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#myNYPD Twitter Campaign Backfires In #EpicFail

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New York’s Finest are not always New York’s brightest and that was surely the case yesterday when the department’s new social media outreach program backfired terribly on Twitter. In what turned out to be a disastrous attempt to utilize social media to connect with the community, the NYPD Twitter page asked people to post pictures of themselves interacting with police officers in the […]

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Jeffrey Sachs: ‘That’s not a free market, that’s a game’

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“The banks have said, leave us deregulated, we know how to run things, don’t put government in to meddle. Then with that freedom of maneuver they took huge gambles, and even made illegal actions, and then broke the world system. As soon as that happened then they rushed out to say ‘bail us out, bail […]

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Adam Carolla and his Rant about Occupy Wall Street

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Listen to Adam Carolla break down the current Occupy Wall Street movement in simple terms.  He dives into the cultural reasons that lead us into this situation, as well as the solution to our problems. Though he never mentions the Occupy movement by name, Carolla takes note of anger against the “1 percent,” who, he says, […]

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Occupy Washington, DC.

Occupy Washington | How the Law is used to Benefit the Rich

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Last week, a federal judge in Mississippi sentenced a mother of two named Anita McLemore to three years in federal prison for lying on a government application in order to obtain food stamps. You become ineligible for food stamps in this country if you have a record of criminal drug offenses. States have the option […]

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Occupy Wall Street Is Jumping The Shark

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In case you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘jumping the shark’. It describes the moment in the history of a TV show where the popularity and salience of the show are irrecoverably in decline*. It’s derived from an episode of ‘Happy Days’ where the Fonz gets on some water skis, clad in his signature leather jacket, […]

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Occupy Wall Street Frightens the New York Post, Plans Mass Disruption of Finance District

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The Bigg Scrapple- Today marks the two-month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations begun in Manhattan’s banking district, and centered in the Zuccotti park campground which has been dismantled by NYPD in the past week. Curiously, across the country many different city authorities have in a simultaneous push been evicting their own OWS contingents […]

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We Support the Occupy Movement But Not Sure About the Whole Camping Thing

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Back in mid-September when the first small group of protestors gathered on the sidewalks of lower Manhattan, we here at News Burner were fairly quick to report about it and fully supported their message. We are in complete agreement with the Occupy Wall Street movement and their stance on the social and economic inequality in America and how 1% of […]

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ANOTHER Protesting US Veteran Put in Hospital by Oakland Cops

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California- The Oakland police want you to know that they use their billy clubs indiscriminately. You can be thwacked if you are an art student, or just an Army Ranger. The British Daily Mail is reporting that this week’s OWS protests in Oakland turned especially violent for a member of the US Military, again. CNN […]

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Bank Transfer Day: Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November

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By now, the creepy anarchist masks made famous by the V for Vendetta film and books have become a symbol for the international Anti-corporate/Anti-government protests which America and its media have all but taken credit for. The masks are the official costume adopted by members of the “hacktivist collective” known as Anonymous, dating back to […]

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Riot Gear, Tear Gas, “Other Projectiles” Used on Oakland Protesters

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  From the LA Times report, this morning, Riot police from a number of Bay Area departments fired tear gas and other projectiles early Thursday and arrested dozens of demonstrators to break up Occupy Oakland protests that had drawn thousands of participants Wednesday. For whatever reasons, the police and city authorities in southern California are […]

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A Victory for the OWS Occupiers in Nashville and Elsewhere

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Tennessee- Mr. Joe Sutton of CNN is reporting that the courts of this land have weighed in on what’s going on in Nashville. A judge told Tennessee officials on Monday to stop enforcing new rules that have been used to arrest Occupy protesters in Nashville. The decision was a victory for the fledgling movement and […]

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The 53%ers

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  Most people are against protecting the lazy. The difference is the simple question: “What percentage of those who need help are actually lazy, vs. those who are unable to work?” Now, Fox News LOVES to trumpet the “47%” number and claim that 47% of Americans “pay no taxes” which is patently false. 47% of […]

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Occupy Wall Street: We Have Met the Enemy and They are Very Good-Looking

