“McMoron” Strikes Again – Tattoos More Receipts On His Other Arm

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The man who last week earned the name “McMoron” for tattooing a McDonald’s receipt on his arm, has struck again and has now inked the receipt for the tattoo parlor on his other arm. The “McMoron’s” real name is Stian Ytterdahl and after his latest display of body art, he proudly wrote on his Facebook page, “New Tat!” […]

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Neo-Nazi Party Dumps German Porn Star For Having Sex With A Black Man

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  Go figure, a German porn star is in big trouble with her neo-Nazi buddies for filming a sex scene with a black man. The National Democratic Party of Germany had no problem making German adult actress Ina Groll the face of its hate- fueled party – but that all changed when they saw the 28 year-old fraulein getting […]

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Working Mom Destroys Gwyneth Paltrow In Open Letter

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An open letter from a working mom from New York absolutely crushes recently uncoupled actress Gwyneth Paltrow. The letter written by New York Post writer Mackenzie Dawson eviscerates Paltrow for her comments about how being a movie star is so much more difficult then working a lowly office job. The pompous remarks made by “Gwynnie” gives you a little insight to maybe why a smart […]

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Long Island Real Estate Icon George Hammer Fights For Tax Breaks for Property Owners

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George Hammer Jr. has made it his personal quest to provide tax relief and refunds to Long Island property owners who are paying more than their fair share. “The tax system is unfair and to the extent that there is no reason that home and business owners should have their pockets picked without their knowledge,” […]

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Joan Rivers Slams Lena Dunham ” It’s Ok, Stay Fat, Get Diabetes And Die”

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  How’s this for a celebrity cage match? The poster child for botched plastic surgery procedures Joan Rivers, is ripping HBO “Girls” actress and creator Lena Dunham about being fat. To make this story a little more bizarre shock jock Howard Stern, who has battled his own body image issues, came to Dunham’s defense. “Let me ask you something. Lena Dunham, who again […]

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BASE Jumpers Arrested For Leap From New World Trade Tower

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You would think that the new World Trade tower would be the most secure building in the country – but three BASE jumpers proved that it’s just another tall structure in Manhattan to jump off. The three thrill seekers were criminally charged Tuesday, with a fourth man charged as a lookout. The three jumpers – Andrew […]

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Malaysia Airlines Sends Text To Families That All Are Dead

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You would have thought they would have called – but Malaysia Airlines instead sent out a text to the families of those presumed killed on flight 370 that their loved ones are dead. “Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets that we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board […]

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Hate Spewing Westboro Baptist Preacher Fred Phelps Dead At 84

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“Ding Dong The Wicked Witch Is dead.” The Westboro Baptist founder, who was known for hate-filled protests that blamed almost everything, including the deaths of AIDS victims and US soldiers, on America’s tolerance for gay people has kicked the bucket. Fred Phelps, who celebrated the deaths of American soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying it was God’s punishment for […]

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Discovery Of “Cosmic Inflation” One Step Closer To Proving Big Bang Theory

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  A group of astronomers from Harvard announced that they now have the scientific prove that the universe is still expanding after they discovered ripples in the fabric of space-time that are echoes of the massive expansion that took place just after the huge explosion known as the Big Bang. Albert Einstein predicted nearly a century ago, the discovery of gravitational waves […]

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Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend L’Wren Scott Found Dead

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High fashion model & designer L’Wren Scott hung herself in a luxurious Manhattan apartment early Monday morning. Scott is the girlfriend of Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger. The 49 year old “Fashionista” was found hanging by a scarf inside the Eighth Floor apartment at 200 Eleventh Avenue around 10 a.m, her body was found in her […]

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CPAC Speeches provide Jon Stewart With Some Extra Ammo

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  Jon Stewart destroyed Paul Ryan’s brown paper bag school lunch story from this past weekend’s CPAC event, proving that Ryan completely distorted the original story to advance his message. Stewart also tore into the NRA’s Wayne Lapierre as he strolled out to the CPAC podium to Huey Lewis’s “Power Of Love.” Over the last few […]

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Duke Porn Star “Belle Knox” Is Right About Hypocrites Who Condemn Porn

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Last night on CNN, Duke University porn star Belle Knox told Piers Morgan that the same people that are condemning pornography are the same ones who are watching it – and she’s right. “I think eighty percent of the world’s traffic on the Internet is pornography,” she said on the news show. “And I think […]

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Donald Trump Remembers “The Late Jimmy Carter” – Who Is Still Alive

