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Ravens Running Back Ray Rice Knocks Out Fiancee

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So the play went something like this: “hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle this time Ray Rice knocks out his girlfriend right the middle,”of an Atlantic City casino. A police report alleges that Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocked out his fiancée and dragged her across the floor. Police charged both Rice and […]

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Texas Jury Goes Easy On Dallas Cowboy Player Who Killed Teamate

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It looks like a Texas jury was loaded with Dallas Cowboy fans as it sentenced former Cowboy Josh Brent to only 180 days in jail and probation Friday for causing the December 2012 crash that killed his teammate and best friend Jerry Brown Jr. In addition to a 10-year suspended sentence, Brent was ordered to pay a $10,000 fine. The […]

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Backup QB Donates Entire Dallas Cowboys Check To Tacoma High School

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A high school in the State of Washington is getting a fantastic Christmas gift all because of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s herniated disc. The Cowboys needed another QB after Romo injured his back in a 24-23 win over the Redskins on Sunday. America’s team, who haven’t won a Super Bowl in 18 years, signed retired QB Jon Kitna who has been […]

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Miami Dolphins Players Sent Texts To Jonathan Martin About Having Group Sex With His Sister

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The Miami Dolphins are proving to be the most offensive team in the league – but not the kind of offense that scores points on the field. A day after Dolphins players, to a man, defended the character of NFL “badboy” Richie Incognito, with some African American players calling the 340 pound white lineman an “honorary black man,” new […]

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Richie Incognito’s Bullying Started Long Before He Ever Met Jonathan Martin

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The story that is taking the sports world by storm is the bullying case that happened with Miami Dolphins offensive linemen Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. Incognito has spent nine years in the NFL with 3 different teams and has a reputation as being one of the dirtiest players in the league. The troubled guard, who former teammate […]

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Yes, Cowboy Fans It’s True – Tom Landry Died A New York Giants Fan

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Talk about a slap in the face. According to a new book, legendary Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry, the greatest Cowboy coach ever, spent the last ten years of his life rooting for the New York Football Giants. Alicia Landry, who is the widow of the former Cowboys coach says in the book “The Last Cowboy: A […]

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Tim Tebow Released By New England Patriots

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Are we seeing the last days of Tim Tebow as an NFL quarterback? It sure looks that way as the New England patriots cut the former Heisman Trophy winner to trim their roster down to 53 players. Today, Tebow was cut by a third NFL team in the last 18 months.  The former Florida gator seems to have two big problems that he […]

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Pro Bowl NFL Tight-End Aaron Hernandez Arrested For Murder

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Former New England Patriots Tight-end Aaron Hernandez was arrested and charged with murder this afternoon for the alleged “execution” of a drinking pal who was found dead near the NFL player’s home. Police arrived at the Hernandez mansion in North Attleboro, Mass., just before 9:00am and hauled the 23 year-old out of his home in handcuffs. Hernandez was arrested for the […]

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Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson Heads To Jail After Slapping His Attorney On The Butt

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Former NFL superstar wide receiver Chad Johnson, who is also known as “Ocho Cinco” is headed to a South Florida jail for 30 days after being flagged for excessive celebration by a Broward County Circuit Judge. Johnson’s lawyer had just negotiated a plea bargain to keep the former gridiron star out of jail for a violating his probation, stemming from his domestic […]

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Ravens QB Makes 121 Million – Eats McDonald’s And Still Rides The Bus

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How do you not love Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco? On the day that he signed a 121 million dollar contract as one of the highest paid players in sports, Flacco was spotted ordering fast food at a McDonald’s drive thru window. Now TMZ cameras caught the Superbowl MVP riding a bus to the 12 […]

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Seattle Cornerback Richard Sherman Destroys ESPN’s Skip Bayless On “First Take”

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All-Pro NFL cornerback and world renowned trash talker Richard Sherman scolded ESPN’s Skip Bayless telling him on Thursday that, “I’m better at life than you.” The exchange got heated after Sherman didn’t take the bate to criticize fellow NFL cornerback Darrelle Revis, instead the Stanford grad turned the tables on the loud mouth “First Take’ […]

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Ravens Hold On To Win Super Bowl XLVII Despite 3rd Quarter Blackout

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The Baltimore Ravens jumped out to and early 28 to 6 lead at Super Bowl XLVII but the San Francisco 49ers battled back to almost take the lead after a 34 minute power outage. Things got really weird in one of the strangest occurrences in Super Bowl history, when half of the lights went out […]

