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Romney Family Voted 10 – 2 Against Mitt Running For President In 2012

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Mitt Romney should have listened to his family and himself and spared the country his failed run for president in 2012. According to a new book by Dan Balz of The Washington Post, Romney was one of 10 members of his family who voted against making a second White House bid, only two voted for the […]

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Romney Intern Busted For Naked Women Extortion Scheme

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So that’s what Mitt Romney meant when he said he had “binders of women.” A former campaign intern for the Republican presidential candidate was arrested in his home Tuesday by FBI agents. He was charged with having his own binder of naked women and was trying to extort them if they didn’t send more. Adam […]

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47 Percent Filmmaker Says He Was Inspired By Bill Clinton’s Kindness

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Last November, many political experts said that Bill Clinton had more to do with Barack Obama being re-elected than the president himself, with his tireless campaigning and his near perfect speech at the Democratic National Convention. Now the man who filmed Mitt Romney’s infamous 47 percent comments, is saying that he was inspired to release […]

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Mitt Romney Says: “It’s Killing Me Not To Be In White House”

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Yesterday, Mitt and Ann Romney did their first joint sit down interview for Chis Wallace on “Fox News Sunday”. Romney admitted that “It kills me not to be there, not to be in the White House doing what needs to be done. It’s hard.” Romney addressed his infamous 47 percent comments saying, “It’s not what […]

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GOP State Senator Compares Obamacare To The Holocaust

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A Republican state senator from Idaho sent an email to supporters comparing Obamacare to the Holocaust. Sheryl Nuxoll obviously has not been listening to Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal when he says that the GOP has to stop being the “stupid party.” Nuxoll, who strongly opposes President Obama’s Affordable Care Act compared the catastrophic extermination of […]

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Romney Continues To Make Excuses – Blames Media And His Own Party

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Instead of just quietly going away or just moving on, as Barbara Bush suggested, Mitt Romney wants to blame everyone else but himself for losing the 2012 Presidential election. The failed GOP contender is not just pinning the loss on the mainstream media, now he’s blaming his own party for having too many debates. “We had 20 Republican […]

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Obama’s Data Mining Was So Good – They Knew What TV Shows You Watched

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Now that President Obama’s re-election campaign is over and he’ll never need his super secret high tech data mining system again, team Obama has shared some of their ground breaking technology with the press. Alexis Madrigal at The Atlantic has written a fascinating profile of Obama’s tech team. In the article, the writer says that […]

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Opinion: A Battered, But Unbowed Obama Begins A Second Term

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WHEN PRESIDENT OBAMA strode to the podium in Chicago in the early hours of Wednesday morning after a near-sweep of swing states, he was a figure in stark contrast to the man the nation elected four years ago. This story line is, by now, nearly played out: He was elected in 2008 on a wave […]

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Mitt Romney Very Graciously Concedes To President Obama

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A very classy Mitt Romney took to the stage early Wednesday morning to concede the 2012 Presidential election to President Barack Obama. After being defeated by well over 100 electoral votes but by a narrow margin in the popular vote, Romney reached out to the President by phone to congratulate him on his victory. The […]

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Happy Election Day – Huge Voter Turnout Nationwide

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Today is the day that all of us political junkies have been waiting for. Officials are reporting huge lines at most voting locations across the country. As many of us have been reporting over the last few weeks, it’s all going to come down to a few swing states and the President seems to be […]

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Obama Holds Slight Lead Heading Into Final Day Of Campaigning

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The Pew Research Center is showing President Barack Obama holding on to a modest 3 point lead as the candidates head into their final day of campaigning. The Pew poll, released Sunday afternoon, gives Obama a 50-to-45 edge among likely voters after the 3 percent of undecided voters are divided between the candidates. Pew splits […]

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Swing Voters, I’m Talking To You!

