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Jon Stewart Gives Republicans A History Lesson About Ronald Reagan’s Foreign Policy Blunders

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With Republicans ripping President Obama with his handling of the crisis in the Ukraine, saying Obama should do what Reagan would do, Jon Stewart set the record straight about what Ronald Reagan really did back in the 1980s as far as foreign policy. When faced with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Reagan backed Osama Bin laden and his Afghani […]

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Malala Tells Obama To “Stop Using Drones”

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The bravest teenager in the world told the leader of the free world to stop killing people with drone warfare. Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the head by the Taliban for criticizing their ban on education for women, was asked by CBS News reporter Norah O’Donnell if she really told President Obama that he […]

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John Kerry Says Putin’s Liar Comments Were An Error In Translation

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Secretary of State John Kerry is turning the other cheek after Russian President Vladimir Putin called him a liar. In fact, Kerry is saying that Putin never really called him a liar at all and it was just a simple mistake by a Russian translator. While speaking to his human rights council on Wednesday, Putin said, “This was […]

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Republicans Resort To Altering Benghazi Emails To Attack Obama

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It’s a pretty well  known fact that the Republican party will do just about anything to bring down Barack Obama – but now it looks like the GOP has been caught red-handed altering emails about Benghazi to try and place the blame for the September attack on the White House and the State Department. CBS News is reporting that […]

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As Republicans Attack Hillary Over Benghazi – Diplomat Says She’s Not To Blame

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With former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton running away in the polls as the Democratic Presidential nominee in 2016, the GOP has decided to revisit the Benghazi terror attack that claimed four American lives. But the big problem the GOP is having is that Benghazi accountability review chairman Thomas Pickering has absolved Hillary Clinton and says the […]

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Obama’s Limo Breaks Down In Israel After Being Filled With Wrong Fuel

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 It’s supposed to be one of the most technically advanced vehicles in the world, but if you put the wrong gas in it, it looks like every other broken down heap of metal on the back of a tow truck. The 9 ton armored plated limousine that transports the President of the United States, broke […]

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47 Percent Filmmaker Says He Was Inspired By Bill Clinton’s Kindness

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Last November, many political experts said that Bill Clinton had more to do with Barack Obama being re-elected than the president himself, with his tireless campaigning and his near perfect speech at the Democratic National Convention. Now the man who filmed Mitt Romney’s infamous 47 percent comments, is saying that he was inspired to release […]

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The Good Guys, Bad Guys & Knuckle Heads of Gun Ownership

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Gun control is a big issue these days. The NRA is fighting hard to preserve the rights that the constitution protects. On the other hand, how far is too far on assault weapons ? Well I have 2 videos for you. One on a knuckle head gun owner that almost blew his head off, and […]

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NRA Response to the State of the Union

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Its no secret that the NRA is in the fight for the long run. Executive Director Chris Cox of NRA-ILA responds to last night’s State of the Union speach. “As was expected, President Barack Obama used his State of the Union speech last night to push for more restrictions on your right to own a […]

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2nd Amendment Quiz Time

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Ok, so there is a real battle in Washington about “the right to bear arms” under the Second Amendment.     I came across this quiz about the second amendment and its legal challenges.  BEWARE NRA members . . . some of these questions can be pretty tricky.  Good Luck ! Click the 2nd Amendment Quiz […]

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The Inauguration, God & Politics

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First, the invocation. …I believe in a president whose religious views are his own private affair, neither imposed by him upon the nation, or imposed by the nation upon him as a condition to holding that office… ~John F. Kennedy, September 12, 1960 Then, the Tabernacle Choir performs ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic‘. Glory, glory, hallelujah. […]

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Images Of The Day – President Obama’s Second Inauguration

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Fiscal Cliff Failure And Other Fun Cliffs To Look Forward To

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For all intents and purposes the fiscal cliff deal that was reached in the baby blue eyed hours of the new year accomplished close to nothing. A paltry kick of the can at best, it serves as a stop gap measure to merely save American face for a touch longer. A brief refresher as to […]

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Gun Control & the 2nd Amendment

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After recent events, everyone is thinking hard and long about gun control.   If someone in authority at the school had a gun, would that have stopped the massacre, or should private ownership of guns be banned altogether ? The American Prospect gives us an inside look as to the meaning of the “right to […]

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November Jobs Report Shows Unemployment Drops Again

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The battle cry for the GOP during the 2012 election was job, jobs jobs. Today the November jobs report came out with the lowest unemployment rate in four years, dropping from 7.9 to 7.7. So did Americans make the right decision at the polls in November by staying the course and reelecting Barack Obama? The […]

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The Election, Thanksgiving & A Bus

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To my left, an 85 year old piece of well worn, sun soaked leather staring straight ahead. To my right, a bulbous gentleman wearing some semblance of an Indiana Jones type hat made of straw. The bus careened wildly around the corner. Hard right, which sent me hard left into the aged octogenarian sitting next to […]

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Paul Ryan Tries To Explain How He Lost Election In His Hometown

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You always hear sports teams talk about protecting their home turf. The expression “not in our house” is the common phrase and is what you hear college and pro teams say when it comes to winning at home. GOP vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan wasn’t able to protect his home court in last week’s election, losing […]

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California Woman Fired For Tweeting Racist Threats Against The President

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Racists beware, the Secret Service doesn’t play when it comes to threats against the President of the United States. Denise Helms of Turlock, California is being investigated by the Secret Service for a threatening tweet she sent out election night that read: “Another 4 years of this nigger … Maybe he will get assassinated this […]

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CIA Director David Petraeus Resigns Due To Affair With Biographer Paula Broadwell

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CIA director and four star general David Petraeus has given an all new meaning to the journalistic term embedded. In news that left Washington and the intelligence community stunned, the CIA director ruined his storied career by having a top-secret affair with his extremely attractive biographer.  It is being reported that the FBI led the […]

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Opinion: A Battered, But Unbowed Obama Begins A Second Term

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WHEN PRESIDENT OBAMA strode to the podium in Chicago in the early hours of Wednesday morning after a near-sweep of swing states, he was a figure in stark contrast to the man the nation elected four years ago. This story line is, by now, nearly played out: He was elected in 2008 on a wave […]

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Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney tonight in the 2012 Presidential election. Key battle ground states such as Florida and Ohio were won by the President and the victory was sealed. The GOP challenger needed 8 of the 9 toss up states to get to 270 electoral votes but wasn’t able to win more than 2 […]

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Happy Election Day – Huge Voter Turnout Nationwide

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Today is the day that all of us political junkies have been waiting for. Officials are reporting huge lines at most voting locations across the country. As many of us have been reporting over the last few weeks, it’s all going to come down to a few swing states and the President seems to be […]

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Obama Holds Slight Lead Heading Into Final Day Of Campaigning

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The Pew Research Center is showing President Barack Obama holding on to a modest 3 point lead as the candidates head into their final day of campaigning. The Pew poll, released Sunday afternoon, gives Obama a 50-to-45 edge among likely voters after the 3 percent of undecided voters are divided between the candidates. Pew splits […]

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Running For President Can Be Funny

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Running for President may not be fun, but it can be funny.   I just am tired of listening to debates about the serious issues in this campaign.   So I searched down our voters who take a lighter approach to the election. Check it out.

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Chris Christie Could Be Viable Third Party Candidate In 2016

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I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I have been with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over the past week. The straight talking GOP Governor has ignored status quo, petty partisan politics and has shown outstanding leadership in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. As we all watched this week, Christie and President Obama heaped […]

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