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47 Percent Filmmaker Says He Was Inspired By Bill Clinton’s Kindness

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Last November, many political experts said that Bill Clinton had more to do with Barack Obama being re-elected than the president himself, with his tireless campaigning and his near perfect speech at the Democratic National Convention. Now the man who filmed Mitt Romney’s infamous 47 percent comments, is saying that he was inspired to release […]

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The Election, Thanksgiving & A Bus

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To my left, an 85 year old piece of well worn, sun soaked leather staring straight ahead. To my right, a bulbous gentleman wearing some semblance of an Indiana Jones type hat made of straw. The bus careened wildly around the corner. Hard right, which sent me hard left into the aged octogenarian sitting next to […]

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Happy Election Day – Huge Voter Turnout Nationwide

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Today is the day that all of us political junkies have been waiting for. Officials are reporting huge lines at most voting locations across the country. As many of us have been reporting over the last few weeks, it’s all going to come down to a few swing states and the President seems to be […]

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Obama Holds Slight Lead Heading Into Final Day Of Campaigning

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The Pew Research Center is showing President Barack Obama holding on to a modest 3 point lead as the candidates head into their final day of campaigning. The Pew poll, released Sunday afternoon, gives Obama a 50-to-45 edge among likely voters after the 3 percent of undecided voters are divided between the candidates. Pew splits […]

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Running For President Can Be Funny

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Running for President may not be fun, but it can be funny.   I just am tired of listening to debates about the serious issues in this campaign.   So I searched down our voters who take a lighter approach to the election. Check it out.

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Romney’s Valid Point On FEMA

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It seems the networks have found a perfect segue away from Sandy and back to the ever dwindling campaign. One Willard Romney and his primary season remarks about the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA. Here’s the exchange with CNN’s John King from June 13th, emphasis mine: KING: What else, Governor Romney? You’ve been a chief […]

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How Hurricane Sandy Will Affect Voter Turnout

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As the northeast battens down the hatches in preparation for Sandy’s landfall, I can’t help but think of the political ramifications of this cat 1 juggernaut. To be sure, I’m not trying to make light of or overlook the very real dangers and widespread damage this Frankenstorm will certainly cause, but I’m trapped inside, on […]

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2012 Presidential Election Will All Come Down To Ohio

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  Although we are led to believe that every vote counts here in the United States, the reality is that our Presidential elections are decided by a few counties in about four or five swing states. In America’s presidential election system, you can win the national popular vote and still lose the presidency.  If you […]

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Presidential Campaign – Heading into the final debate

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It’s been and interesting Presidential campaign to say the least. however, heading into the final weeks before voters hit the polls, both incumbent and challenger are swiping at everything they can, to win. Most say Romney won the first live debate and most would agree that Obama won the last one. So, have you done […]

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Romney On Libya: “Just Shameful” By Richard A Clarke

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The following is a reprint of a commentary piece by Richard A Clarke, who was a former counter terrorism adviser to Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W Bush: The last of the presidential debates will focus on national security and will surely produce another round of sniping about what happened before, during […]

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Fact Checking The Fact Checking Of Candy Crowley On Libya

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By far the most contentious moment in the second presidential debate was the above sparring over what happened in Benghazi, Libya and how the Obama administration subsequently responded. The portion getting the bulk of the post-debate buzz being where Candy Crowley live fact checked Romney on the president calling the attack an ‘act of terror’ […]

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Turkey-Syria Situation Getting Real With Implications For US

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The recent spillover of violence into Turkey isn’t the first time this 18+ month Syrian conflict has ventured outside of Syrian borders; Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq have all seen hostility along their borders. Yet no response. Until now. A 320-129 vote in the Turkish parliament authorized the military to conduct cross-border operations in Syria in retaliation for Syrian […]

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The News Burner’s Presidential Debate Drinking Game

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Politics and fun. What two things could be more dichotomous for the layman? This much I know, politics is not the most accessible of beasts and watching the upcoming debate might be one of the most onerous tasks to ask of a non-politcal junkie (or actual junkie). As empirical data of mine has shown time […]

