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Elie Hirschfeld and Jon Stewart Celebrate Athletes With Disabilities at Achilles 5 Mile Hope & Possibility Run

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  New York Developer and philanthropist Elie Hirschfeld placed 19th in his age group in the Achilles Hope & Possibility 5-Mile run in Central Park last weekend. More than 3,300 runners, walkers, hand cyclists and wheelchair athletes participated in the event from around the tri-state area. Hosted by Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s Daily Show, […]

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Jon Stewart’s History Lesson On Mistreatment Of Our Veterans

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Jon Stewart reminded viewers of The Daily Show that mistreating our veterans has been a fully bi-partisan endeavor that’s been going on for over 200 years. From veterans of the Revolutionary war taking members of Congress hostage back in 1783 because they were screwed after defeating the English Army to Ronald Reagan’s decision to deny benefits to Vietnam vets who were affected […]

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Jon Stewart Exposes Fox News Hypocrisy Over Benghazi Coverage

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Jon Stewart ripped Fox News last night for it’s partisan coverage of the Benghazi story that the right wing news channel has been obsessing about for the last year and a half. The Daily Show host acknowledged that Benghazi is an intelligence failure – but where was Fox News during the Bush years when two massive intelligence failures cost thousands of […]

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Jon Stewart Destroys GM Over Their Faulty Ignition Recall

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Jon Stewart weighed in last night on the GM ignition switch controversy last night on The Daily Show. Stewart eviscerated the automotive giant for their gross negligence in dealing with the 2013 recall for the faulty ignition switches that was first discovered back in 2001. The Daily Show host points out that GM could have saved […]

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CPAC Speeches provide Jon Stewart With Some Extra Ammo

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  Jon Stewart destroyed Paul Ryan’s brown paper bag school lunch story from this past weekend’s CPAC event, proving that Ryan completely distorted the original story to advance his message. Stewart also tore into the NRA’s Wayne Lapierre as he strolled out to the CPAC podium to Huey Lewis’s “Power Of Love.” Over the last few […]

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Jon Stewart Gives Republicans A History Lesson About Ronald Reagan’s Foreign Policy Blunders

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With Republicans ripping President Obama with his handling of the crisis in the Ukraine, saying Obama should do what Reagan would do, Jon Stewart set the record straight about what Ronald Reagan really did back in the 1980s as far as foreign policy. When faced with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Reagan backed Osama Bin laden and his Afghani […]

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Jersey Boy Jon Stewart Puts Chris Christie Bridge Scandal In Perspective

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New Jersey native Jon Stewart defended his home state and its first rate quality of corruption on Wednesday’s The Daily Show. The Comedy Central host weighed in on the Chris Christie, George Washington Bridge scandal that is dominating the cable news channels. But Stewart was quick to point out that the Christie scandal that is […]

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Racist Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly Claims Santa And Jesus Were Just A Couple Of “White Guys”

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  This just in: Fox News Channel will send anchor Megyn Kelly to the West Bank, in the heart of Palestine to find white guys to back up her claim that Jesus was white. Kelly will then continue her special report by traveling to Istanbul to find more white guys that look like Santa Claus. The Fox […]

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Jon Stewart Rips Fox News Host Stuart Varney On His Fight With The Pope

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Jon Stewart ripped into Fox News host Stuart Varney in a segment on last night’s The Daily Show. Varney recently took on Pope Francis and his position on trickle down economics and free market capitalism. Stewart started the segment defending those who are looking to raise the minimum wage from seven dollars and fifty cents an hour to a wage […]

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Jon Stewart Breaks Into Song to Quiet Critics Of Obamacare

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Last week The Daily Show ran a segment about the news media claiming that Obamacare is done because “even Jon Stewart” is taking shots at the President’s new health care plan. Pundits from CNN to Fox News used Stewart as the tipping point in their criticism of the failed rollout of the Affordable Health Care Act. After airing clip after clip of media […]

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Jon Stewart Crushes CNN On Their Good News / Bad News Line Of Questioning

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Jon Stewart simply destroyed CNN on last night’s The Daily Show for their “is it a good thing/ bad thing” line of questioning that you often hear on their network. In the clip below, Stewart shows how CNN has dumbed down their news coverage to the point where there is no nuance to a guest’s answer, it’s […]

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Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Malala Leaves Jon Stewart Speechless

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Malala Yousafzai is possibly the bravest young woman on the planet. After speaking out about a women’s right to have access to education, Malala was shot in the head by the Taliban in October 2012. The 16 year-old has now recovered and has been called “the most famous teenager in the world,” as she continues her work as an activist […]

