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Meryl Streep’s Powerful Message To Young Women

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The most acclaimed American actress of our time is sending a powerful message to young women by telling them to not obsess about their looks and their weight. While receiving an honorary doctorate degree from Indiana University, the 3 time Academy Award winning actress told those in attendance that when she was a teenager she thought she wasn’t pretty […]

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Working Mom Destroys Gwyneth Paltrow In Open Letter

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An open letter from a working mom from New York absolutely crushes recently uncoupled actress Gwyneth Paltrow. The letter written by New York Post writer Mackenzie Dawson eviscerates Paltrow for her comments about how being a movie star is so much more difficult then working a lowly office job. The pompous remarks made by “Gwynnie” gives you a little insight to maybe why a smart […]

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Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend L’Wren Scott Found Dead

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High fashion model & designer L’Wren Scott hung herself in a luxurious Manhattan apartment early Monday morning. Scott is the girlfriend of Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger. The 49 year old “Fashionista” was found hanging by a scarf inside the Eighth Floor apartment at 200 Eleventh Avenue around 10 a.m, her body was found in her […]

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Last Photo Of Actor Paul Walker Before His Death

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An image was released today that was taken just 30 minutes before “Fast and Furious” actor Paul Walker died in a fiery car crash. The photo shows Walker  standing beside the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT that crashed and took the lives of Walker and his friend Roger Rodas. The red Porsche sped off the road and […]

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Dakota Johnson Lands Role Of Anastasia In 50 Shades Of Grey

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One of the more sought after leading roles in Hollywood was announced today. The part of Anastasia from the EL James book “50 Shades of Grey” has gone to a 23 year-old starlet who is relatively unknown outside of  ‘Tinseltown.” Dakota Johnson, who was last seen in the short lived TV series Ben and Kate and a supporting role […]

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Charlie Sheen Doing What Charlie Sheen Does Best

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Charlie Sheen returned to his old form on a recent getaway to Hawaii with three new topless friends. Sheen obviously has a penchant for surrounding himself with “harems” of girls. Back in 2011, Sheen moved porn stars Bree Olsen and  Natalie Kenly into his Hollywood home and dubbed them his “goddesses.” The “Anger Management” star is calling his new trio […]

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MultiMillionaire Spike Lee Asking Fans To Fund His Movies

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New York Post movie blogger Kyle Smith destroyed filmmaker Spike Lee in a column on their website today. The “Do The Right Thing” director, who happens to be a multi-millionaire is asking fans to fund his next film project on Kickstarter. Smith rips the Brooklyn born Lee for asking fans to fund his next movie without any chance […]

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Charlie Sheen’s Epic Slam Of “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham

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Farrah Abraham, who recently went from MTV’s “Teen Mom” to porn star, can forget about that role on “Anger Management.” Abraham met Charlie Sheen while on a casting call for the show in May and the two exchanged phone numbers. But after the former MTV star leaked flirty text messages that Sheen had sent her, Abraham found herself […]

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Behind The Scenes Photos From Legendary Hollywood Movie Sets

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  Before there were behind the scenes cameras on Hollywood movie sets, all there were was still photographers to capture those candid moments of actors in between takes. The Huffington Post is running a series of behind the scenes images of some of Hollywood’s most legendary film sets. From James Dean and Natalie Wood mugging for the […]

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Actor Forest Whitaker Falsely Accused Of Shoplifting In New York City

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Over twenty years ago, Hollywood actress and author Jewel Shepard told me the story of the day Oscar winning actor Forest Whitaker climbed on her roof of her Santa Monica home to fix her TV antenna and within minutes an LAPD helicopter and SWAT team converged on her home mistaking the acclaimed actor for a […]

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Anna Kendrick Tweets Funny Stuff When She’s Not Masturbating To Ryan Gosling

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Many Hollywood actress’s Twitter accounts are pretty boring most of the time – but “Perfect Pitch” star Anna Kendrick is not your average tweeter. After watching Ryan Gosling in his new film “Gangster Squad,’ Ms Kendrick took to Twitter to express her feelings for the hunky actor. “Ugh – NEVER going to a Ryan Gosling […]

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Only In Miami Does The Star Of A Sex Tape Get A Key To The City

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She couldn’t get a Star on the Hollywood “Walk of Fame,” but the city of North Miami had no problem with the fact that Kim Kardashian became famous for a sex tape and granted the  publicity loving reality queen a “Key To The City.” Many people say that anything goes in Tinseltown, but when Kardashian’s […]

