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NRA Response to the State of the Union

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Its no secret that the NRA is in the fight for the long run. Executive Director Chris Cox of NRA-ILA responds to last night’s State of the Union speach. “As was expected, President Barack Obama used his State of the Union speech last night to push for more restrictions on your right to own a […]

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The Inauguration, God & Politics

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First, the invocation. …I believe in a president whose religious views are his own private affair, neither imposed by him upon the nation, or imposed by the nation upon him as a condition to holding that office… ~John F. Kennedy, September 12, 1960 Then, the Tabernacle Choir performs ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic‘. Glory, glory, hallelujah. […]

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Pres Romney & VP Biden 2013

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What happens if the election is a tie ?   Is it possible that Mitt Romney becomes President and Joe Biden remains as Vice President ? Yes . . . it could happen. It was confusing to many Americans when George Bush became President in 2000 after Al Gore received 500,000 more popular votes . […]

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The Ron Paul Movement

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When Ron Paul visited the University of South Florida in Tampa on Sunday, a crowd of 10,000 and counting let him know how much they loved him and appreciated his fight for the American people.   Like a hero, Ron Paul received “cheers and thunderous applause”, as reported by the Christian Science Monitor. However, after […]

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Mitt Romney’s First Trip Abroad As Leading GOP Candidate: Whoop’s Did I say that?

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Mitt, where are your writers and handlers when you need them, eh? – It seems in the news media everyday the flip flop of gifts given between the front running Presidential candidate and current President’s campaign parties is like watching a tennis match. The slip up’s and flubs are enough to make you dizzy and […]

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Endorse Gun Control? Where Do Mitt Romney & President Barack Obama Stand?

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After the tragic events yesterday in Aurora, Co there has been much talk about GUN CONTROL – So, when the Gun Control issue comes up, where do you stand? Better yet, where does our current President & Frontrunner Republican Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney stand? People are asking, yet neither made mention of it when speaking […]

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Obamacare Ruling: Did The Supreme Court Do The Right Thing?

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President Barack Obama strutted to the podium with a win. While Romney’s camp and republicans alike were thrilled with the fuel added to their campaign fires yesterday – Obamacare just solidifies that the president lied in office about raising taxes on anyone making $250,000 or less. All along Obama swore this was not a tax […]

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Americans Elect & The Future Of Elections

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Don’t like Mitt Romney? Don’t like Barack Obama? Tough. You’ll have to grin and bear it this time around. I suppose you could defiantly vote 3rd party, but you’re playing the schmuck pretty convincingly if you actually think someone other than the Mittness or Bo-rock is going to be the next President. That said, is […]

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Reagan Vs. Obama – Social Economics 101

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Got to love this one.   As the parties turn up the heat, this funny YouTube animation of Ronald Reagan . . . as Professor Reagan . . . explains the pitfalls of Social Economics to the past Presidents and Wannabe Presidents. Thank you to my friend VW for sending this eye opener over. Enjoy […]

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Ron Paul Never Gives UP – #2 in Minnesota (Mitt in 3rd)

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Ron Paul took second place in Minnesota’s Republican presidential caucuses Tuesday night, pushing Mitt Romney into his first third-place finish of the 2012 campaign. Addressing his supporters at his campaign headquarters in Golden Valley, Minn., Paul said he is pursuing a delegate-based strategy and spoke extensively about his foreign policy views. [The Ticket] Watch the […]

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George W. Bush’s Best Moments | News Burner Video of the Day

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I’ll admit it… I miss George, he made politics a comedy show. Ok, maybe I don’t miss him and we shouldn’t have someone that ignorant as a leader but you could produce a whole television show on his outtakes.

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State of the Union – Little Substance, Lot Of Rhetoric

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Aside from admirable Reagan-esque optimism, this State of the Union address offered little in the way of substance. The emotional high point came when Gabrielle Giffords, the Congresswoman from Arizona who was shot in the head last January, entered the chamber to rousing applause. Quite touching. It was the only moment of real genuine agreement […]

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National Treasure

Childrens Do Learn | The Daily Show Vintage 2007

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W sure made it easy on The Daily Show crew for many years. Like Stewart said, WE CAN’T EVEN MAKE THAT FUNNIER BY TAKING IT OUT OF CONTEXT. I swear anyone who misses the former President needs to be swiftly smacked in the head with a baseball bat.

