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Donald Sterling Mistress Says: “We Don’t Like Black People”

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If this isn’t a case of the pot calling the kettle black, not sure what is. The visor wearing mistress of embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling calls black people “crazy” and “stupid” in a video she made for a reality-show pilot about — wait for it — gold diggers. V.Stiviano, who secretly taped […]

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Floyd Mayweather Says: “Donald Sterling Is A Great Guy”

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Not everyone was offended by the racist comments made by Donald Sterling last weekend. Boxer Floyd Mayweather has quickly come to the defense of the L A Clippers owner who many feel is the most hated man in America. The undefeated champ told reporters on Tuesday that “I don’t have nothing negative to say about this guy” in regards to the suspended […]

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Who Doesn’t Want To Buy The Clippers?

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After NBA commissioner Adam Silver said yesterday that he would do everything in his power to force the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers – the big question is, who doesn’t want to buy the team? It seems everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Floyd Mayweather to Magic Johnson and a host of others are throwing their hats […]

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Dwayne Wade Fathers New Child But Not With Fiancee Gabrielle Union

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NBA star Dwayne Wade has fathered his third child – but what’s suprising some about the news was that the baby’s mother is not his girlfriend of the last 4 years. Wade and actress Gabrielle Union recently were engaged after dating for about 4 years – but the child, who is now only a couple of […]

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Lamar Odom Arrested For DUI In Los Angeles

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If you thought you were having a bad week, just imagine how Lamar Odom is feeling after police arrested him for DUI this morning. The troubled NBA star failed a sobriety test and was taken into custody after cops said he was driving in a “serpentine manner.” Odom, who was missing last week on what […]

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Alleged Crack Addict Lamar Odom Missing

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  Who would have thought that a famous six foot ten black man could go missing in one of the richest white neighborhoods in the country? Well, that’s exactly what has happened in Calabasas, Califiornia this weekend as NBA superstar and Khloe Kardashian’s husband Lamar Odom is missing. Amid rumors that the former Laker power forward is […]

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Historic Day As NBA Player Jason Collins Comes Out

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From mainstream media outlets like CNN and ESPN, to social media giants like Twitter and Facebook, Americans couldn’t get enough of the story about the first gay athlete in a major sport coming out of the closet today. Jason Collins became the first active athlete in a major American professional sport to publicly identify himself […]

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Talk About Sleeping With The Enemy – Dennis Rodman Visits North Korea

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Two weeks after testing underground nuclear devices that could result in serious consequences from the United States and it’s allies, North Korea and it’s young dictator, Kim Jung Un have found a new American friend. Former NBA star Dennis Rodman traveled to the country that George Bush labeled part of the “axis of evil” with […]

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Lil Wayne Boasts “I Slept With Chris Bosh’s Wife”

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Celebrity website TMZ is running video footage of Lil Wayne on stage in Houston last night bragging that he slept with Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh’s wife. While in Houston for NBA’s All-Star Weekend, Wayne was obviously still upset about getting kicked out of a Heat game in Miami last week for cheering the visiting […]

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Lena Dunham Responds To Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Review Of “Girls”

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  Television critic and NBA all-time leading scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reviewed HBO’s “Girls” last week. Lena Dunham, the show’s creator, said she kinda read the review but won’t let it bother her. “I have to admit, I only skimmed it,” Dunham told E! Online in Hollywood over the weekend. “It seemed like a mixed review, […]

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Atlanta Judge Says: Allen Iverson Is Not “The Answer” For His Five Children

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He was once known to be a prolific scorer with the best cross-over dribble in the NBA, now an Atlanta judge has found Allen Iverson to be an unfit parent with a serious drinking problem that has put his children at risk while drunk. Iverson is now a single man, but will need to clean […]

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Celtic Loss May Lead To Brooklyn Net Gains For All Star Game

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Nets guard Deron Williams and center Brooke Lopez are among the leading candidates to replace injured Rajon Rondo in the upcoming NBA All Star Game. The devastating loss of Boston Celtic All Star point guard Rajon Rondo due to a season-ending torn ACL injury could lead to All Star status for a pair of Brooklyn’s […]

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Knicks Owner James Dolan Spying On His Own Players During Games

