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Joan Jett is Back – Singing About Mother Nature

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Its nice to hear Joan Jett rocking again after almost 7 years.   Billboard’s Matt Diehl reports that Joan Jett Storms Back With New Album ‘Any Weather’.   Its been a long time since ‘I Love Rock N Roll’ hit the charts in 1982, but it is good to hear Joan crank it out again. […]

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Goodbye to Droppin Knowledge with Joe Graham

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WMBR (Cambridge, MA) Host Joe Graham recently announced that after 5 or more years, New England’s favorite music show Droppin Knowledge was ending. Joeg supported local talent in the New England area. More than “250 bands/guest/performers have appeared live on the show over the last 5 years, everyone from comedians and actors to bands and […]

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In Memory of George Shadow Morton

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For the past 5 months or so, I couldn’t understand why Shadow wasn’t responding to phone calls and emails. I had a sense something was wrong. I found out this week that George Shadow Morton died on Feb 14th from cancer. It has taken me a few days to get my wind back, as Shadow […]

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Whitney Wolanin’s Tribute to Bob Babbit

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2012 was a great year for Whitney Wolanin as she climbed the charts with “Honesty”, “Frosty the Snowman, and now . . . “Wrong Guy”.   However, Whitney doesn’t quickly forget the people that helped her along the way.   Here is a touching testimonial to the immortal Funk Brothers’ Bass Player, Bob Babbit, who […]

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Tristan Omand Releases New Album

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He looks like Buddy Holly and performs like Bob Dylan.   His name is Tristan Omand, a young New Hampshire man with an “old soul”.   Soft spoken with a strong delivery. Its rare to listen and watch a solo artist capture an audience song after song . . . like Tristan Omand.   When […]

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Live In The Vineyard – Music Event

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Once a year the best of the best in the music pop world gather in Napa, California for the annual Live In The Vineyard weekend of music, fine wine and food.   I guess you can think of it as a refined Woodstock event with wine & cheese. This year Live In The Vineyard will […]

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Fender Guitars Rock On

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Fender Guitars is an American Guitar Company that has its roots in the Great American Music Scene dating back to 1948 when radio repairman Leo Fender created that electric sound that has dominated the pop and rock wold.     Music greats like Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Pete Townsend, […]

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Lady Gaga Goes Solo on Howard Stern Show

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I don’t know . . . all the makeup and dressing up as a clown turned me off from listening to Lady Gaga’s music.   I thought it was it all manufactured songs, fancy dancing, lip syncing or the mark of another great producer. I was wrong.   She is one of the greatest solo […]

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Bob Dylan’s New Album “Tempest”

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50 years ago, Bob Dylan released his first album. This month Bob Dylan at the age of 71 releases his 35th album . . . “Tempest”.   While listening to his vocal performance on his single “Duquesne Whistle”, I couldn’t help but think of Righteous Brother’s Bill Medley’s track “Most of All You” in the […]

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Ron Noyes Band – Playing Hard !

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Last year around this time, an independent artist rose from the streets of New Hampshire to Main Street USA with its pop track “Shelter”.   That band is the Ron Noyes Band (“RNB”).   Produced by Tony Coluccio from Global Media Music, Shelter broke on Sirius XM The Pulse and was voted in the top […]

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Motown Sound by the Funk Brothers

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Everyone loved the Motown sound.   It was a style of music by itself that was the standard in the industry.   But the question is, why ? Simple . . . the FUNK BROTHERS.   The FUNK BROTHERS were the house band for Motown from 1958 – ’70’s.   They created the Motown Sound […]

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Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys – DOD 5/4/12

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Sadly, Adam Yauch (aka MCA) of the Beastie Boys died today at the age of 47.   Diagnosed with a cancerous salivary gland in 2009, Adam stayed upbeat and tried to beat this illness over the years. The Beastie Boys were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last month.   Adam was […]

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New Music by Seether – “Tonight”

