?

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On last night’s The Daily Show host Jon Stewart talks about how everyone is saying the GOP primary is over, except Rick Santorum. The former Pennsylvania senator still thinks it’s halftime and he still thinks he can win. Or is Santorum playing the long game here and could we be looking at Santorum 2016?   […]

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Jon Stewart Points Out That The GOP Just Can’t Get Behind Mitt Romney

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Jon Stewart opened last night’s The Daily Show with a segment about how Republicans just can’t seem to get behind GOP front runner Mitt Romney.  To John McCain’s huge blunder where he says President Obama will turn the country around as he’s standing next Romney, to the tepid endorsements of the Republican base to moderate […]

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Jon Stewart Adresses The Health Care Debate

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On last night’s The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart broke down the coverage of the health care debate, otherwise known as “Obamacare.” Since Americans have to always divide up into two sides on every issue, the affordable health care debate is no different with one side arguing that Americans need quality health care and the […]

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Jon Stewart Is Back With Coverage Of Trayvon Martin And Dick Cheney’s Heart

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Jon Stewart was back last night after what The Daily Show host calls a another undeserved vacation. Stewart breaks down the coverage of Trayvon Martin and Dick Cheney’s heart transplant.   The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c C.N.I.: Cable News Investigators & Dick Cheney’s Heart www.thedailyshow.com Daily Show Full […]

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Jon Stewart And Fox News Chris Wallace Go Toe To Toe

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The host of The Daily Show was a guest on Fox News and verbally sparred with anchor Chris Wallace over the mainstream media and the liberal bias that Wallace feels exists with every other major media outlet except Fox.

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The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams Explains Obama’s Socialist Agenda

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On last night’s The Daily Show, field reporter Jessica Williams asks real socialist if Barack Obama is really a socialist. From the Democratic Socialist of a America to the Socialist Organizer Party, the verdict is that Obama is not a socialist, unless you ask conservative pundits and although they admit there is no proof that […]

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Jon Stewart On Israel’s Tough War Rhetoric

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On last night’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart opened his show with the tough talk going on between Israel and Iran. Bebe Netanyahu’s a duck is a duck analogy didn’t really pack the punch that he was looking for. It’s time someone breaks up this schoolyard fight between Israel and Iran before someone gets hurt. […]

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Jon Stewart Breaks Down The Cable News Networks Coverage Of The GOP Primaries

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With the help of John Oliver, The Daily Show host does some channel surfing to give us what the three cable news networks  are saying this primary season. As Jon Stewart points out, Fox News Bill O’Reilly has been rendered speechless and is reduced to just sounds.   The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Mon […]

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Neil Degrasse Tyson Visits The Daily Show

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The coolest astrophysicist on the planet, Neil Degrasse Tyson sat down with Jon Stewart earlier this week and explained how the space program was founded by the fear, during the Cold War, that the Russians would get to the moon first. Tyson feels we need to double the budget of NASA to spur economic growth […]

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