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Chris Wallace Pays Tribute To His Iconic Dad

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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace payed tribute to his legendary father Mike Wallace of “60 Minutes” on Sunday morning. Wallace began by showing an interview with his dad from 2005, when Mike Wallace was 87 and had just written a book. Following the clip, Wallace said there was “no crying in Sunday morning talk shows,” […]

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A Letter to Aerosmith’s Record Co, Management & Publicist

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Dear Aerosmith’s Record Co, Management & Publicist: Did anyone prepare these guys for the 60 Minutes Interview ? They sound like a bunch of old ladies complaining about the brownies they are eating. I saw segments of the interviews on YouTube.   First, I thought Steven Tyler was knocking the band.   Then I listened […]

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What Steven Tyler Thinks About the Band

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Just when Joe Perry and Steven Tyler bury the hatchet to make new music and get ready to embark on their 2012 Summer Tour, Steve discusses the other band members on 60 Minutes. To be blunt, Steve says that he and Joe are the Dynamic Duo and the other members just don’t share the same […]

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Donald Trump – the News Man

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It’s not so much what Donald Trump says, but how he says it. I have been following Donald’s news flashes on the Donald Trump Facebook page. Forget about real estate, forget about running for President, and yes . . . forget about Apprentice. I think Donald should be a news man. Today Donald rips into […]

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Bernie Madoff Tried to Commit Suicide…Should’ve Tried Harder

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  It seems Ponzi schemer extraordinaire, Bernie Madoff and his wife Ruth, attempted a Romeo & Juliet-esque (or ‘Love Suicides at Amijima‘-esque if you’re into 18th century Japanese kabuki), double suicide just after Madoff’s 2008 arrest. Honestly, the term ‘Ponzi’ can be replaced with ‘Madoff’ at this point since he absolutely perfected the art of screwing people. […]

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Andy Rooney To Air His Last Segment: We Will Miss Him

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For over forty years 60 Minutes has been airing on Sunday evenings on CBS. We have watched their lineup of superstar journalist such as Mike Wallace, Ed Bradley and Harry Reasoner grow old and with the latter two, pass on. The last of the old guard is retiring at 92 years old. Andy Rooney is leaving 60 […]

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