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John Oliver Skewers Anthony Weiner In ‘We Turn Now To Our Ongoing Coverage Of This Penis’

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John Oliver took Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger to task last night on the Daily Show. The disgraced former Congressman is not quitting his run for Mayor of New York City despite leaders in both parties calling for him to drop out. Yesterday it was disclosed that Weiner spent $45,000 in campaign funds to investigate the hacking […]

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Jon Stewart Destroys CNN Over Boston Bombing Coverage

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Since Jeff Zucker took over CNN earlier this year, the one time cable news giant has become the laughing stock of the news media. Last week’s CNN coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing drew the attention of Daily Show host Jon Stewart and Stewart lambasted the network for it’s reckless reporting. Stewart summed up CNN’s […]

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Jon Stewart Calls Out CNN Boss Jeff Zucker For His “Steady Spiral Downward”

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Jon Stewart slammed CNN and it’s new boss Jeff Zucker on last night’s “The Daily Show.” Zucker who has “failed up” his entire career; taking NBC from number one in prime time to number four, has made the one time cable news giant unwatchable in his first few months on the job. Zucker’s programming moves […]

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Jon Stewart Taking A Break From “Daily Show”

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“Daily Show” host Jon Stewart will take an extended hiatus from his late night talk show this summer to direct his first movie. Stewart, who has been the host of the show since 1999, will be replaced by John Oliver. Stewart will take his break over 12 weeks this summer. Oliver will fill in as […]

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Jeff Zucker Makes CNN “Unwatchable” With Wall To Wall Coverage Of Carnival Cruise Ship

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Newly hired CNN news chief Jeff Zucker made watching paint dry more entertaining than watching CNN on Thursday and Friday, as the cable news network tried to turn the Carnival cruise ship story into the Titanic. Unfortunately for CNN the only thing that was sinking was their ratings, as viewers turned away from the stern […]

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Jon Stewart Says He Almost Quit The Daily Show

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Jon Stewart and his late night cohort Steven Colbert gave a rather candid speech to a group of people at a fundraiser for the Montclair Film Festival on Friday night. Stewart admitted that he was ready to walk from The Daily Show after he took over for Craig Kilborn back in 1999.“What I did not […]

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Full Replay Of Jon Stewart And Bill O’Reilly Debate

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Our good friends at Gawker are running the full debate between “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart and Fox News host Bill O’Reilly from this past Saturday.  Stewart’s first words were “Bill O’Reilly is full of shit,” and it pretty much went down hill from there. O’Reilly started by attacking Sandra Fluke and pounding away at […]

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The Daily Show Calls Out Fox News From The Top Of Bull Sh#t Mountain

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Even though the Huffington Post runs a Daily Show post everyday, we normally try to mix it up a little and try not to run back to back Jon Stewart segments from one day to the next. But these two segments were just too good to not post. Below the Daily Show host skewers Fox […]

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Jon Stewart Weighs In On The 47 Percent Comments

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Daily Show host Jon Stewart put his two cents in on the 47 percent debate that has been dominating the political news lately. Stewart points out that Mitt Romney’s own dad would have been part of the 47 percent that wouldn’t vote for his own son. This is the stuff Jon Stewart lives for. Even though […]

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The Daily Show: Correspondent Training For The Republican Convention

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The Daily Show  – If you think correspondent reporters in the field don’t go through brutal training in order to prepare, you are mistaken. Watch this great piece, as cameras were let into The Daily Show correspondent training for a day. You won’t believe what trainees go through, just to be the best correspondents they […]

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The Daily Show: Robert Pattinson Interview

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Jon Stewart is still my all time favorite host & he proves why in this clip – Obviously Robert Pattinson has media junkets to do for his new movie  “Cosmopolis” coming out, but the fact that he chose Jon Stewart as the first show….. Very Cool – He has  a great rapport with Stewart and […]

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Jon Stewart Brings Us “Miller Time” On Fox News

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On last night’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart called out former New York Times writer and Dick Cheney story leaker Judy Miller for doing a 180 on White House leaks. Miller is now criticizing the Obama administration for high level, damaging security leaks which is about as hypocritical as you can get since Judy Miller […]

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Jon Stewart – “The Daily Show” Slam On Boy Scouts & Chick-fil-A

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You either LOVE him or HATE him, Jon Stewart’s delivery of the news in my opinion….”SPOT ON” Jon Stewart took time out on his show to take a few pock shots at “The Boys Scouts of America” and Chick-fil-A. Two prominent organizations who fully support not having homosexuals as part of their workforce. The Boy […]

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