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Elie Hirschfeld and Jon Stewart Celebrate Athletes With Disabilities at Achilles 5 Mile Hope & Possibility Run

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  New York Developer and philanthropist Elie Hirschfeld placed 19th in his age group in the Achilles Hope & Possibility 5-Mile run in Central Park last weekend. More than 3,300 runners, walkers, hand cyclists and wheelchair athletes participated in the event from around the tri-state area. Hosted by Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s Daily Show, […]

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Black History Is Restored to Life at MoMa’s “One Way Ticket: Jacob Lawrence Migration Series”

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        “One Way Ticket: Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series,” a dazzling collection of the work of the celebrated African American painter, offers a unique entry point on American history at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) through September 7! Lawrence, who’s work is considered seminal for its documentation of the black experience in […]

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New York leaders and luminaries paid tribute to one of the city’s favorite sons on Saturday night at Midtown’s historic Harmonie Club. “It was heartwarming to be a part of a gathering that combined some of this city and the world’s most influential leaders in various fields, with close friends and family who have all […]

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Eliot Spitzer To Pay Ex-Wife Silda Wall Millions In Divorce Settlement

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New York’s Hooker loving ex Governor Eliot Spitzer will be shelling out millions of dollars to his ex-wife and mother of his children. Silda Wall Spitzer, who stood by her husband as he was forced to resign from office after being caught paying over $4000.00 a night for sex, will receive a cash payout of […]

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More Sexual Harrassment Allegations For Photographer Terry Richardson (NSFW)

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If it only happened once, maybe embattled fashion photographer Terry Richardson might get the benefit of the doubt – but model Emma Appleton’s claims that the quirky shutterbug sexually harassed her are just one in a long line of sexual abuse accusations that surround the famed photog. Appleton posted a screen shot of her phone to Twitter […]

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Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend L’Wren Scott Found Dead

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High fashion model & designer L’Wren Scott hung herself in a luxurious Manhattan apartment early Monday morning. Scott is the girlfriend of Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger. The 49 year old “Fashionista” was found hanging by a scarf inside the Eighth Floor apartment at 200 Eleventh Avenue around 10 a.m, her body was found in her […]

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FBI Finally Tracks Down The Real “Goodfellas” For 1978 Lufthansa Heist

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It only took them 36 years but the FBI finally caught up with the real “Goodfellas.” On Thursday, federal law enforcement officials charged an elderly Queens mobster with the infamous multi-million dollar Lufthansa Heist at Kennedy International Airport that took place back in 1978. Federal agents conducted a series of pre-dawn raids in the New York area, with […]

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Woman Tells New York Post She Thought Lis Smith Was Elliot Spitzer’s Daughter

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Disgraced former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer and his relationship with a much younger woman has thrust the man known as “Client #9” back into the news this week. Spitzer, who resigned from office back in 2008 after spending over $80,000 on prostitutes, has been dating 31 year-old PR flack Lis Smith. The hooker-loving governor is […]

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Rich Moms Hire Handicapped Tour Guides So Kids Can Cut Lines At Disney World

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  The New York Post is reporting that wealthy Manhattan moms are hiring handicapped tour guides so their kids can cut the long lines at Disney World. One condescending Manhattan mom bragged about hiring a handicapped tour guide as she and her family were escorted to special entrances to Disney’s most desired attractions. “My daughter waited one minute to […]

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Ex Yankee Bust Carl Pavano, Blows Out His Spleen…Shoveling Snow!

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Pavano prepares to leave the field…again…during his hapless stint with the Yankees.One of the biggest Yankee free-agent signing disasters has continued his tradition of coming up with new and imaginative ways to keep off the field. Righthander Carl Pavano was paid a whopping $39.6 million to pitch a total of just 26 starts during his […]

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Raging Bull Jake LaMotta Trained At Gleason’s Gym For Sugar Ray Robinson Fights

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   Over sixty years ago, Jake LaMotta and Sugar Ray Robinson fought six times in one of the greatest rivalries in boxing history. From their first fight at Madison Square Garden in 1943 to their last fight on February 14, 1951, each contest was a battle for the ages. LaMotta, who was known as the […]

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Crying Judge Sentences “Dating Game” Killer To Life

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The New York Post reported that even the judge cried yesterday in a packed Manhattan courtroom as serial killer Rodney Alcala was sentenced to 25 years to life yesterday for raping, torturing and strangling two women, both 23, in the 1970s. Dubbed “The Dating Game Killer” for his 1978 TV game-show appearance as “Bachelor No. […]

