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Jon Stewart’s History Lesson On Mistreatment Of Our Veterans

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Jon Stewart reminded viewers of The Daily Show that mistreating our veterans has been a fully bi-partisan endeavor that’s been going on for over 200 years. From veterans of the Revolutionary war taking members of Congress hostage back in 1783 because they were screwed after defeating the English Army to Ronald Reagan’s decision to deny benefits to Vietnam vets who were affected […]

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Karl Rove’s Insane Assertion That Hillary Has Brain Damage

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The last time many of us saw Karl Rove was on Election night 2012, when Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly called him out asking, “are these your numbers Karl” as Rove squirmed about the set in denial that President Obama had won his second term. Now the man who many believe has been lying to the […]

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GOP Anti-Gay Position Still Embedded On State And National Platforms

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After losing the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections, the Republican party is trying to reach out to a broader base and change the perception that the party is mostly made up of straight white religious fanatics. GOP leaders have tried to soften many of the party’s rigid positions on abortion and immigration reform […]

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Eliot Spitzer To Pay Ex-Wife Silda Wall Millions In Divorce Settlement

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New York’s Hooker loving ex Governor Eliot Spitzer will be shelling out millions of dollars to his ex-wife and mother of his children. Silda Wall Spitzer, who stood by her husband as he was forced to resign from office after being caught paying over $4000.00 a night for sex, will receive a cash payout of […]

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Donald Trump Remembers “The Late Jimmy Carter” – Who Is Still Alive

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Moments before saying that the Chinese “respect smart people” and “don’t respect stupid people” – Donald Trump proved why he is not very well respected in China. Trump’s stupidity was on full display at CPAC as he made reference to the “late Jimmy Carter” – problem is Carter is still alive. The misinformed millionaire who likes […]

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Pussy Riot Attacked By Cossacks While Protesting Sochi Olympics

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Activist punk rockers Pussy Riot were attacked by Russian militia yesterday as they performed under a sign for the Sochi Olympics. Cossack militia attacked the mostly all girl group with horsewhips as they protested the games that are in their second week. Six group members — five women and one man — donned their signature ski masks and were […]

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Former CIA Director Patraeus Says “Hillary Would Make A Tremendous President”

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Former CIA director David Petraeus , who was forced to resign in 2012 after an adulterous affair with his biographer, has all but endorsed Hillary Clinton for president if she chooses to run in 2016. Patraeus, who has traditionally stayed away from politics, is throwing his support behind the former Secretary of State in a new book. “She’d make […]

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Congressman Michael Grimm Apologizes After Threatening Reporter on Air

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Things got a little heated after President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night when New York Congressman Michael Grimm threatened to throw a television reporter off the balcony of the Capital building. Rep. Michael Grimm didn’t realize cameras were still live when he got in the face of NY1 reporter Michael Scotto […]

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Chris Christie Faces Federal Investigation For Hurricane Sandy Funds

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The old adage, when it rains it pours, is ringing true for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Christie, who is still reeling from last week’s “Bridgegate” scandal,  is now facing a federal probe of how he spent Superstorm Sandy aid, a lawmaker announced Monday. The investigation is centered around how Christie used $25 million in aid for a TV ad campaign that […]

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Woman Tells New York Post She Thought Lis Smith Was Elliot Spitzer’s Daughter

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Disgraced former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer and his relationship with a much younger woman has thrust the man known as “Client #9” back into the news this week. Spitzer, who resigned from office back in 2008 after spending over $80,000 on prostitutes, has been dating 31 year-old PR flack Lis Smith. The hooker-loving governor is […]

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The 113th Congress Goes Down As The Worst Ever

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It’s official, the 113th Congress will go down as the worst Congress ever in the history of the United States. With only 56 new laws passed by congressional lawmakers, it makes it the least productive ever. The previous low was 88 laws passed by the Newt Gingrich led Congress back in 1995. 2013 was supposed to be […]

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Senate Reaches Deal – Government Will Re-Open Before Default Date

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With our hard earned tax dollars being wasted by the day on ideological bickering, the United States Senate announced a last-minute deal today to avert a threatened Treasury default and to reopen the government after a partial, 16-day shutdown. All signs are that the Republican led Congress will pass the measure by the end of the day. News of the deal prompted the Dow Jones industrial average […]

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Ted Cruz Babbles On For Over 21 Hours – Recites Dr Seuss

