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We Don’t Love Like Our Parents

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When I see my parents, I see beautiful, everlasting, committed love. My parents have a love and marital bond that only death can do them part. They are, and always will be, dedicated to their marriage no matter how hard things get. I’ve watched them make it through obstacles in which many people in my […]

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Guy Code

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I’m not totally in the loop with guy code because I have a vagina, but I know it is sacred. Girl code exists, but only in theory because girls are sneaky bitches and they honestly don’t give a crap about any codes. If they like a guy they don’t care if he’s your boyfriend, your […]

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Naked Selfies

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I’m not sure why, but after my book, Dating Chase Walker, was published, many men thought it was an invitation to send me naked selfies of them fully exposed in the bathroom mirror. I found it humorous at first and so did my friends. I wondered how many takes it took them to get that […]

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Shark Week

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When I say Shark Week I am not referring the all the excellent shows on the Discovery Channel, but what I am referring to is scary, dangerous, and involves a lot of blood. It isn’t a highly anticipated television event that happens once a year; instead it is a highly dreaded monthly occurrence. Yes, when […]

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Everybody Poops Their Pants (at some point)

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At some point or another everybody’s life goes to shit. It’s true. And if you are sitting there saying your life hasn’t, then lucky you. We all reach a point so low that it feels as bad as pooping your pants. It may even be a point where you literally shit your pants. It isn’t […]

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Elliot Spitzer Refuses To Answer Questions About His Mistress

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Earlier this week, former Governor Elliot Spitzer ripped sex addict Anthony Weiner and said he would not vote for him for Mayor of New York City – but this morning, the hooker loving ex-politician refused to answer questions regarding rumors that he moved on from prostitutes and now has a mistress. Spitzer, who is running for city comptroller was asked three […]

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Man Sets Up Video Camera To Catch Ghosts – Films Girlfriend And Son Having Sex

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An Australian man set up a video camera in his home to film paranormal activity – but instead wound up videotaping his 28-year old girlfriend having sex with his 16-year old son. The 28-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to five counts of having sexual intercourse with a young person. […]

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Jillian Conley’s Dating Chase Walker Book Launch Event

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Personally, I am looking forward to Jillian Conley’s spectacular book launch event for Dating Chase Walker May 30th and you should be too! In follow up to my articles on her and her book I wanted to share the information on her upcoming not-to-miss event. Check out this behind the scenes video with Scott Emo […]

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Jillian Conley – Sexy Author

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You are probably wondering who the half naked girl in the photo above is. Say hello to Jillian Conley, the woman your boyfriend or husband will be sending a thank you letter to after you read her newest book, Dating Chase Walker. Why will your man be sending her a thank you letter? Because Dating […]

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Debating The Game With Jennifer Christenson

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A couple weeks ago I was having coffee with Jennifer Christenson, and we got into the topic of what it takes to attract a woman. She was telling me guys should stop wasting their time devising plans and strategies to attract someone. I noticed a little fire in the way she was speaking. She had […]

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Say It Ain’t So Elmo !

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Yes, Sesame Street will never be the same.   Elmo has been accused of underage sexual behavior with a boy.   Let me correct that statement . . . Kevin Clash, Elmo Puppeteer is in hot water for allegedly hooking up with underage boys in a gay sex chat line.   A lawsuit was launched […]

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The Pussy Monster Is Back

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–WARNING– The following video contains graphic and vulgar images. User discretion is advised. All encounters during this video were done by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. Accordingly, Spencer Burnett and eROC Productions must insist that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact the PUSSY MONSTER. He lives in your mind, but for one […]

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Give Me Your Money, Honey

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Yes, I have been MIA lately. Things have been slow at the club. It’s no picnic, folks, to go in there, all glammed up like you’re going to a red carpet event, only to face a crowd of bored-looking, free-lunch-scoring, beer-loving gentlemen who avoid eye contact with you lest they feel forced to spare a […]