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Ke$ha Naked Twitter Shot – Narcissism At It’s Finest

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I saw this shot a couple of days ago and I have going back and forth on how I feel about pop princess Ke$ha Tweeting a shot of herself naked, brushing her teeth in a room full of people. I do applaud Ke$ha for her attempt at good oral hygiene. The last thing you want […]

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No Star For Kim Kardashian On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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The good people at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce have rejected a request by reality TV money grubber Kim Kardashian for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The narcissistic celebutard, who came to fame for her sex tape back in 2006, is asking the board members to broaden their criteria in order for […]

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Shia LaBeouf Videotapes Having Sex With Girlfriend For Audition Tape

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The above photo of Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend arguing was released a few weeks ago, but no one knew what caused Karolyn Pho’s meltdown on a street somewhere in Los Angeles. Well, it is being reported that the former Disney actor has turned his girlfriend into a porn star to get a roll in […]

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Sadly, Another Hollywood Filmmaker Commits Suicide

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What is going on in Tinseltown? Today, it is being reported that another Hollywood filmmaker has committed suicide in dramatic fashion. Last week we all read the reports of legendary movie director Tony Scott jumping to his death off a bridge just outside of Hollywood. Today, Brian Gerber, who produced Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary, “The 11th […]

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Lindsay Lohan: Officially Listed As A Suspect In Robbery

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Oh, Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay – The downward spiral continues for LiLo, since she has become the primary target in the investigation of a robbery at her friend Sam Magid’s house a little over a week ago. Lindsay says she is being framed, however cops are not buying her story after interviewing Magid and some fellow […]

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Young Hollywood: What The Heck’s Going on? Lohan / Bynes Chronicles

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What the heck is going on in Hollywood, or make that, Los Angeles. These young female starlets seem to be having some regular run in’s and it’s certainly not shinning a bright star on their celebrity future. It’s no shocker that Lindsay Lohan is in the news again, I mean she is more famous now […]

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Dog Day Afternoon – Real Life Story Of Bank Robber Looking For Sex Change Money

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The New York Daily News is running a story about the 1972 bank robbery in Brooklyn that inspired the movie “Dog Day Afternoon.” On Aug. 22, 1972, John Wojtowicz, 27, robbed a Chase Manhattan bank on Third Street in Brooklyn to buy his gay lover  a sex-change operation. Wojtowicz, a married father of two, had […]

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Sly Stallone’s Nephew Rips Actor – Says He Neglected His Son

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The nephew of Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone ripped the Rocky star for neglecting his late son, who desperately wanted his dad’s love, according to a published report today. In a slew of Facebook postings, 18-year-old Edd Filiti – the son of Stallone’s half-sister Toni Ann — said his cousin yearned for his father’s affection. The […]

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Tony Abulu’s Doctor Bello Giving Birth to a Star

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  Perhaps it is a stroke of genius or sheer luck.  Whatever it is, Tony Abulu’s Doctor Bello may have given birth to a superstar. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, Evan Brinkman. Remember that name, Evan Brinkman or as I fondly call him ‘The jovial kid with the killer smile’.  He is […]

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Doctor Bello Seeks to Pass the Baton to Younger Generation

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Hey all. I am still hanging around on the set of Doctor Bello and observing every chaos behind the scene turn into a choreographically synchronized  symphony. The director yells “Cut!”  here and there, and then other times, he would yell, “Action!”. He would repeat the instructions to the actors, and other times he relied on the actors’ ad lib. […]

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Check out 230 Movies from 2011 in 5 Minutes

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With the Golden Globes nominations being announced, we at News Burner thought this video we found a few weeks ago would be an appropriate celebration of the large part of the films which made 2011 a pretty successful year at the box office. Created by GENROCKS, this is his synopsis of the project: List of […]

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The 1% You Don’t Mind

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To be more specific, the top .01-.1% you don’t mind. Looking better than and standing next to, but probably not in solidarity with*, the vilified 1%, are the ultra rich that America doesn’t have a problem with…as long as they keep us entertained. I’m talking, of course, about Hollywood’s finest and while we’re at it […]

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Kevin Smith 1 – Hollywood Machine 0

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Chances are you haven’t seen Kevin Smith’s latest flick. Some of you might say, ‘brah, I mos def saw Cop Out. I love Tracy Morgan, he’s hilarious’. That very well may be true, however Cop Out was not Kevin Smith’s last pic. Kevin Smith’s new movie is Red State. And this is not a review […]

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