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British Research Team Says It Might Have Found Another Earth

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  It is being reported that an astronomer from the University of Hertfordshire has possibly discovered the next Earth. Astronomer Mikko Tuomi and his colleagues have analyzed more than 6000 observations of a star named Tau Ceti from telescopes in Chile, Australia, and Hawaii. They are saying that one of it’s planets sits in the […]

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Newly Discovered Planet Is 13 Times The Size Of Jupiter

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An international team of astronomers has discovered an enormous gas based planet that is 13 times larger than our very own Jupiter, earning it the designation “super-Jupiter.” Jupiter is our solar systems most massive planet but this new “super – Jupiter” dwarfs our king planet. The new discovery, which is set to be published in […]

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Google Gets Galactic, New Project Maps 100,000 Stars

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It would seem mapping planet Earth was not enough for the world’s top internet search giant, with the launch of their latest feat – into space. During the week, Google launched a new Chrome experiment titled “100,000 Stars”, aimed at giving people access to explore the galaxy through a 3D interactive web map. “Using your […]

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Global Warming Effecting Satellites And Space Junk In Earth’s Atmosphere

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Scientists are now saying that high carbon dioxide levels in the Earth’s atmosphere are effecting the gravitational pull of satellites and other space junk. The new study suggests that man made increases in carbon dioxide are having effects on the Earth that are larger than expected, scientists added. In the layers of atmosphere closest to […]

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Italy, An Earthquake, Scientific Illiteracy & Manslaughter

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In the last 7 days, as of this writing, there have been 197 earthquakes above a magnitude of 2.5 around the globe. 50 earthquakes of some kind are detected everyday. In any given year there are, on average, the earth shakes an estimated 1.3 million times a year in the magnitude range between 2-2.9. 130,000 between […]

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New Earth Size Planet Found In Neighboring Star System

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A group of European astronomers say they have found Earth size planets in a solar system that is so close, that some in the southern hemisphere can see it with the naked eye. These planets belong to the star system Alpha Centauri B, which is only 25 trillion miles away. I know that sounds pretty […]

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Daredevil Breaks Sound Barrier In Highest Free Fall Ever

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A daredevil skydiver fell from 24 miles in the sky on Sunday and broke several world records in doing so.  Felix Baumgartner became the first person to shatter the sound barrier in free fall with a death-defying leap from the edge of space. Baumgartner, 43, rode a helium balloon to top of the stratosphere, then […]

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New Space Telescope Will Track Near Earth Asteroids

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With over 500,000 near Earth asteroids in space, it was announced today that a new asteroid hunting telescope will launch into space in 2017. The telescope is being funded by a technology company from the private sector. The mission design and implementation plans for the Sentinel Space Telescope — which is being put together by […]

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Google Maps Now Takes You Underwater to The Ocean Floor

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  The people at Google really know how to do maps. Google Maps released its first-ever underwater panoramic images on Tuesday, announcing their “next step in our quest to provide people with the most comprehensive, accurate and usable map of the world.” You can now take a virtual tour of the ocean floor, exploring the […]

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Blue Moon Tomorrow Night In Honor Of Neil Armstrong

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A blue moon will grace the night sky on Friday night. Be sure to check it out because it is something that doesn’t happen all the time. People with less than ideal viewing conditions can watch the lunar event online. The Slooh Space Camera will broadcast the moon starting at 6 p.m. with a feed […]

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Oops! Back To The Drawing Board – NASA Spacecraft Crashes In Florida

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 Earlier this week, NASA successfully landed a spacecraft 150 million miles away on Mars. But yesterday they couldn’t land a test model planetary lander in Florida. The spacecraft called Morpheus was on a test flight at Cape Canaveral when it tilted and than crashed to the ground. The lander then burst into flames. It got […]

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“We Are Safe On Mars” Curiosity Makes Historic Landing On Red Planet

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At approximately 1:30 this morning NASA scientists erupted in cheers, high fives and hugs as the Curiosity rover sent a live signal back from the surface of Mars that it had landed safely. It was like a scene out of a movie when CNN went live to the floor of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in […]

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Curiosity Rover To Land On Mars On Monday

