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Matt Damon “I Will Not Go To The Bathroom!” Actor Goes On Toilet Strike

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  Matt Damon is done with toilets. The Bostonian actor is the co-founder of water.org, a website dedicated to raising awareness and funding for clean water around the world. Damon staged a press conference today where he announced that he will not be going to the bathroom until sanitation was available to everyone in the world. […]

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Ashley Judd and ABC’s “Missing”

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When I was a kid, I watched my father sit in his recliner after a hard days work and laugh from beginning to end to shows like “All In The Family” and “Jackie Gleason”. I, myself, loved to listen to Bill Cosby, watch “MASH”, and all the James Bond movies. Today, its a reality show […]

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I’m F#cking Ben Affleck | News Burner Video of the Day (NSFW)

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If you stopped by News Burner yesterday and watched yesterday’s Video of the Day… then you know what’s coming next. After Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon annihilated Jimmy Kimmel on his own show, Mr. Kimmel showed the amount of, shall we say, power he and his cohort, Ben Affleck, have in Hollywood. The video below […]

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Matt Damon And Mark Wahlberg Fight Over James Whitey Bulger Story – Boston’s Most Notorious Snitch

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  A fight has broken out with two former Bostonian’s who are now big Hollywood movie stars. The battle is over the rights to the story of James “Whitey” Bulger. Bulger is a former Irish gang member who was running from the FBI for the past 16 years until his arrest last June. From the 1950’s until […]

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I’m F@cking Matt Damon | News Burner Video of the Day (NSFW)

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A few years ago, when Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel were an item, she decided to pull a fast one on her unsuspecting boyfriend while acting as a guest on his show. With the help of one Matt Damon, one of the greatest comedic late night videos was produced. Check out the video below and […]

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