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“McMoron” Strikes Again – Tattoos More Receipts On His Other Arm

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The man who last week earned the name “McMoron” for tattooing a McDonald’s receipt on his arm, has struck again and has now inked the receipt for the tattoo parlor on his other arm. The “McMoron’s” real name is Stian Ytterdahl and after his latest display of body art, he proudly wrote on his Facebook page, “New Tat!” […]

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Perverted Husband Uses PS4 To Broadcast His Drunk Naked Wife

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  A twisted gaming geek videotaped his naked wife while she was passed out on the living room couch and shared it with the world. The PlayStation 4 owner used the system’s new live-streaming feature to share his  drunk, unconscious wife’s bare breasts with the online gaming community for  roughly 15 minutes, according to Game Revolution. The channel then went dark […]

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British Man Calls Police Because His Hooker Was “Too Ugly”

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British police were called by a man outside of a hotel in Solihull, England last week to complain that the prostitute he ordered by phone was too ugly. The unhappy john called 999, which is the British equivalent to 911, and complained to the emergency operator that the woman who showed up to have sex with him was not the […]

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What Humans Might Look Like In 100,000 Years

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According to an artist and a computational geneticist, humans will all one day have heads bigger than Keith Olbermann and eyes bigger than Mila Kunis. Artist Nickolay Lamm and Dr. Alan Kwan, who consider themselves visionaries, are predicting that in 100,000 years, people might have larger heads, Google Glass type contact  lenses and sideways-blinking oversized Disney eyes that glow […]

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Dad Who Named Son ‘Adolf Hitler’ Wears Nazi Uniform To Child Custody Hearing

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  A 40 year-old father of four from New Jersey walked into family court today wearing a full Nazi uniform asking the judge for custody of his youngest son. Heath Campbell, who named his first son Adolf Hitler, made national headlines back in 2008 when a local baker refused to put his son’s name on […]

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Police Arrest Number One Distributor Of Child Pornography In The World

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I don’t think you could go to Central Casting to find a guy that looks more like what you’d imagine the world’s largest distributor of child pornography would look like. Police are saying the man in the above photo is the number one distributor in the world of child pornography and when they caught him, […]

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Attention Starved Courtney Stodden Strips Down – Joins “Zombie Apocalypse”

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She can’t sing. She can’t dance and she certainly can’t act, she can’t even get her own reality TV show – but that doesn’t stop Courtney Stodden from stripping naked any chance she gets for a little attention. The teenage bride who became famous for marrying a 51 year old no-name actor when she was just […]

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California Cop Pulls Over The Easter Bunny

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  I guess there won’t be an Easter basket for this California Highway Patrolman. CHP officer Adam Griffiths stopped a man dressed as the Easter Bunny as he made his way to volunteer at a holiday charity event. Griffiths stopped the motorcycle, with a side car attached because the silly rabbit wasn’t wearing a safety […]

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Florida “Zombie” Hooker Tries To Eat Man’s Penis And Testicles

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They’re back. It only took til March for us to report on the first man-eating “zombie” attack of 2013. 2012 was the “year of the zombie” with several attacks nationwide, for which many were blamed on a new designer drug called “Bath Salts.” But there were no “Bath Salts” present during this attack, just a […]

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Confessions Of An NYU Student Who Became A “Foot Hooker”

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The article below was published in today’s New York Post about an NYU student who answered an ad on Craigslist and became a high priced foot hooker.  It’s hard to get a leg up in this town — so one college student is getting a foot in the door instead. After responding to a Craigslist […]

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New York Man Breaks Into Rikers Island

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While most people would want to break out of jail, a 340 pound New York man did the opposite and broke into one of the world’s most notorious prisons. Matthew Matagrano, who is a 36 year old high-risk sex offender with a lengthy rap sheet, not only broke into Rikers Island but also gained access […]

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Talk About Sleeping With The Enemy – Dennis Rodman Visits North Korea

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Two weeks after testing underground nuclear devices that could result in serious consequences from the United States and it’s allies, North Korea and it’s young dictator, Kim Jung Un have found a new American friend. Former NBA star Dennis Rodman traveled to the country that George Bush labeled part of the “axis of evil” with […]

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Oklahoma Man May Have Died From Spontaneous Human Combustion

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I remember hearing about spontaneous human combustion when I was about 10 years old and thinking there was no way a person could just self- incinerate. But there have been about 200 reported cases of the strange phenomenon across the globe and now authorities in Muldrow, Oklahoma are saying they think they might have a […]