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Cash Money (Record) Election

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With all the talk of excessive government spending & the need for cuts during this election, it’s beautifully ironic that a main takeaway from the 2012 cycle is just how masterfully both candidates can absolutely liquefy and get rid of money with such little effect. As of September 21st, according to the Washington Post, the Republican’s […]

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Obama Admits Immigration Reform Inaction Was A Failure

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I don’t agree with everything this President does. I hate the fact that Wall Street fat cats were bailed out with tax payer money and were taking hefty bonuses two years later. I also disagree with the lack of accountability with the banking and automotive bailouts. But Barack Obama is one of the few politicians […]

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America’s Two Party System Leaves Us Two Terrible Choices In November

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In all the years that I have been following politics, I don’t know if I have ever seen an election where it seems both parties dislike their own guy this much. The Republican base, which is made up of conservatives with hard line views on issues such as abortion, smaller government and the sanctity of […]

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Unemployment – It’s Like We’re Stuck In Mud

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Although employers added the most jobs in five months, July’s jobless rate numbers rose, leaving the impression still intact that the economy is just muddling along and still a major disappointment. The Labor Department said the economy added 163,000 jobs last month, far exceeding the 100,000 jobs that economists had expected. However, the economy still is far […]

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Rubio & Romney Way Off Base On Tax Exempting Olympic Winnings

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“Our tax code is a complicated and burdensome mess that too often punishes success, and the tax imposed on Olympic medal winners is a classic example of this madness… …athletes representing our nation overseas in the Olympics shouldn’t have to worry about an extra tax bill waiting for them back home. We need a fundamental […]

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“Mitt Romney Won’t Release His Taxes, But Wants To Raise Yours” Says Harry Reid

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An almost childish back and forth is going on between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Reid has been blasting Romney all week for not releasing his tax returns and for the former Massachusetts Governor’s new tax plan which would raise taxes on middle class Americans. But instead of just […]

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Politics & Red Herring

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Actual policy issues aside (who talks about issues anyways?), I’ve been hearing and reading a lot of gibber jabber about some thoroughly tangential points in regard to Mitt Romney. Here’s a short list of the utterly useless red herrings that are brought up ad nauseum, as if they mean something, to detract and distract from […]

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Mitt Romney’s First Trip Abroad As Leading GOP Candidate: Whoop’s Did I say that?

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Mitt, where are your writers and handlers when you need them, eh? – It seems in the news media everyday the flip flop of gifts given between the front running Presidential candidate and current President’s campaign parties is like watching a tennis match. The slip up’s and flubs are enough to make you dizzy and […]

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Romney’s Secret Bank Accounts Make Him Look Untrustworthy

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Mitt Romney was pounded by critics earlier today on the Sunday morning talk shows about his secret bank accounts that the former governor holds in Switzerland and in the Caribbean. On CBS “Face The Nation,” Romney’s Swiss accounts and his offshore corporation in Bermuda were the target of the guests on the show with no […]

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Mitt Romney Lied About Role In Company That Disposed Of Aborted Fetuses

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It’s becoming quite clear that Mitt Romney and his private equity firm Bain Capital would do just about anything to make a profit in the 15 years that Romney was at the helm. It’s one thing that Bain Capital made millions making some companies go bankrupt by paying themselves and stiffing investors for millions and […]

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Obama, Begging for campaign money.

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As reported first by “The Daily Beast” it appears President Obama’s recent conference call from Air Force One, was a plea to major donors for more money? So, while tooling around on Air Force One from presidential duties to RIDICULOUS personal campaign duties (Air Force One costs $199,000 to operate per hour) President Obama made […]

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Obamacare Ruling: Did The Supreme Court Do The Right Thing?

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President Barack Obama strutted to the podium with a win. While Romney’s camp and republicans alike were thrilled with the fuel added to their campaign fires yesterday – Obamacare just solidifies that the president lied in office about raising taxes on anyone making $250,000 or less. All along Obama swore this was not a tax […]

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