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Former KKK “Grand Dragon” Suspected In Killings At Jewish Center

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A 73 year-old former leader of the Ku Klux Klan shouted “Heil Hitler” as he opened fire and killed three people at a Kansas City Jewish Center. The Associated Press is identifying Frazier Glenn Cross as the man arrested after the Passover eve mass shooting. Cross, who also goes by the last name of Miller, was a former “Grand Dragon” of the Carolina […]

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BASE Jumpers Arrested For Leap From New World Trade Tower

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You would think that the new World Trade tower would be the most secure building in the country – but three BASE jumpers proved that it’s just another tall structure in Manhattan to jump off. The three thrill seekers were criminally charged Tuesday, with a fourth man charged as a lookout. The three jumpers – Andrew […]

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“Real Housewives” Couple Face Jail After Guilty Pleas

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  A strong dose of reality hit the stars of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” as Teresa and Joe Giudice pleaded guilty Tuesday to fraud charges that could land both behind bars. The admission of guilt will likely get Mr Giudice deported. The brash couple, who loved to mix it up with their Jersey co-stars […]

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Michael Dunn Facing 75 Years In Prison – But Not For First Degree Murder

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Jurors in Florida still seem confused about the state’s stand your ground laws as they found Michael Dunn guilty on 3 charges of attempted murder – but were not able to convict on murder in the first degree after the 47 year-old software programmer shot and killed Jordan Davis in cold blood. The jury found Dunn […]

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Texas Jury Goes Easy On Dallas Cowboy Player Who Killed Teamate

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It looks like a Texas jury was loaded with Dallas Cowboy fans as it sentenced former Cowboy Josh Brent to only 180 days in jail and probation Friday for causing the December 2012 crash that killed his teammate and best friend Jerry Brown Jr. In addition to a 10-year suspended sentence, Brent was ordered to pay a $10,000 fine. The […]

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FBI Finally Tracks Down The Real “Goodfellas” For 1978 Lufthansa Heist

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It only took them 36 years but the FBI finally caught up with the real “Goodfellas.” On Thursday, federal law enforcement officials charged an elderly Queens mobster with the infamous multi-million dollar Lufthansa Heist at Kennedy International Airport that took place back in 1978. Federal agents conducted a series of pre-dawn raids in the New York area, with […]

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Murder-Suicide Trend Sweeping The Nation

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2014 has started out with a new epidemic of heartbreaking murder-suicides. Just this past week, national media outlets have reported four tragic cases where individuals have killed family members before turning their guns on themselves. Today it is being reported that a cop in Utah killed his wife, mother-in-law and two beautiful kids before he took his own life […]

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Movie Gunman Curtis Reeves Menaced Another Florida Couple For Texting

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The 71 year-old former Tampa policeman who has been charged with murdering a man for texting at the movies, menaced another texting moviegoer at the same theater just last month. Jamira Dixon and her husband said Curtis Reeves, the retired police captain accused of fatally shooting a man inside a theater Monday, screamed at them during a Dec. 28 showing […]

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Texas Rich Kid Who Got Away With Killing Four – Sued By Victim’s Families

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The spoiled little brat in Texas who got away with killing four innocent people and paralyzing a fifth with no jail time will now face a slew of civil suits. Ethan Couch, whose lawyers won his freedom with the ridiculous defense of “affluenza”, meaning that his spoiled upbringing made it impossible for him to exercise normal judgment, will now be […]

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George Zimmerman Arrested For Pointing Gun At Girlfriend

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I guess once you get away with murder, you think you can get away with anything – but that wasn’t the case for the trigger happy neighborhood watchman who shot Treyvon Martin to death two years ago. Police are saying George  Zimmerman was charged with assault and battery for allegedly pointing a long-barreled shotgun at his new girlfriend […]

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Chris Brown Goes Down Swinging Again – Arrested For D.C. Hotel Brawl

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Well, at least this time he wasn’t punching out his date. Singer Chris Brown just can’t seem to keep his hands to himself and is again finding himself facing jail time. The punchy little singer was arrested early Sunday on felony assault charges after a man claimed Brown physically attacked him and broke his nose in our nation’s capital, according to reports […]

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CeeLo Green Dodges Rape Charge – Still Facing Felony Count For Giving His Date Ecstasy

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  He judges singers on “The Voice,” but singer and reality TV star CeeLo Green may have had a hard time judging if a sex partner was impaired after he slipped her ecstasy last year, prosecutors said Monday. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office cited that possibility along with insufficient evidence about the woman’s level of intoxication when it  […]

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Biker Thief Gunned Down By Cop After Stealing Motorcycle