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Wednesday, Texas Republican Ted Cruz’s talking marathon ended after 21 hours and 19 minutes. The quirky Tea Party Senator who admitted to wearing cheap suits and sporting a bad haircut, wrapped up his verbal assault against Obamacare after the self- proclaimed conservative began his “talkathon” about the evils of the President’s healthcare overhaul at 2:41 p.m. on  Tuesday. Cruz’s staff said he did not leave the floor of the […]

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New Yorkers Say No To “Carlos Danger” And “Client # 9”

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In the end New Yorkers showed they had an aversion to perversion as both Anthony Weiner and Elliot Spitzer were both soundly rejected by voters. Weiner, who spent the first six months of his first child’s life texting images of his penis to young women, was blown out in the Democratic mayoral primary race, netting a tiny […]

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South Carolina Conservatives Search For “Missing” GOP Senator Lindsey Graham

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In the great state of South Carolina, you just can never be conservative enough and Senator Lindsey Graham found out he has run a muck with the state’s ultra right-wing group Carolina Conservatives United. The group plastered Graham’s face on a milk carton with the words “missing,” and “he hasn’t been seen by his constituents all year.” “Lindsey Graham […]

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Ron Paul Joins Son Rand In Bashing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

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2012 Presidential candidate Ron Paul joined his son Rand in a new round of Chris Christie bashing, calling the New Jersey governor “a big government guy”. Paul told Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto,  that like his son, he is also not a fan of Christie and his reckless spending habits.  Cavuto baited the former Texas congressman by saying  “sounds […]

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Elliot Spitzer Refuses To Answer Questions About His Mistress

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Earlier this week, former Governor Elliot Spitzer ripped sex addict Anthony Weiner and said he would not vote for him for Mayor of New York City – but this morning, the hooker loving ex-politician refused to answer questions regarding rumors that he moved on from prostitutes and now has a mistress. Spitzer, who is running for city comptroller was asked three […]

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Sydney Leathers: Anthony Weiner Is Too Busy Jerking Off To Be Mayor

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It what might go down as one of the greatest campaign slogans of all time, Anthony Weiner’s sexting partner Sydney Leathers is saying that “Weiner is too busy jerking off to be mayor.” The 23 year-old told Howard Stern that Weiner, or should we say “Carlos Danger,” called her at least 5 times a day to […]

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Rand Paul Calls Chris Christie The “King Of Bacon”

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  Kentucky Senator Rand Paul fired back at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Tuesday telling CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that Christie is the “king of bacon” when it comes to government spending. Paul, who like his dad Ron Paul sounds more like a Libertarian than a true conservative, has picked a fight with the Tony Soprano of the Republican […]

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John Oliver Skewers Anthony Weiner In ‘We Turn Now To Our Ongoing Coverage Of This Penis’

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John Oliver took Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger to task last night on the Daily Show. The disgraced former Congressman is not quitting his run for Mayor of New York City despite leaders in both parties calling for him to drop out. Yesterday it was disclosed that Weiner spent $45,000 in campaign funds to investigate the hacking […]

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Republicans Denounce Congressman King’s Ignorant Remarks About Immigrants

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  House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor voiced their disapproval of Rep. Steve King’s (R-Iowa) recent despicable comments about young, undocumented immigrants. Also known as Dreamers, King claims the majority of them are drug traffickers. “For everyone who’s a valedictorian,” King said, “There’s another 100 out there that weigh 130 pounds and they’ve […]

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Weiner Cooked Again – Admits To Sending Lewd Photos to 22 Year-Old

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Disgraced former New York congressman Anthony Weiner has admitted to carrying on an X-Rated online relationship with a 22 year-old just months after he was forced to resign from office. Weiner, who left office back in 2011 after he admitted to sending photos of his penis to several young woman, came clean about his newest sex scandal […]

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Elliot Spitzer Never Voted In 2012 Election After Writing Article About The Importance Of Voting

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On the same day that former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer filed thousands of signatures to run for public office again, it is being reported that he didn’t vote in the 2012 election. The hooker loving ex-governor even wrote a column titled “Why I Am Voting for Barack Obama” just four days before many Americans took […]

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Pro Muslim Brotherhood Senator Rand Paul Rips Texas Governor Rick Perry

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Kentucky GOP Senator Rand Paul took to the airwaves on Monday night to express his support for Muhammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood. Paul told Fox News that he is disappointed that the Obama administration didn’t do more to keep Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood cohorts in power in Egypt and the United States should […]

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Romney Family Voted 10 – 2 Against Mitt Running For President In 2012

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Mitt Romney should have listened to his family and himself and spared the country his failed run for president in 2012. According to a new book by Dan Balz of The Washington Post, Romney was one of 10 members of his family who voted against making a second White House bid, only two voted for the […]

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