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CNN’s Sanjay Gupta Apologizes For “Misleading” Public On Weed

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CNN’s chief medical expert Sanjay Gupta said on Wednesday that he has been wrong in the past on his position that marijuana is a dangerous substance. Gupta, who has a special airing on CNN this Sunday about weed, says that he “misled” the American people about the effects of marijuana use. “I have apologized for […]

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John Oliver Skewers Anthony Weiner In ‘We Turn Now To Our Ongoing Coverage Of This Penis’

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John Oliver took Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger to task last night on the Daily Show. The disgraced former Congressman is not quitting his run for Mayor of New York City despite leaders in both parties calling for him to drop out. Yesterday it was disclosed that Weiner spent $45,000 in campaign funds to investigate the hacking […]

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Zimmerman Juror Says “It Was Trayvon Who Threw First Punch”

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A juror, who is only known as B37 told Anderson Cooper last night that she thought George Zimmerman’s “heart was in the right place” on the night he fatally shot Trayvon Martin last February. At times throughout the interview, the woman who appeared with her face darkened to protect her identity, cried as she told […]

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Cable News Media Racially Divided Over George Zimmerman Case

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The cable news media looks as racially divided on the George Zimmerman trial as the trial itself. In the case that has been racially charged from the get go, cable news pundits are splitting right down the racial line. On CNN’s AC360, defense attorneys Mark Geragos and Danny Cevallos, who both happen to be white, are making statements that the […]

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GOP Congressman Peter King Calls For Prosecution Of Reporters Publishing NSA Leaks

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New York Congressman Peter King went on CNN Tuesday night and said that reporters who have published classified information in the NSA leak story, should face criminal prosecution. King appeared on AC 360 and told host Anderson Cooper that recent NSA leaks pose a grave threat to national security. He followed by saying, “If they willingly […]

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Jon Stewart Calls Out CNN Boss Jeff Zucker For His “Steady Spiral Downward”

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Jon Stewart slammed CNN and it’s new boss Jeff Zucker on last night’s “The Daily Show.” Zucker who has “failed up” his entire career; taking NBC from number one in prime time to number four, has made the one time cable news giant unwatchable in his first few months on the job. Zucker’s programming moves […]

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Jeff Zucker Makes CNN “Unwatchable” With Wall To Wall Coverage Of Carnival Cruise Ship

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Newly hired CNN news chief Jeff Zucker made watching paint dry more entertaining than watching CNN on Thursday and Friday, as the cable news network tried to turn the Carnival cruise ship story into the Titanic. Unfortunately for CNN the only thing that was sinking was their ratings, as viewers turned away from the stern […]

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A Meteor Hit Russia And Bruce Willis Did Nothing

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Chelyabinsk, Russia. My old stomping ground* doing it Armageddon style (*not really). Well, Armageddon in the sense that a meteor hit it, which in the Michel Bay movie was pre-bang to the larger Texas sized one that was to destroy earth. Not Armageddon in the sense that Bruce Willis (of The Whole Ten Yards fame), Ben Affleck (of […]

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Insane Radio Host Alex Jones Goes Ballistic On Piers Morgan

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  Talk about giving a guy rope and letting him hang himself, Piers Morgan put the man who started the White House petition to deport him on CNN last night. Alex Jones came on Morgan’s show and showed the world what a psychopath looks and sounds like. Not really sure where to start with the […]

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Kathy Griffin Simulates Oral Sex With Anderson Cooper On CNN

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In 2009, she dropped the F-bomb on live TV, then last year she stripped to her underwear, but last night comedian Kathy Griffin took her on-air antics to all new lows when she kissed Anderson Cooper’s crotch on live television. After coming back from a live segment in Maine where Gary Tuckman showed people kissing […]

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Google’s Android v Apple’s IPhone & Facebook

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Remeber when Google was just a search engine ? CNN reports that in an interview with Bloomberg, Google chairman Eric Schmidt has declared Android the winner in its mobile war with Apple. Android captured 72% of the worldwide market share in the third quarter, while Apple took 14%. In an interview with Bloomberg, Schmidt said […]

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Fox News “Fair And Balanced” – Really?