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Dramatic video taken with a helmet cam in Brazil shows a biker being held up at gunpoint before a cop comes out of his car and shoots the robber dead. The terrifying scene reportedly went down in broad daylight at a busy intersection in Sao Paulo. The video starts out with the motorcyclist just driving down the […]

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Jew Hating Times Square Elmo Sent To Jail For Trying To Extort Girl Scouts

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A New York City street performer, who was once arrested for shouting anti-Semitic slurs in an Elmo costume, is going to jail for trying to extort $2 million from the Girl Scouts. Dan Sandler is saying his actions were a “protest” against the Girl Scouts organization’s ties to the pharmaceutical industry. The 49 year-old Sandler says he is accepting his punishment of one year […]

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More Bikers Headed To Rikers As Cops Make Fourth Arrest In Highway Attack

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It looks like the NYPD is going to get all of the bikers who pulled a young father out of his SUV and beat him in front of his wife and 2 year-old daughter. Craig Wright of Brooklyn is the fourth biker charged with gang assault in the frenzied Sept. 29 attack on Alexian Lien. The New York […]

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NYPD Make Arrests In Motorcycle Gang “Road Rage” Attack

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NYPD arrested the menacing psycho biker who started a road-rage confrontation that ended with an SUV driver being beaten and slashed in the face. It is being reported that another cyclist hurt in the mayhem may be paralyzed for life. Biker suspect Christopher Cruz, who pulled his dirt bike in front of the Range Rover and slowed down on the […]

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Shoeless Man Arrested For Throwing Firecrackers At The White House

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Just hours after a former Navy aviation electrician’s mate murdered 12 innocent people at the Washington DC Navy Yard , a deranged man lit firecrackers and threw them over the fence at the White House. A federal law enforcement official says the shoeless man was immediately arrested Monday. An Associated Press photographer heard what sounded like two gunshots […]

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Convicted Kidnapping Rapist Ariel Castro Hangs Himself In Prison

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    The man who imprisoned three women for over 10 years couldn’t handle the thought of being caged himself. Ariel Castro committed suicide last night by hanging himself in his prison cell, officials said. The kidnapping rapist who described masturbation as an art form, was being kept in protective custody in Ohio’s Corrections Reception Center in Harrisburg […]

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Slow News Story Of The Day – Florida Cop Arrested For Asking Women To Punch Him In The Nuts

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Was looking to write a really hard-hitting political story for our Monday morning readers. Thought the Trump interview on ABC News was quite newsworthy until our crack staff stumbled upon this awesome piece of reporting from right here in our very own backyard. Prosecutors in Broward County, Florida are seeking criminal charges for a Lauderhill police officer who was asking female drivers to […]

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50 Cent Looking At 5 Years Behind Bars For Attacking Girlfriend

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The man who sang about being “in da club” could be looking at spending some time “in da slammer.” Rapper turned actor 50 Cent is facing an arraignment on charges that he attacked his ex-girlfriend and trashed her condo. 50, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.  If convicted, he  faces up […]

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Elliot Spitzer Never Voted In 2012 Election After Writing Article About The Importance Of Voting

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On the same day that former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer filed thousands of signatures to run for public office again, it is being reported that he didn’t vote in the 2012 election. The hooker loving ex-governor even wrote a column titled “Why I Am Voting for Barack Obama” just four days before many Americans took […]

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Florida Teenager Arrested For Murder Says: “It Would Be Fun To Kill Someone”

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  A depraved group of teenagers terrified a Florida  community when  they went on a two-week shooting spree of people and homes, leaving two innocent people dead. 15 year-old Konrad Schafer, who police say is a  cold-blooded killer, told officers he thought it would be “fun” to shoot a  person. If police are correct, Schafer did just that, […]

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Former “Baseball Wives” Star Anna Benson Arrested For Robbing Ex-Husband At Gunpoint

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The shapely but mentally unstable wife of former New York Mets pitcher Kris Benson was busted Monday after she allegedly burst into his Atlanta  apartment wearing a bulletproof vest and tried to rob him at gunpoint. Anna Benson not only pulled a gun on the former MLB star but it has been reported that she also […]

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Trayvon Martin Star Witness Rachel Jeantel Destroyed By Zimmerman Defense Attorney

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The star witness for the prosecution in the George Zimmerman murder trial was dissected today by defense attorney Don West. In what some CNN law experts called a complete disaster for the state’s case against Zimmerman, Rachel Jeantel tried to re-define the term “cracker” as not being a derogatory racial slur. Things went so bad for the prosecution’s […]

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Where In The World Is Edward Snowden?

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Admitted NSA leaker Edward Snowden has gone off the grid. After fleeing Hong Kong, the ex-defense contractor landed in Russia on Sunday, but failed to board a flight to Cuba on Monday. So what the United States government wants to know is, where in the world is Edward Snowden? The South American country of Ecuador […]

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