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So What Is Love Anyway? Part 7 (Magic! The Conclusion)

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 Not every unrequited love is a fail, just like not every marriage is a success. Sometimes it seems there are too many fish in the sea to make a logical choice. There are billions of romances, but too few true loves. It is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. It’s confusing when […]

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Don’t Kiss Her at the End of the Night.. If You Want to Get Laid

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All sex starts with a kiss. Traditionally, boy takes girl out on a romantic date and then kisses her goodnight when he brings her home. During the kiss he hopes it will magically escalate to some heavy petting, hair pulling, and eventually end in her sliding her panties down her legs right before she submissively […]

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Spencer Burnett Needs To Be Better At Sex

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There seems to be two major hang ups when I talk to people about learning more about sex. First, the person is shy, insecure and/or uncomfortable about sex (they are usually a little low on confidence). Then there is the opposite extreme, the people who are really confident (or overconfident). They seem to be “good […]

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Spencer Burnett: How To Deal With Crazy Chicks & Stalkers

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Once you’ve mastered attracting and seducing women, you transcend into the next level of being a Spencer Playboy.  This is Phase Two: Managing Women. As you progress, you will have more women in your life then you can handle and you face a whole new set of challenges (Try dating four or five girls at […]

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SPENCER BURNETT: The Most Powerful Thing in Seduction

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So many guys feel like once they have a lot of money or that perfect body that women will come easily to them. Don’t get me wrong those assets do help when it comes to picking up women, but there is an even better tool and it doesn’t cost a thing: Your imagination. When I […]

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SPENCER BURNETT: How To Get A Blow Job.. Whenever You Want

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One reoccurring issue I hear from men is that they don’t get enough oral sex. I don’t know any guy that doesn’t love oral sex (when done right). Women don’t understand how important it is to us and how much we love it. Guys ask me strategies about getting their girl to give them more […]

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SPENCER BURNETT: The 24 Hour Orgasm

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24-Hour Orgasms     Every guy would love to be considered one of the greatest lovers in history or at least be known as the best lover a girl has ever had. There is almost no bigger accomplishment for a man. If you want to go down in her history books as being better at […]

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BREAKING NEWS: Woman’s Vagina Responds to Rep.Todd Akin’s “Legitimate Rape” Theory

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This was sent to me on Facebook today – The woman/vagina gave us permission to use and print on the web, so I felt what a better place than here. Please enjoy – Thank you – Brentley Foster, you created a masterpiece. Dear Rep. Todd Akin, On behalf of all women, please allow me to […]

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“SPENCER BURNETT” Don’t Fear The Pussy Monster

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As kids we fear monsters: the boogie man, the ghoul under the bed, the creature hiding in the closet. These monsters are so terrifying to us as children, because they are tough to kill. They are tough to kill because these monsters live in our heads. But we’re children, and children grow up. We grow […]

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“SPENCER BURNETT” Ladies Night – Red Ivy, Chicago – This Will Be good

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  Ladies Night in Lakeview with Spencer Burnett August 23rd at Red Ivy 3525 N Clark 7:00pm-10:00pm Rock’n Sex Life starts at 8:00pm {CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS} When I first tossed around the idea of a workshop helping women become more successful at seduction, foreplay and oral sex, my female friends response was usually a […]

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Dating -Sex -Pickup: Chicago’s Own “SPENCER BURNETT” Oh, This guy is good

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The News Burner is happy to introduce   ~ SPENCER BURNETT ~  Look for his weekly contributions to the site. In 1983 I was born Kevin Andrew Chmura, but throughout my life I have had a series of nicknames. When I was in grade school my mom called me Kiki – it still makes me […]

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A Publicist Explains How Women Throw Themselves At Pro Athletes

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This post is a re-print from an article on Gawker. We here at The News Burner don’t usually re- print other websites blogs but this is an account from a publicist that has worked in the world of Professional sports and has had celebrity clients. Every one who has ever been in a relationship with […]

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