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The New York Post is reporting that Madison Square Garden President and New York Knicks owner James Dolan is using parabolic microphones to spy on his own players during games at the Garden. The Post is saying that League sources have confirmed that Dolan, in the wake of the highly volatile trash-talking war between star […]

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Superman Traded To The Lakers In Four Team Deal

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Well the “Dwightmare” is finally over for the Orlando Magic. For the second time, they have lost the most dominant center in the NBA to the Los Angeles Lakers. Dwight Howard followed in the footsteps of Shaquille O’Neal and headed west to Hollywood. According to ESPN, the Lakers have acquired the All-Star center from the […]

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Hey Kobe – Want Respect? Start Earning It

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Kobe Bryant just keeps giving us reasons not to respect him – Hey Kobe, little advice from a total basketball fan – Start earning respect from players, fans, media and even your family, by actually being a stand up guy. See, its painfully obvious you would like to be talked about like Michael Jordan, Larry […]

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Linsanity Over In New York – Knicks Make It Official

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 As we reported Saturday night, Linsanity has left the building. The trading deadline was 11:59 and the Knicks made it official at 10:45 that they would not match the 25.1 million dollar offer from the Houston Rockets on Jeremy Lin. The decision was not an easy one because Lin is an extremely popular player in […]

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NBA Commish David Stern Asks Jim Rome: “Have You Stopped Beating Your Wife Yet?”

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Things got a bit contentious on the Jim Rome radio show this afternoon when an interview with NBA commissioner David Stern turned down right nasty. “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” the NBA commissioner asked the host during an appearance Wednesday. The simple fact is that Jim Rome has no history of domestic violence […]

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Kris Humphries Contacts FBI Over Ex Girlfriends Extortion Attempt

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Kris Humphries really knows how to pick em. After a sham of a wedding that lasted 72 days to money grubbing fame whore Kim Kardashian, Humphries is now being extorted by the girl he has been seen with over the last few months. The FBI was contacted on Friday by Humphries and his attorneys, when […]

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Larry Bird Calls His Own Team “Soft” – And He’s Right Again

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It’s funny how history has a way of repeating itself. Back in 1984, when Larry Bird was playing for the Boston Celtics, he ripped himself and his own team for not being physical enough in a loss to their rival, the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. His exact words were, “We played like […]

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Mavericks Cut Drama Queen Lamar Odom

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Lamar Odom was too busy keeping up with the Kardashians and became too much of a drama queen for the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks yesterday cut Odom — who arrived from the Los Angeles Lakers in December — after four months of poor on court performance, family drama and off-court antics that left the team’s […]

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Kobe Tells LeBron “Shoot The F#cking Ball” before James Chokes Again

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In the closing seconds of last night’s NBA All-Star Game, those at court side could clearly hear Kobe Bryant daring LeBron James to shoot the ball. The exact quote that is buzzing all over the internet today is Kobe saying “Shoot the fucking ball.” But Lebron didn’t take on Kobe and try to win the […]

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Asian Point Guard Jeremy Lin Goes from Harvard To The Hardwood Of Madison Square Garden

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  The New York Knicks have actually been winning some games over the past few days. The Knicks have won three in a row without their big stars, Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire, who have been out of the lineup due to injuries and the death of Amare’s brother. But the Knicks seem to be playing […]

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Shaq Says He And Kobe Were Best Laker One Two Punch – Really?

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  Kobe Bryant moved ahead of Shaquille O’Neal last night on the all-time scoring list for the NBA. Shaq congratulated the Laker guard saying he was happy for him and tweeted “Congrats to Kobe for being the greatest laker ever thanks for making us the greatest laker one two punch ever and congrats on passin […]

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The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Sports (1/28-1/29/12)

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The week between the NFL’s Conference Championships and the Super Bowl is usually one of the more…boring as far as sports are concerned. It’s not the most boring (see: day after MLB’s All-Star Game) of the year, but usually there is precious little going on in the sports world. This week, there was a little […]

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Kevin Love vs A Sumo Wrestler | News Burner Video of the Day

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ESPN Sport Science television series is like ‘mythbusters’ for sports fans. The show explores the science and engineering underlying athletic endeavors, but they always put a cool spin on things for entertainment purposes. Last week the show took a look at Kevin Love’s ability to rebound and box out just about anyone, even larger players. […]

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