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Santa Monica Killer Was Upset Over Parents Divorce

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John Zawahri started his killing spree on Friday by gunning down his father and his brother before setting their house on fire. He then proceeded to Santa Monica College where he took three more lives before police ended the carnage by killing the crazed gunman. Zawahri, who friends say had an obsession with guns, was […]

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World’s First 3D Gun Successfully Fired Because America

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It’s here. Finally. The day we’ve all been waiting for. By ‘we’ I more or less mean 2nd amendment enthusiast. Oh, you (very selective) lovers of (very selective) freedom are in for a whopper of treat. At long last someone was able to successfully shoot a gun created by a 3-D printer!   AMERICA. WE […]

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Senator Kelly Ayotte Can’t Answer Simple Question From Daughter Of Sandy Hook Principal

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The daughter of slain Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hochsprung couldn’t get a straight answer out of New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte when she confronted the GOP lawmaker on her vote against expanded background checks on sales of firearms. Erica Lafferty asked the senator a simple question during a town hall meeting in Warren, New Hampshire on Tuesday […]

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The Good Guys, Bad Guys & Knuckle Heads of Gun Ownership

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Gun control is a big issue these days. The NRA is fighting hard to preserve the rights that the constitution protects. On the other hand, how far is too far on assault weapons ? Well I have 2 videos for you. One on a knuckle head gun owner that almost blew his head off, and […]

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NRA Response to the State of the Union

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Its no secret that the NRA is in the fight for the long run. Executive Director Chris Cox of NRA-ILA responds to last night’s State of the Union speach. “As was expected, President Barack Obama used his State of the Union speech last night to push for more restrictions on your right to own a […]

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2nd Amendment Quiz Time

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Ok, so there is a real battle in Washington about “the right to bear arms” under the Second Amendment.     I came across this quiz about the second amendment and its legal challenges.  BEWARE NRA members . . . some of these questions can be pretty tricky.  Good Luck ! Click the 2nd Amendment Quiz […]

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Jurors Get An Earful And An Eyeful Of Jodi Arias at Travis Alexander Murder Trial

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The soft spoken California woman, who is at the center of a capital murder trial for allegedly stabbing her ex-boyfriend 27 times then shooting him in the head, has lied to police throughout the investigation. Taking a page out of the Casey Anthony book on telling as many lies as humanly possible, Jodi Arias has […]

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Insane Radio Host Alex Jones Goes Ballistic On Piers Morgan

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  Talk about giving a guy rope and letting him hang himself, Piers Morgan put the man who started the White House petition to deport him on CNN last night. Alex Jones came on Morgan’s show and showed the world what a psychopath looks and sounds like. Not really sure where to start with the […]

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Another Mass Shooting In Aurora

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  The Daily News is reporting that an “armed and dangerous man” was fatally shot by police on Saturday after barricading himself inside a suburban Denver home where three people were later found dead, investigators said. A fifth person inside the home was able to escape. Officers were called to the townhome in Aurora, Colo. […]

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America’s Battle Between The Media And It’s Pro-Gun Advocates

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It looks like an all out brawl is breaking out between the media and pro-gun advocates here in the United States. In the aftermath of the elementary school shooting in Connecticut that took the lives of 26 teachers and children, the mainstream media, including this site has been reporting non-stop about the staggering numbers of […]

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NYC On Track To Lowest Recorded Murder Rate In 50 Years

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As 2012 draws to a close, New York City has some hopeful figures to report for the year, showing an all time low in the number of murders and shootings recorded for the Big Apple. An announcement by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly on Friday morning highlighted police initiatives and how […]

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Have you ever wondered what a Redneck Christmas is like ?   Probably not.   Well, check out this Redneck production by clicking the picture below . . . turn on your speakers.  

