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NASA Joins Instagram With Stunning Photos Of The Earth And Moon

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So if you think you have some really cool shots on Instagram, think again. NASA joined the photo sharing social media site today and posted shots that you won’t see on anyone else’s page. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration posted two images for its debut. The first was a detailed  image of the Moon and its […]

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Scientists Discover Three Earthlike Planets Orbiting Gliese 667C

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Scientists this week announced that after taking a closer look they have found three earthlike planets orbiting a distant star. In the search for alien life forms throughout the Universe, this week’s news has space geeks buzzing over the discovery that has revealed there are three Exo-planets orbiting Gliese 667C that are all in the […]

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Comet Of The Century Headed Our Way

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A group of astronomers from the University of Maryland, College Park and the Lowell Observatory are using NASA’s Swift Satellite to track what many believe to be the brightest comet in the last 50 years. Comet ISON was discovered last September by Russian astronomers Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok using a reflecting telescope. Now NASA’s […]

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Google Gets Galactic, New Project Maps 100,000 Stars

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It would seem mapping planet Earth was not enough for the world’s top internet search giant, with the launch of their latest feat – into space. During the week, Google launched a new Chrome experiment titled “100,000 Stars”, aimed at giving people access to explore the galaxy through a 3D interactive web map. “Using your […]

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Lindsay Lohan: Officially Listed As A Suspect In Robbery

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Oh, Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay – The downward spiral continues for LiLo, since she has become the primary target in the investigation of a robbery at her friend Sam Magid’s house a little over a week ago. Lindsay says she is being framed, however cops are not buying her story after interviewing Magid and some fellow […]

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Hubble Space Telescope Brings Us Messier 9 Better Than Ever

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We here at News Burner are big fans of the Hubble Space Telescope. Hubble is old in the world of technology, it was launched over twenty years ago, in April of 1990.  But it has been visited by space shuttle astronauts several times throughout its mission and scientists say that Hubble is in great shape […]

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News Burner Photo Of The Day: Time Lapse

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Star enthusiast Phil Daintith, 21, dedicates his spare time to pounding the motorways of Britain in search of the perfect locations for the star-gazing shots. And the amateur photographer, from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, who captures his pictures using a wide-angle lens, and a timer has given us a very artistic look at the night sky.

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ElevenEleven Records by Ellen DeGeneres

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You may have wondered why Ellen DeGeneres was sitting as an American Idol Judge for a while.   It just so happens that Ellen is not just a funny lady, she has an itch for music. In May, 2010 Ellen started the ElevenEleven Record Label and began searching YouTube for new talent.   But why pick the […]

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