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Junior Achievement – The envisioned future … What we aspire to become

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  Have you ever wanted to be a teacher, but found yourself following a different life path?  I know I did 17 years ago, going into the business world far removed from the classroom environment.  Over the years though, I’ve had the chance to live out the experience of being a teacher as a volunteer […]

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7 teens charged with beating classmate unconscious

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So let me get this straight.   75 kids between the ages of 12 – 15 are traveling on a school bus in Miami, when after throwing shoes at each other, a gang of kids decide to circle one of the kids and beat and kick that kid until the female student has a seizure […]

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ElevenEleven Records by Ellen DeGeneres

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You may have wondered why Ellen DeGeneres was sitting as an American Idol Judge for a while.   It just so happens that Ellen is not just a funny lady, she has an itch for music. In May, 2010 Ellen started the ElevenEleven Record Label and began searching YouTube for new talent.   But why pick the […]

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Are you kidding me?

Halloween Costumes | Parents have to stop!

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It’s October and Halloween will be upon us soon enough. Time to stock up on Snickers and Skittles, load up on Twix and Butterfingers, and get your most outlandish costume ready. This is the time of year when men are expected to be absolute jackasses (the rest of the year it’s just common) and women […]

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