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Roger Waters from Pink Floyd – Occupy !

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We have all seen the violence involving the Occupy Protesters and law enforcement.   It seems to be taking a turn for the worst each time a protest is held.   The recent clash between the protesters and the Oakland Police Department clearly illustrate everyone’s frustration. The issue . . . the middle class is […]

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Thugs in Brownsville NewYork Kill Woman Protecting Children

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I read a sad article today released by Coleen Long of the Associated Press . . . “Mom shielding kids is shot dead outside NYC school.” Having lived in New York City most of my life, it was common knowledge that Brownsville is not a place to travel to in the great Borough of Brooklyn. […]

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First The Saturday People, Then The Sunday People

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Egyptians were protesting in Alexandria again the other day. They assembled much like the crowds at Wall Street and various other cities in the US most likely. They shouted their grievances to their actual, real and tangible oppressors. Then those oppressors, the Egyptian Army, wounded 329 and killed 25. The clashes spread to Tahrir Square. […]

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