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Mindy McCready The Fifth Death On Dr Drew Pinsky’s “Celebrity Rehab”

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Has Dr Drew Pinsky taken over the title of “Dr Death” from the late Jack Kevorkian? Sunday”s suicide death of country music star Mindy McCready is the fifth cast member of Pinsky’s “Celebrity Rehab” show to die. McCready is the latest star to have been treated by Dr Drew and is the third to die […]

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Danish Magazine Under Fire For Publishing Images Of Naked Women And Fish (NSFW)

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Danish wildlife magazine Fish & Fri has come under fire for its weekly photo feature called “Fish Girl.” An uptight blogger named Tomas Gunnarsson found the photo feature highly offensive and blasted the magazine for what he called “fish porn.” Gunnarsson says the magazine glorifies necrophilia and bestiality –  and is also doubly objectifying of […]

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Comedian Charles Ross Arrested For Giving Wedgies To Strangers

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An 18 year old man who calls himself a comedian was arrested in Florida for giving wedgies to moviegoers at a cineplex on the west coast of the Sunshine State. Charles Ross, who has over 400,000 views on Youtube of him kissing strangers and doing handstands on strange women at the beach, went a little […]

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Freakish Dust Storm Off Australian Coast

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A Freakish dust storm caused a “red wave” of sand off the coast of Western Australia on Wednesday. Tugboat workers near the coastal town of Onslow took these images  on their cell phones as they watched the towering dust storm pass over calm ocean waters. “I’ve never seen anything like it, it was pretty special […]

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KKK Stands Up To Westboro Baptist Church Protesters In Arlington

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So you think the world is not going to end on Friday? Guess again, in what can only be described as the beginning of the apocalypse, hate groups in America are now fighting over who hates who more. The Ku Klux Klan is saying it is outraged by the acts of the “uber” gay hating […]

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Creepy Dad Uses Half Naked Shots of His Own Daughter to Sell Cars

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A creepy dad is using racy photos of his own daughter to boost sales of his used sports car line on Ebay. Kim Ridley of Eugene, Oregon has no problem using his own scantily clad daughter bent over cars with her ass sticking up in the air. “If I felt bad about it, I wouldn’t do […]

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Naked Protesters Arrested In John Boehner’s Office (NSFW)

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A group of naked AIDS activists took to Capital Hill today to protest potential spending cuts in HIV programs. Three nude women were arrested Tuesday after taking their clothes off in the lobby of House Speaker John Boehner’s office. The three protesters had the words “AIDS cuts kill” painted on their bodies and had linked […]

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Anti-Gay Mob Attacks Topless Nuns In France

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When I started blogging last year, I never thought in a million years that I would write the headline above, but that’s exactly what happened today in France when two groups of activists met on the streets of Leon. Well kinda, they weren’t really nuns. An extreme right wing Catholic group called Civitas Institute were […]

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Rod Stewart Didn’t Snort Cocaine – He Put It Up His Butt!

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Legendary rocker Rod Stewart has just released a book titled Rod The Autobiography. In the book, the 67 year old singer admits that he used cocaine back in the 1970’s with fellow musician Ron Wood. But instead of snorting the drug as most do, Stewart says they used to put the drug up their ass. […]

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Mourners Shocked After Dead Man Turns Up At His Own Wake

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Could you imagine the look on the faces of bereaved family members when the relative they were mourning arrived at his own wake? Police had informed Jose Marcos Araujo that his brother Gilberto had been shot and killed, so of course Jose and the rest of the Araujo family never thought they would see Gilberto […]

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California Heart Eating Naked Zombie Sentenced To 47 Years

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Jarrod Wyatt was sentenced yesterday to 47 years in prison for the vicious murder of his mixed martial arts sparring partner. When police arrived at the scene they discovered Wyatt naked and covered head to toe in blood. He immediately told officers that he had killed his friend. Police then found Taylor Powell lying dead […]

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Another Bloody Naked Man Eating Zombie Attack Hits Pennsylvania

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Another naked man eating zombie attack has occurred in the sleeppy little town of Hawley Pennsylvania. Unlike last weeks naked zombie attack where a woman on Bath Salts in Misourri displayed zombie like characteristics but didn’t eat people, this zombie tried to chew on a woman’s head. The terrifying scene unfolded this past week, when […]

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