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Breaking: Romney Says Words, Campaign Over, Hyperbole, Blah

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There’s something devilishly hilarious to me about people’s view of both Obama and Romney, namely that they expect both candidates to care, deeply and wholly, about everyone. Care is probably too soft actually. They expect the candidates to love them, unabashedly. Not real love of course, some robotic political love that defies logic. People really […]

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Ice Fishing – “Guy Heaven”

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You Florida and California guys are missing it.   Not everyone roller blades in their bikini all year round.   If you are thinking of moving to Alaska, Michigan or the New England states, you better be prepared for the winter. Yes, that means a generator, cut wood & flash lights, as the power goes […]

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You Know What The Midwest Is?

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I was going to write something that was topical and relevant but then I got an email from my friend Joe who taxed me with continuing to entertain him. Since I like Joe, I’ve decided to write the following, per his request, that is in no way topical and almost certainly not relevant unless you’re […]

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