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Most of my life I have heard we have to choose between “the lesser of two evils” when it comes to elections. This time I think the choice is clear. There is a lot at stake, but we have to remember things aren’t always what they seem. In order to have a rapid substantial change there […]

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg Endorses Barack Obama For President

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The man who once ran as a Republican for the office of Mayor of New York City has endorsed Barack Obama for a second term as President of the United States. Michael Bloomberg, now an independent, backed the President, who spent all of Wednesday with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, surveying the devastation caused by […]

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Pres Romney & VP Biden 2013

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What happens if the election is a tie ?   Is it possible that Mitt Romney becomes President and Joe Biden remains as Vice President ? Yes . . . it could happen. It was confusing to many Americans when George Bush became President in 2000 after Al Gore received 500,000 more popular votes . […]

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Joe Biden Screws Up Again, Forgets Name of Virginia Senate Candidate

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Adding to his long list of verbal miscues, Vice President Joe Biden mixed up the name of the Democratic Senate candidate in Lynchburg, Virginia on Sunday, calling him by the wrong two different times. “I want to tell you, it’s good to be in a state that’s going to be represented by Tim Kaine. What […]

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New York Post Endorses Mitt Romney For President

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New York may be one of the nation’s bluest cities, but one of its largest tabloid newspapers is red in the face. With less than two weeks to go before voters head to the polls for the presidential election, The New York Post became the first major newspaper in New York City to publish an […]

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Mike Lupica: Romney Clueless On Foreign Policy But Avoids Knockout From Obama

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New York Daily News columnist Mike Lupica weighed in on last night’s debate, saying that Mitt Romney is clueless on foreign policy and said that the GOP challenger sounded more like “Dr Strangelove” when talking about a nuclear Iran. “Iran is four years closer to a bomb,” Romney said on the 50th anniversary of the […]

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Early Polls Give Obama Big Win In Last Debate

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CNN’s viewer polls showed that President Barack Obama clearly won Monday night’s debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. By a margin of 48 percent to 40 percent, CNN’s viewers found that Obama won tonight’s debate on foreign policy. Even Republican die-hard Ari Fleischer admitted that Obama won the third and final debate. CBS […]

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Presidential Campaign – Heading into the final debate

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It’s been and interesting Presidential campaign to say the least. however, heading into the final weeks before voters hit the polls, both incumbent and challenger are swiping at everything they can, to win. Most say Romney won the first live debate and most would agree that Obama won the last one. So, have you done […]

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On Libya & Richard A. Clarke’s Op-ed

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After reading the NY Daily News piece by Richard A. Clarke that News Burner republished, I couldn’t help but feel taken. Cheated in a sense. It read to me as merely a superficial political attack, devoid of any of the true expertise that Mr. Clarke could’ve theoretically supplied. More than anything this just seemed like […]

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Romney On Libya: “Just Shameful” By Richard A Clarke

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The following is a reprint of a commentary piece by Richard A Clarke, who was a former counter terrorism adviser to Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W Bush: The last of the presidential debates will focus on national security and will surely produce another round of sniping about what happened before, during […]

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Facts Don’t Really Matter

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‘We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers’ ~Neil Newhouse, pollster for Mitt Romney That’s probably the most profoundly stunning admission from this election cycle. Now however easy it is to brand Romney and his camp as liars, hold back for a moment. Pinch it off. It won’t burn much. – It’s […]

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Biden Browbeats Ryan In First Vice-Presidential Debate

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A smirking and sometimes condescending Vice President Joe Biden made up the ground lost by his boss, President Obama, by besting Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) with his own debate performance before a national television audience last night. Biden accused his Republican opponent of wanting to kill Medicare and Social Security and of wanting to continue […]

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Bloomberg Writer Says: Romney’s Tax Plan “Mathematically Impossible”

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GOP right wingers just love to shoot the messenger. Every time one of our writers posts a story that says something that Republicans don’t agree with, we get the same few GOP supporters lighting up our website with comments that blast us for reporting the news. So-called conservatives also feel their is a conspiracy in […]

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Mother Of Navy SEAL Killed In Libya Asks Shameless Mitt Romney To Stop Talking About Her Son

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Open mouth and insert foot Mr Romney, the mother of a United States War hero is telling you to shut up about her son. The mother of one of the Navy SEALs that were killed in Libya last month, is demanding that  Mitt Romney stop talking about her son during his political campaign. As we […]

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