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Moments before saying that the Chinese “respect smart people” and “don’t respect stupid people” – Donald Trump proved why he is not very well respected in China. Trump’s stupidity was on full display at CPAC as he made reference to the “late Jimmy Carter” – problem is Carter is still alive. The misinformed millionaire who likes […]

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Russia Today Anchor Liz Wahl Resigns On-Air

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State funded network news took a bit of a hit today as an anchor who works in the U. S. for Russian television quit live on air Wednesday, declaring she cannot work for a station that “whitewashes the actions of Vladimir Putin.” Liz Wahl, who reads the news for Russia Today in the network’s Washington DC bureau, said her grandparents […]

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“Real Housewives” Couple Face Jail After Guilty Pleas

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  A strong dose of reality hit the stars of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” as Teresa and Joe Giudice pleaded guilty Tuesday to fraud charges that could land both behind bars. The admission of guilt will likely get Mr Giudice deported. The brash couple, who loved to mix it up with their Jersey co-stars […]

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Pope Francis Accidently Drops F-Bomb During Sunday Sermon

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  I guess we should start calling him “Pope Potty Mouth” as Pope Frances mistakenly said the word “fuck” in his weekly sermon. The pontiff was speaking from a window in St Peter’s Square when he accidentally muddled the Italian word “caso” — which means “case” — with “cazzo” — which can translate to “fuck” […]

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Not So Gentrified Brooklyn Home Of Spike Lee Vandalized

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So I guess Spike Lee’s old Brooklyn neighborhood isn’t as gentrified as he thought it was. Just to prove that Spike’s old hood is not just white kids sipping lattes at Starbucks, vandals sprayed graffiti on his house in Fort Greene. Three days ago the Knick loving filmmaker criticized his old neighborhood for being over run with white people and said […]

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Jon Stewart Gives Republicans A History Lesson About Ronald Reagan’s Foreign Policy Blunders

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With Republicans ripping President Obama with his handling of the crisis in the Ukraine, saying Obama should do what Reagan would do, Jon Stewart set the record straight about what Ronald Reagan really did back in the 1980s as far as foreign policy. When faced with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Reagan backed Osama Bin laden and his Afghani […]

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“Piers Morgan Live” Staffers Thrilled The Show Got Cancelled

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I guess no one was properly in love with Peirs Morgan – and it sounds like the people who are the most happy that the English talk show host got the boot from CNN are his own staff members. The New York Daily News is reporting that the production team at the show despised the obnoxious British blabbermouth. An […]

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Alec Baldwin’s Brutally Honest Essay For New York Magazine

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The article below is a re-print of an essay that ran in the Feb 24 issue of New York magazine. I flew to Hawaii recently to shoot a film, fresh on the heels of being labeled a homophobic bigot by Andrew Sullivan, Anderson Cooper, and others in the Gay Department of Justice. I wanted to […]

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Looks Like It’s A Good Time To Boycott Arizona

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After the state’s Legislature passed a bill on Thursday to allow business owners to refuse service to gay people, many Americans are saying it’s time to boycott Arizona. The controversial bill, which has been voted down in states like Kansas and Idaho, was approved by the Republican-controlled Senate on Wednesday and the GOP-led House on Thursday. The bill passed the […]

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Ravens Running Back Ray Rice Knocks Out Fiancee

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So the play went something like this: “hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle this time Ray Rice knocks out his girlfriend right the middle,”of an Atlantic City casino. A police report alleges that Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocked out his fiancée and dragged her across the floor. Police charged both Rice and […]

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Pussy Riot Attacked By Cossacks While Protesting Sochi Olympics

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Activist punk rockers Pussy Riot were attacked by Russian militia yesterday as they performed under a sign for the Sochi Olympics. Cossack militia attacked the mostly all girl group with horsewhips as they protested the games that are in their second week. Six group members — five women and one man — donned their signature ski masks and were […]

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Asteroid Has Close Encounter With Earth

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  An asteroid about the size of three football fields zoomed by Earth late Monday, missing our planet by about 2 million miles. The small space rock that could do catastrophic damage if it were to hit our planet, was traveling at approximately 27,000 miles per hour. The asteroid came just about a year after a relatively small asteroid blew up over […]

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Michael Dunn Facing 75 Years In Prison – But Not For First Degree Murder

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Jurors in Florida still seem confused about the state’s stand your ground laws as they found Michael Dunn guilty on 3 charges of attempted murder – but were not able to convict on murder in the first degree after the 47 year-old software programmer shot and killed Jordan Davis in cold blood. The jury found Dunn […]

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