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Scientists at NASA are bracing for the August 6 landing of the Mars Curiosity Rover. The one ton rover is factory equipped with research gear that will not only tell us about Mars today but also Mars past. The strategy of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program has long been to follow the water, and the Curiosity rover […]

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Scientists Find New Planet – 33 Light Years Away

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A team of scientists, using NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope found an exoplanet that is about two thirds the size of Earth. UCF 1.01 is about 33 light years away (one light year is 6 trillion miles) and even though it has a rocky surface, the planet is too close to it’s dwarf star, GJ 436, […]

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To Go Where No Man Made Craft Has Ever Gone Before – Voyager 1 Leaves The Solar System

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Voyager 1 was launched into space 35 years ago and right now it is at the edge of our solar system and is about to enter interstellar space. It left the planet Earth back in 1977 and it travels approximately 1 million miles a day. Damn, that’s a lot of frequent flier miles. But scientists […]

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Massive Solar Storm Bombards Earth Today

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The Earth is being pounded today by a solar storm that all started by a massive solar flare that burst from the sun on Thursday. The massive eruption that took place on Thursday is known as a coronal mass ejection, and is bombarding our planet with intense solar blasts that scientists are saying could cause […]

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Hubble Space Telescope Finds New Moon Orbiting Pluto

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The Hubble Space Telescope has made another incredible discovery deep in our own solar system. A fifth moon has been spotted orbiting around Pluto. Pluto, which used to be considered our ninth planet, was kicked out of the planet club a few years back and is now just considered an icy orb that orbits the […]

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Hubble Space Telescope Captures Eruption Of Dying Star

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In the Universe, as in life on Earth, all things live and die. The image above is the last gasp of a dying star. NASA’s Hubble Telescope, which has been in space for over 20 years, captured the above image of U Camelopardalis, a giant red star in the Camelopardalis constellation. The Hubble image shows […]

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Oldest Meteor Crater On Earth Discovered In Greenland

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Scientists say they have discovered the oldest crater on Earth from the impact of a meteor. The crater, which is in Greenland, is 19 miles wide and if it hit Earth today it would wipe out all higher life forms (that’s us). Researchers are saying that the meteor hit over 3 billion years ago and […]

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New Study Finds That Apes Are Much Smarter Than We Thought

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  A new study is out that shows that Baboons can distinguish between written words and gibberish. Monkeys seem to be able to do multiplication. Apes can delay instant gratification longer than a human child can. They plan ahead. They make war and peace. They show empathy. They share. Bottom line is they are probably […]

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As Asteroid Flies By Earth – Discussions Heat Up About AG5 In 2040

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As some of us space geeks got a rare chance to watch a giant asteroid cruise past the Earth Thursday night, discussions have started to heat up again about asteroid AG5 which some scientist say could possibly hit the Earth. With tonight’s  near-Earth asteroid, dubbed 2012 LZ1, set to swing through the Milky Way some […]

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Ring Of Fire Set To Burn Tonight Over Western United States

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If you happen to live in the western United States, tonight would be a good night to go outside and check out the solar eclipse that will resemble a ring of fire. For the first time since 1994, the annular solar eclipse will be visible from the U S mainland. The eclipse will ignite a […]

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Astronomers Say The Moon And The Sun Help Sink Titanic

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Next month we will be recognizing the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. It’s taken 100 years to figure all this out but the moon and the sun could have had an impact in the collision of a North Atlantic iceberg and the doomed ship. Astronomers at Texas State University-San Marcos found […]

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Neil Degrasse Tyson Visits The Daily Show

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The coolest astrophysicist on the planet, Neil Degrasse Tyson sat down with Jon Stewart earlier this week and explained how the space program was founded by the fear, during the Cold War, that the Russians would get to the moon first. Tyson feels we need to double the budget of NASA to spur economic growth […]

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The Sun Is Bombarding Earth With Radiation From Solar Storm

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  Our very own sun is unleashing huge amounts of radiation at the Earth due to the largest solar flares we have seen in 6 years. We here on the surface of the planet won’t really feel the effects, but astronauts in space and satellites, even some polar traveling airplanes will be affected by the solar […]

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