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Tred Hulse from 99.5 The River knows how to pick them.   As Tred reports: “South African trio Seether has a new song out.   You might remember “Rise Above This” or “Broken” that they did with Amy Lee of Evanescence.   Here’s “Tonight” There is hope for the future of music.   Seether is […]

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Joe Perry & The New Aerosmith Album

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You have to wonder whether Joe Perry and Steven Tyler love each other, or hate each other. Gavin Edwards from Rolling Stone interviewed Joe Perry (61) on the new album which is scheduled for release in the Summer of 2012.   The answer to the love/hate relationship is that they love each other when the […]

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The Animated & Comical World of 360 Deals

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My good friend Vincent Wolanin sent this very funny, but true, YouTube animation of the 360 Deals that are being forced upon artists today by the major labels. Top Notch Music & Records is an indie label run by the Wolanin family, which just produced and released Whitney Wolanin’s “Honesty” which has taken over AC […]

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Ron Noyes Band at New England Music Awards

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Last week the Ron Noyes Band hit NYC to record in Brooklyn, do an interview at the Siriusxm The Pulse studio, and finished off with a live performance at The Bowery Electric. On Friday, March 9th the Ron Noyes Band will perform live at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston for the New England Music […]

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Ron Noyes Band – New England Music Awards

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Lets vote for the Ron Noyes Band (“RNB”) at the New England Music Awards for: 1. Best Song – “Shelter” 2. Best Album – “Dust Bowl Diary” 3. Best NH Band 4. Best Producer – Tony Coluccio (“Shelter”).   See “Shelter” promo. The deadline to vote is 12 noon on Feb 29th.   The RNB is […]

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Whitney Wolanin Climbing the Charts with “Honesty”

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On January 10th The News Burner broke a story about an emerging artist . . . Whitney Wolanin and the release of her single “Honesty”. When we first heard “Honesty” we knew Whitney had the potential to break into the charts.   What we didn’t know was that Whitney would take over the charts, climbing […]

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RON NOYES BAND – On the Way Up

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New Hampshire’s RON NOYES BAND has carved its name out in 2011 and are still digging deep with the success of its pop/rock hits “Shelter” and “Last to Know” (featuring John Popper).   They are the only indie artist in the top 30 list at Sirius XM The Pulse for 2011 and almost beat out Katy Perry for […]

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Drive Thru Serenade – Place Your Order

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The News Burner has written many articles about new and emerging artists in the music scene.   However, I think we finally found a real star ! I was checking out WRVE FM 99.5 The River in Albany.   Every week my friend Tred Hulse from The River posts new music and funny videos.   […]

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Best Super Bowl Halftime Shows

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What is the best Super Bowl Halftime show ? I searched long and hard.   Found the Rolling Stones 2006 performance.   They looked like they just climbed out of a grave, but not bad. Then I discovered the Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake 2004 show when Janet let it all hang out.   Very […]

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360 Deals for Musicians

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In the old days, bands that made it to the majors would usually end up with less than 10% on the sale of an album.   In addition, expenses for studio cost, promotion, etc., might be recouped from profits.   Furthermore, 10% would be declared as “free goods” that record companies claim was needed for […]

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Nemes on the rise !

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My good friend Joe Graham (“Joeg”), the host of the Droppin Knowledge show and Station Manager at WMBR, always has the latest news about rising artists in the New England music scene.   Joeg sent me an email about the overnight success of a local band . . . Nemes.   How did it happen? […]

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Ron Noyes Band – NYC Road Trip

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The Ron Noyes Band is gaining national strength with the their cross over pop hit “Shelter” which was launched by Sirius Xm The Pulse.   “Shelter” was produced by Global Media Music’s Tony Coluccio, and is the only track on the The Pulse top 30 songs for 2011 that was released by an indie act. […]

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“Honesty” by Whitney Wolanin (new release)

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Once in a while an artist emerges that takes your breath away.   Whitney Wolanin is that artist with the release of her new single “Honesty”. When listening to “Honesty” it made me think of some of the greats, i.e., Christina Perri, Alanis Morissette, and even Patty Smyth.  Whitney, a skilled pianist, has that cross over […]

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