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Rick Santorum: A Conservative’s Dream – Just Don’t Google Him

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   He came within eight votes of winning the Iowa Caucus, Rick Santorum is the new poster boy for the conservative right. Yes, Mitt Romney has the big campaign dollars and the machine-like infrastructure to win the GOP ticket, but Santorum stands for everything the Republican base loves, smaller government,God and the sanctity of marriage between a man […]

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It’s A Dead Heat In Iowa With Romney, Paul, And Santorum

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  A poll today of likely Republican Caucus goers in Iowa has the top three candidates tied for the lead. Mitt Romney had been on top since late last week, depending on what poll you looked at, with Ron Paul just percentage points behind. Now a surging Rick Santorum has made it a three-man race, with Paul […]

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Ron Paul is the Music Man!

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You don’t see photos like this very often. Looks like Ron Paul hangs out with the right people. After a private dinner this week, Ron Paul took a photo with music men John Popper (Blues Traveler), Ron Noyes (Ron Noyes Band), and Ron’s beautiful wife Meaghan. The Ron Noyes Band’s popularity has risen to new […]

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Rick Perry: American Ass

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If you haven’t seen Rick Perry’s new Iowa ad campaign, you are sorely missing out. Missing out on unmitigated bigotry and idiocy by the nations preeminent dunce. Not only do I consider Rick Perry to be a poor representative of the Republican party, he’s a terrible representative of America in general. Unless you consider outright […]

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You Know What The Midwest Is?

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I was going to write something that was topical and relevant but then I got an email from my friend Joe who taxed me with continuing to entertain him. Since I like Joe, I’ve decided to write the following, per his request, that is in no way topical and almost certainly not relevant unless you’re […]

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