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NH Primary- Update !

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The Huffington Post refers to the NH Primary as the “Political Disneyland”. “The cozy conservative confines of the Iowa caucuses have given way to an unpredictable and often unruly New Hampshire primary, where the questioners are a bit more salty and the political terrain a lot more difficult to traverse. On Thursday afternoon, Rick Santorum […]

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Jon Huntsman: The Other Guy At All Those Debates

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The first-in-the-nation New Hampshire primary represents Jon Huntsman’s last and really only chance to remain in the race for the Republican nod. More accurately, it’s his first and last chance seeing as how he (rightly) skipped Iowa to focus his attention in NH. It’s rather unfortunate because if he gets thumped from the race, the […]

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What you looking at?

The Daily Show | Commission : Impossible

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Apparently the Senate is pissed off that President Barack Obama appointed Richard Cordray head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau without ‘consulting’ the Senate… even though they were not in session… because the Senate was apparently in session. (Yes, you read that right.) Explanation below…

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Ron Paul is the Music Man!

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You don’t see photos like this very often. Looks like Ron Paul hangs out with the right people. After a private dinner this week, Ron Paul took a photo with music men John Popper (Blues Traveler), Ron Noyes (Ron Noyes Band), and Ron’s beautiful wife Meaghan. The Ron Noyes Band’s popularity has risen to new […]

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This is the Republican Buffet...

So these are our selections? | The GOP Debate

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This year’s presidential candidate buffet was on display once again for public consumption and, at times, amusement. During last night’s debate we got another glimpse at the amount of inaccurate information we would receive for over four years if 3 of the current participants are elected… not that the current prez is any better. GINGRICH: […]

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Donald Trump Cancels the “Great Debate”

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Donald Trump canceled the “Great Debate” after Mitt Romney bailed on him.   Newt Gingrich was quick to jump in.   Ron Paul and Donald Trump shared a few unfriendly words, which signaled that the debate may be more of a circus than a debate on Presidential issues.   Ron Paul was out. The Donald […]

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News Burner Video of the Day | Herman Cain’s 1986 Sexual Harassment Video

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With Herman Cain stepping down as a potential Republican presidential candidate, we at News Burner have decided to dedicate the Video of the Day to a great man… a man that brought us a lot of joy, a lot of entertainment, and a hell of a lot of laughs. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you […]

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That? That

Facts About The White House You Never Knew About | Infographic

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1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is probably the most well known address in the world. Obviously known as the official residence and principal workplace of the president of the United States, the house was designed by Irish-born James Hoban,and built between 1792 and 1800 of white-painted Aquia sandstone in the Neoclassical style. It has been the residence […]

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Average Salaries

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Did you ever wonder what the average salary should be.   Then did you consider which salaries should be cut to balance the budget.   Here is some food for thought. Imagine… they only have to work 4 years for this type of retirement…. and they want to gripe about us and Social Security!!! Salary […]

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Afghanistan Woman Sent to Jail for being Raped is Free

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Hold on, let me get this straight.   An Afghanistan woman was sentenced to jail because she was raped by a relative ? Yes, its true.   I was hoping that it was a joke, or just another comedy skit.   A 19-year-old woman was in fact sentenced to 12 years in jail for forced adultery, […]

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The Most Important Political Article Of All Time. Ever.

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I write this take as seriously as I take writing; this is perhaps the most important political article of all time. As I pondered the political pickle we find ourselves in and the causes that led us here, I decided to do some next level type investigation. In depth analysis. What I uncovered was devastating […]

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Ron Paul – “They fought for us, now let’s fight for them”

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Ron Paul released a very powerful video on bringing our troops home to their families & country (see below).   The simple message is that war is not working. “Let’s bring the troops home as fast as the ships can arrive.  They fought for us, now let’s fight for them.” While Ron Paul is gaining […]

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