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Sandy Aftermath: Debris Clean Up Close to Complete For New York City, State Not Far Behind

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Clean up crews have been hard at work in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, with new figures from FEMA revealing their progress. As reported by the New York Daily News, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has said that 70 per cent of the debris in New York state has been cleared – with 90 per […]

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New Study Reveals New York Outpacing Boston In Tech Bloom And Start Up Growth

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Last month, research company Startup Genome released a study ranking New York as the fifth best city in the world for tech start up companies, replacing Boston as the tech nucleus of the East Coast. According to the report, Silicon Valley continues to remain the most active start up hub of the world, with Tel […]

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‘Today Show’ Televises Naturalization Ceremony, Newly Christened Citizens Visibly Moved

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Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, reads the message on the Statue of Liberty, enshrining the legacy of the United States as a melting pot of different peoples and cultures. To be naturalized, to become American citizens, is a rite  nearly 700,000 enjoy every year. And this morning, […]

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New City Program To Help New Yorkers Rebuild Homes As Quickly As Possible

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New York City’s government is set to strap on a tool belt and help its residents rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Mayor Bloomberg announced November 9 the formation of a new city program, NYC Rapid Repairs, which forms a partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and sends contractors and city inspectors into […]

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A Moving Story That Came From Yesterday’s Staten Island Relief Effort

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Through the efforts of DOWNTOWN Magazine’s CEO and Publisher Grace A. Capobianco and the generosity of all the friends and stangers that answered her pleas for help on her Facebook page,  more than $1,500 in gift certificates were raised and donated to Staten Island Runners for Staten Island to be distributed to needy victims of […]

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Oil Tanker Washes Up On Staten Island Street

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Affectionately known as the ‘Rock” by our editorial manager Mike Hammer, Staten Island was pounded by high winds and huge storm surges from Hurricane Sandy last night. In the photo above, this 712 ton oil tanker was washed ashore onto Front street. The 168 foot tanker came ashore during the night as Hurricane Sandy wreaked […]

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Pools of Tears: Remembering Lives Lost on 9/11

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Just months following the vicious assault on our country in 2001, I traveled to NY for a speaking engagement.  I vividly recall upon our descent into JFK,  being overwhelmed with a feeling of fear and panic;  my brain was flooded with “what if’s?”  When the attacks of 9/11 occurred, I was on my honeymoon, having […]

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Welcome To The New America: Land Of – Shootings, Violence And Chaos

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Welcome to America – Land of the free and the home of the brave – Oh, I’m sorry, let me rephrase that. Welcome to America – Land of the shooting, home of the violence and chaos. Seriously America, what is going on out there? I feel like I should multi-bolt the door, order groceries from […]

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World Trade Center Is Biggest In The Big Apple…Again

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1 World Trade Center, aka Freedom Tower, officially became the tallest building in New York City today surpassing the Empire State Building. A feat the original 1 World Trade Center achieved on December 23, 1971. The skyscraper hit the 100th floor and ceremoniously grew past the 1,250 foot mark with the fastening of a steel […]

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Tebow To The Jets

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In a move that makes desperately little sense, the Jets picked up Tim Tebow. Take a moment to thank your favorite team’s GM for not making that move. Unless your favorite team is the Jets and if that’s the case, you should reconsider the life decisions that got you to that point. To acquire arguably […]

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St Patrick’s Day Brings Out The Best In New York’s Finest And Bravest

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For almost thirty years I spent my St Patrick’s Day living on the East side of Manhattan. Second Avenue is lined with Irish bars and after the parade on Fifth Avenue, most of New York’s finest and New York’s bravest would end up packed into the bars up and down the East side. Most of […]

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Stop Comparing Lin To Tebow

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On the surface these stories look similar but don’t be fooled, comparing Jeremy Lin to Tim Tebow is at best a gross misreading and neglect of their respective histories and at worst a brazenly vacuous slap in the face to Lin. An insult to the actual underdog. Also, it’s annoying, so zip it. Before breaking […]

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A Super Match-Up

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Instead of Ravens/49ers in the NFL’s grandest game, football fans will be witness to a Super Bowl re-match of sorts this coming Sunday. No stories about brothers coaching head-to-head, stories about terrible quarterbacks (Smith and Flacco) reaching the pinacle of football’s landscape and forcing writers to redeem them after years of awful play (punctuated by […]

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