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Stop The Next Maniac – Fully Ban Assault Weapons

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Below is an editorial that was published in today’s New York Daily News. The fact that sniper William Spengler got his psycho hands on a Bushmaster AR-15 — the very same model wielded by Newtown madman Adam Lanza — speaks volumes about why assault weapons must be absolutely banned. Not even the looniest National Rifle […]

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New White House Petition Says UK doesn’t Want Piers Morgan Back

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The big question facing the White House these days is not how to deal with the fiscal cliff situation, it’s what to do with British import Piers Morgan. The petition to deport CNN host Piers Morgan is now at 72,000 signatures, which is three times the amount needed to have the White House actually acknowledge […]

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Another Banner Day For The Bushmaster .223 Assault Rifle In Firefighter Shooting

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As the NRA doubles down on blaming the media and Hollywood for the current wave of gun violence that has gripped the nation, it is being reported that the same assault rifle that was used in the horrific elementary school shooting in Connecticut, was used in the Christmas eve murder of two firefighters in upstate […]

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NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Was America’s Mad Gunman In First Comments After Newtown Shool Massacre

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The editorial below was published in today’s New York Daily News: Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association, America’s mad gunman, just shot himself in the foot, if not somewhere far more damaging. May it spell the demise of the NRA’s twisted agenda and the death it brings daily to America’s cities, suburbs and towns. […]

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Bulletproof Backpacks Sales Soar After Newtown Massacre

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How many times have you heard politicians say “we live in the greatest nation in the world.” Well some might argue that fact in light of the epidemic of mass shootings over the last few years in America’s schools, churches and shopping malls. Over 10,000 people are gunned down in the United States each year, […]

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Jim Boeheim Wins 900 Games – Talks Gun Control

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Syracuse men’s varsity basketball head coach, Jim Boeheim, won his 900th game on Monday night. The hall of fame coach’s third ranked Orange defeated Detroit at the Carrier Dome. But the legendary coach didn’t talk about winning a ton of games in his illustrious career, instead Boeheim used his post game speech to speak out […]

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Gun Control & the 2nd Amendment

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After recent events, everyone is thinking hard and long about gun control.   If someone in authority at the school had a gun, would that have stopped the massacre, or should private ownership of guns be banned altogether ? The American Prospect gives us an inside look as to the meaning of the “right to […]

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Huckabee, God & Violence

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‘We ask why there’s violence in our schools but we’ve systematically removed God from our schools. Should we be so surprised that schools would become a place of carnage?’ ~Mike Huckabee on Cavuto I can’t think of any reaction more appalling or viscerally affecting than that of Mr. Huckabee. I find it doubly more troublesome that […]

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Media Goes Into Full Frenzy In Reporting New Gun Deaths

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The headlines on the Huffington Post read like a national police blotter on the latest gun violence throughout the country. Two police officers were shot to death in Kansas, a three year old accidentally shoots himself and dies, woman shot at campground and on and on. So I guess their thinking is we are going […]

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Shooting Guns Was a Passion Of The Lanza Family

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Sandy Hook Elementary school shooter Adam Lanza learned how to shoot guns from the first person he shot to death yesterday morning, his mother. As the old saying goes, “live by the sword, die by the sword,” never rang more true for the gun-loving family that has sent the nation into shock and disbelief.   […]

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Connecticut Shooter Adam Lanza “Obviously Not Well”

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I read Facebook posts tonight with people asking who could kill 5, 6 and 7 year old children in cold blood? Well, authorities are now releasing more information about the man who devastated a nation at approximately 9:40 this morning with the second most deadly mass shooting in U S history.  Sandy Hook Elementary shooter […]

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27 Dead 18 Children In Connecticut School Shooting

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Another  mass shooting took place today. This time at a Connecticut elementary school Friday morning with up to 27 people killed — including 18 children — by a masked gunman. Lines of children gripping shoulders picked their way through shattered glass as they were led by teachers from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown shortly […]

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Belcher, Guns & Noise: An Article With No Answers

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To say I’m unimpressed with Jason Whitlock and Bob Costas is the grandest of understatements. Costas has at least redeemed himself (slightly) by backtracking a bit from his halftime schlock. From the Dan Patrick Show; ‘Here’s where I stand: I do not want to see the second amendment repealed. … People should be allowed to […]

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