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The Occupy Wall Street movement has grown a great deal from its mid-September beginnings as a thoroughly ignored lower Manhattan protest. Now the demonstrations have a distinct, global feel, and one is left wondering how it is that the dominant organs of American news media not only dropped the ball in their early coverage of […]

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Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona is One Tough Cop, He Hit a Dancer with AIDS

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  Last week a very large Iraq war vet called out several cops in lower Manhattan and not one of them even thought about trying to arrest this guy, but when it’s a 5 ‘ 8″, 140 pound dancer, they’re throwing punches like it’s the bar room brawl scene in Blazing Saddles.  Deputy Inspector Johnny […]

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Oakland Police Fire Tear Gas and Stun Grenades at Occupy Protesters

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  Protesters armed with cell phones and consumer HD video cameras were just too much for the City of Oakland Police Department last night as authorities fired massive amounts of tear gas and stun grenades at the Occupy Oakland demonstrators. Earlier in the day cops arrested 97 peaceful protesters outside City Hall for exercising their First […]

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Occupy Wall Street and Irony

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First off, 99% of people are incapable of deciphering irony vs. coincidence, so before I begin allow me to help: Irony: incongruity between what is expected and what is. Coincidence: a chance occurrence of events remarkable either for being simultaneous or for apparently being connected. Now that that’s settled, we can move on. After weeks […]

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Anonymous Fires Back at Police Brutality

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The hacktivist group Anonymous, has hacked several police internal websites and has leaked user names and passwords. The group who is quietly behind the organization of Occupy Wall Street, shut down the International Association of Chiefs of Police website today. The groups timing couldn’t have come at a more crucial time for the IACP with their annual […]

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So Who Are the 1%?

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There is a movement right now called Occupy Wall Street (for those of you that are completely oblivious to the world around you) and they are hooting and hollering over the amount of money made by the so-called 1%. Understandable, it pisses me off too. A small group of people making all the income and, […]

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Celebrities & Occupy Wall Street

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Several celebrities and former politicians have voiced their support for Occupy Wall Street as of late. Michael Moore, Russell Simmons, and Kayne West are just a few of the EXTREMELY RICH personalities that have thrown their support at the front lines of the protest. Now I understand that the movement is not against the likes […]

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Why aren’t the Wall Street bankers jailed? No doubt, even if you haven’t seen this political cartoon, you are most likely at least vaguely sympathetic. Sympathetic because the question is a valid one: Why aren’t the Wall Street bankers jailed? A history lesson: For those not in the know, this is not our first rodeo […]

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Top Paid CEO Might Surprise You | Occupy Washington Perhaps

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Occupy Wall Street has taken over the media as of late. News stories from all around the world are depicting the frustration of thousands of people stemming from the ‘rich getting richer, while the poor are getting poorer.’ In the U.S. this has been most prevalent in New York, the city where this protest was […]

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A Day of Global Protest Against Global Inequality

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It was a big day for anomie and incipient rebellion in the world. On Saturday the Europeans rose up in numbers and manners that many Americans might find shocking, or unruly. Massive crowds gathered and marched in most capitals, with organizers having planned some of the events for months, even before the OWS protests. There […]

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News Burner Photo of the Day: The Crossroads of the World

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  This is a message to all the candidates that have come before us in this primary season and elections past: THIS IS WHAT CHANGE LOOKS LIKE! How many ineffective politicians have run on this one word and they serve their time in office, leave and nothing changes. There’s a line from and old Who […]

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Open Letter to Anonymous: Please Bury Tom Ryan

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A cyber war has broken out between a right-wing conservative security expert and the hacktivist group, Anonymous. Tom Ryan is playing with fire by trying to start a cyber-smear campaign against some of the organizers of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Some of those organizers are Anonymous members. Hopefully Tom Ryan gets his ass handed to him the same way […]

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People Occupy Wall Street From Around the World

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This weekend marked the spread of America’s Occupy Wall Street protests to other cities in the world. Several hundreds marched in Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong, carrying signs that spelled out solidarity with the message of the thousands camping in New York city and rallying in Boston, LA, Chicago and Denver. The message, you may […]

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