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For the first time in the history of the professional sports, two brothers will face off against each other as head coaches in the championship game. Jim and John Harbaugh both overcame first half deficits in their respective conference championship games to lead their teams to SuperBowl XLVII. Both brothers won on the road and […]

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RG3 To Have Complete Reconstructive Knee Surgery On Wednesday

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Robert Griffin III is having surgery Wednesday on a torn ligament in his right knee – and to see if there’s a second ligament that also needs to be repaired. Baylor coach Art Briles confirmed to USA Today and The Associated Press on Tuesday night that the Washington Redskins rookie has a […]

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Details Begin To Emerge From Jovan Belcher Murder Suicide

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It is being reported that Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher was heavily intoxicated the night before he murdered his girlfriend and took his own life. Witnesses are saying the 25-year-old linebacker was out with another woman and never made it home until the next morning. Belcher’s mother watched her son bid farewell to girlfriend Kasandra […]

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Can Things Get Any Worse For The New York Jets?

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After enduring possibly the worst 53 seconds any team has experienced in the history of the NFL on a nationally televised Thanksgiving broadcast, the New York Jets are now the laughing stock of the league. Their once braggadocios coach, Rex Ryan, now just walks around with a look of disgust for the team that he […]

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Hope Solo Marries The Man Who Beat Her Up On Monday

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They always say that goalkeepers are a little crazy but U S women’s soccer team’s Hope Solo is taking crazy to all new heights. After an altercation with her fiance on Monday landed the groom in jail for domestic assault, Solo married former NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens hours after they left a court appearance on […]

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As Bad As Mark Sanchez Is – Jets Players say Tebow Is Worse

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The New York Jets are tied for last place in their division, but fans shouldn’t expect a miracle from Tim Tebow anytime soon. More than a dozen of unnamed Jets players and members of the franchise claimed that the reason Tebow has yet to break into the starting lineup, despite current starting quarterback Mark Sanchez’s […]

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Bitter Jim Harbaugh Lashes Out At New York Giants Coach

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The coach that fought with another head coach last year during the post game handshake is looking to mix it up with another opposing coach this week. Jim Harbaugh, who is obviously still bitter over the loss to the World Champion New York Giants last season in the NFC Championship game, released a statement today […]

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Ohio State Backup QB Tweets Classes Are “Pointless”

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 Giving a whole  new meaning to the expression “dumb jocks,”  Ohio State third string quarterback Cardale Jones proved to the world again why athletes should probably stay off Twitter and keep their genius comments to themselves. Sounding like a complete mental midget, Jones took to Twitter this week to express his feelings about the free […]

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Tom Brady Tells Bills Fans “F#ck You Bitches”

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Tom Brady showed a different side then we have seen in the past yesterday, when he was caught on camera expressing his sentiments to Buffalo Bills fans. After Brady scored a touchdown to tie the game at 21 all, game cameras captured the normally buttoned up Patriots quarterback uttering the words , “Fuck you, bitches.” […]

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It’s Official – NFL Referees Sign Deal

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Even though they made an appearance in Thursday night’s Ravens, Browns game the NFL referees voted Saturday night on their new eight year contract. “It was pretty much ‘Come on in and vote,’” said Scott Green, president of the referees’ association. “We’re going to talk football now. We’re going to stop talking about CBAs and […]

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Packers Robbed by Replacement Refs With Worst Call Of The Year

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After just writing an article yesterday about how the replacement officials have to go, the end of the Packers, Seahawks game ends in the worst call of the year.Seattle rookie quarterback Russell Wilson threw a last second “Hail Mary” and receiver Golden Tate ended up getting a piece of the ball and the one ref […]

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It’s Time For The Real Referees To Get Back On The Field

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In last night’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots, there were 24 penalties called for a total of 218 yards. After being highly critical of the way the refs called the game, NBC Sports analyst Chris Collinsworth, in his post-game wrap up, tried to sell the game as being an exciting […]

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One Time NFL Superstar Vince Young Is Broke

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In 2006, Vince Young signed a 26 million dollar deal with the Tennesee Titans as the third pick of the NFL draft that year. Today, the superstar quarterback who called the Phildelphia Eagles last years “Dream Team” is broke. The one time Texas Longhorn star, who led them to a national championship over Reggie Bush […]

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