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Fascist Wall Street and the Rush for Fake Money

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One day in 1969 a man named Abbie Hoffman and some other pranksters managed to sneak into the NYSE on one of the guided tours. To this day children and tourists get to go into the heaving bowels of capitalism and look upon the laborers of finance, but they can thank Hoffman and company for […]

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Occupy Wall Street Turns Violent as Police Battle Protesters on Broadway

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It got ugly in lower Manhattan late this morning as OWS protesters marched up Broadway. NYPD were sent in to disperse the crowds and again used force against peaceful demonstrators in the streets. In full riot gear, police on scooters confronted the protesters as they walked up Broadway chanting “You Got Bailed Out, We got Sold Out” […]

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Breaking News: Protesters Win Cleanup Battle City Postpones Cleaning Of Zuccotti Park

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  It’s a great day for the first amendment. Cooler heads prevailed this morning when the city decided to avoid a clash with Occupy Wall Street Protesters and the Auto Workers Union by postponing the power cleaning crews that were set to start just minutes ago. Below is the statement that was released. STATEMENT OF DEPUTY […]

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Thousands of Protesters Will Clash With Police Tomorrow But The First Lady Looked Stunning in Purple

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  As thousands of anti-greed protesters brace for a showdown with the NYPD tomorrow morning, the White House Press Corps made sure we all knew that the first lady looked stunning tonight in a purple full length dress at a state dinner. In about seven hours you’ll be able to hear the sound of billy clubs […]

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Weekend Round-up of Global Rage: Protests, Bloodshed, and Lockouts

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Earth- Such a roiling and climactic week in the world. It’s hard to imagine that it’s anyone’s oyster anymore. It is more like a sea monster, finally poised to rise from the depths and strike back. Maybe it will soon be the end of us all, the harbingers are many. In any event or apocalypse, […]

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Are The Police in This Country Too Stupid to Know What Side of the 99% They Are On?

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  The Seattle Police Department has begun handing out tickets to motorists—including cab drivers—who honk if they love their local Occupy Wall Street contingent. People can probably still honk if they love Jesus, but don’t honk if you support young people who are trying to bring awareness to the economic inequality and corporate greed of the country. […]

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Occupy Wall Street is Spreading and Yes We Are All the 99%

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  The photo above pretty much says it all. What this woman’s sign is referring to is that the upper 1 percent of Americans are now taking in nearly a quarter of the nation’s income every year. In terms of wealth rather than income, the top 1 percent control 40 percent. Their lot in life has improved considerably. […]

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Billionaire Mayor Tells Protestors to Stop So He Can Continue to Fleece the People of New York

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  How ironic is it that the billionaire Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg tells the Occupy Wall Street protesters that the city can’t continue to rip off tourists if they continue their demonstration. New York City is the greatest city in the country, but since Michael Bloomberg was elected Mayor, he has fleeced […]

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Capitalism Works.

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Occupy Wall Street has a legitimate gripe wrapped in a blanket of hysteria, encased in a poorly built box emblazoned with vacuous slogans. Nonetheless, they have a very tangible complaint and though the claim is that there are no demands, there are. Essentially the overarching, broad, message is; Government, get out of bed with the corporations […]

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Barack Obama is Starting to Look Like Lyndon Johnson in 1968

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    In the summer of 1968, the United States was in great turmoil. There were protests in the streets and on college campuses across the nation. We saw police and National Guard from Kent State to the streets of Chicago at the Democratic National Convention, commit acts of brutality against innocent protesters, and we saw […]

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For Florida Students It’s Kent State All Over Again: Leaf Blowers?

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  Recently, college students in New York quietly protested capitalism and the corrupt banking system in the United States with the Occupy Wall Street protest. For those of us that lived through the 1960’s, it was nice to see young people take a stand against something again, somewhat reminiscent of a time when college campuses were […]

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