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Just to give you an idea of how ridiculous it is for Fox News Channel to use the term “Fair and Balanced” to describe their news coverage, in the four days leading up to the 2012 election, Fox aired 27 minutes of President Obama’s speeches compared to 168 minutes of Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s speeches. […]

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Shooting in a Texas suburb – 3 Dead near Texas A&M University

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(CNN) — A Texas constable and two others were killed Monday in a shooting near Texas A&M University, police said. Rhonda Seaton, a spokeswoman with the College Station police department, told CNN that the three people killed were the constable, the man authorities say opened fire on law enforcement officers and an unidentified civilian. A few […]

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Shocker: Romney Booed During Speech At NAACP

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Media outlets and news organizations are reporting that Mitt Romney was heavily booed at a speech earlier today by the minority crowd at the NAACP. Of course he was, he’s running against the first Afican American President in the history of the United States On CNN, Jim Acosta, who covers the Romney campaign for the […]

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It’s “Gore Wins Florida” All Over Again As CNN And Fox Break The Wrong News

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On Wednesday night, Jon Stewart mocked the cable news networks for their hyped up enthusiasm over the anticipated ruling on health care that was to be released on Thursday morning – and wouldn’t you know two of the three news outlets rushed their reports and got it wrong. On CNN, Congressional correspondent Kate Boulduan clearly […]

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Casey Anthony Speaks Publicly For First Time Since Her Trial

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  The most hated woman in America granted her first interview by phone to CNN’s Piers Morgan last night. Anthony who has been in hiding since she was acquitted of killing her  daughter Caylee last summer, spoke to Morgan about how she is ashamed of her behavior in the interviews she conducted with police after […]

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Partisan Opinion Is Winning Over Straight News In The Cable News War

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CNN’s rating have been at a 20 year low so far this year. While Fox News Channel and MSNBC are losing viewers, CNN has taken the biggest hit. Columnist Howard Kurtz analyzed the downward trend of cable news ratings on his Sunday CNN show “Reliable Sources,” and pointed out what seems to be at the […]

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National Treasure

Jon Stewart: “CNN We Have No Idea What We Are Doing”

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Jon Stewart loves to rip Fox News for being the propaganda arm for the Republican party but in this segment Jon unloads on CNN for just not doing a very good job and being the network that likes to say ” we are going to have to leave it there.” The great thing about Stewart […]

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National Treasure

Jon Stewart Rips CNN On Its Breaking News Coverage Of Whitney Houston

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On last weeks The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took exception to the way CNN handled the breaking news of Whitney Houston’s sudden death. It seemed the news network felt it was a good time to take to the streets to deliver the bad news one person at a time. What we really like about Jon […]

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Very Poor To Romney: “We’re Not Very Concerned About You”

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GOP hopeful Mitt Romney said Wednesday on CNN that he’s “not concerned about the very poor.”  Not shocked by this, the very poor guy I know said, “that guy’s an idiot.” During a statement following Romney’s win in the Florida primary he spoke on CNN stating, “I’m in this race because I care about Americans. […]

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Messy Desk | A Study

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Finally, A study  I agree with!! According to the Institute for advanced study and CNN, a messy desk is a sign of a creative person who can streamline thoughts and processes. My talents are being recognized! According the this most recent study, people who have messy desks are more likely to be creative and make […]

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Fox News Chris Wallace Says What We Are All Thinking “The GOP Debates Are Stupid”

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The son of legendary 60 Minutes newsman Mike Wallace is really starting to make a name for himself in the mainstream media. Chris Wallace has been a solid anchor and a very good interviewer for many years but recently, Wallace has been coming out and saying what a lot of his fellow journalists are thinking […]

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Fox News Chris Wallace Crosses Party Lines And Defends CNN’s John King

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  The American electorate is made up of three types of voters these days. You have the liberal left represented by the Democratic Party, the conservative right which is represented by the Republican Party and the independents whose political views are found somewhere in the middle of the two major political parties. Each of these groups are […]

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Why IA, NH and SC are important in presidential elections

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As the candidates exit the Iowa Caucus race, they enter the land of “Live Free or Die” . . . New Hampshire, as north-east you can get. New Hampshire holds the first primary vote of the elections, and they do it their way.   South Carolina holds the earliest southern primary.   What all critics […]

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Wolf Blitzer and Kermit the Frog Talking Politics

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You gotta love the way Disney is promoting the new Muppets film. From the WWE to the mock movie trailers, the company is truly trying to resurrect Jim Henson’s creations for a new generation to appreciate… while making a boat load of money in the process. Although I am partial to the Monday Night Raw […]

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