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Debtor’s Prison in America

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No Debtor’s Prison in America ?   WRONG ! It’s true, in the 1830’s the United States abolished Debtor’s Prison.   However, many people have been thrown in jail for not paying their bills . . . credit cards, medical, auto . . . CBS Money Watch reports that a breast cancer survivor was jailed […]

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Cheapest Places to Retire in 2012

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Have you ever thought about retiring ?   Where would you go ?   Is the cost of living an issue ? Well, it just might be that time for you.   A great statistical guide has been written by Thomas Corley as to where the top 100 places to retire in the US are. […]

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You Know What The Midwest Is?

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I was going to write something that was topical and relevant but then I got an email from my friend Joe who taxed me with continuing to entertain him. Since I like Joe, I’ve decided to write the following, per his request, that is in no way topical and almost certainly not relevant unless you’re […]

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