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Samsung Says The New Galaxy S4 Is “The iPhone Killer”

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  Let the smartphone wars begin! The smart people over at Samsung laid the ‘smackdown’ on the poor folks at Apple on Thursday night. The South Korean tech giant unveiled its new Galaxy S4 smartphone before a nearly packed house at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall that had several users vowing to switch […]

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Look Up – Thousands Of Domestic Drones Are Now Watching You

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The New York Daily News is reporting that right now there are tens of thousands of domestic drones flying through the skies of the United States. Most of these spy drones ignore tight federal restrictions on drone use that require even the police and the military to get special permits. Armed with streaming video, swivel […]

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Yes, That Man Riding The Subway Is Worth 20 Billion Dollars

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You never know who you’re going to run into on a New York City subway, but it’s not everyday that you find yourself sitting next to the owner of Google. Straphanger Noah Zerkin found himself sitting across the isle from Google’s billionare co-founder Sergey Brin riding a downtown 3 train Sunday evening, wearing a skully […]

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Google’s Android v Apple’s IPhone & Facebook

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Remeber when Google was just a search engine ? CNN reports that in an interview with Bloomberg, Google chairman Eric Schmidt has declared Android the winner in its mobile war with Apple. Android captured 72% of the worldwide market share in the third quarter, while Apple took 14%. In an interview with Bloomberg, Schmidt said […]

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New Study Reveals New York Outpacing Boston In Tech Bloom And Start Up Growth

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Last month, research company Startup Genome released a study ranking New York as the fifth best city in the world for tech start up companies, replacing Boston as the tech nucleus of the East Coast. According to the report, Silicon Valley continues to remain the most active start up hub of the world, with Tel […]

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Obama’s Data Mining Was So Good – They Knew What TV Shows You Watched

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Now that President Obama’s re-election campaign is over and he’ll never need his super secret high tech data mining system again, team Obama has shared some of their ground breaking technology with the press. Alexis Madrigal at The Atlantic has written a fascinating profile of Obama’s tech team. In the article, the writer says that […]

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Hacktivist Group Anonymous Sides With Hamas – Hacks Israeli State Websites

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The most sophisticated computer hacktivist group in the world has weighed in on the conflict in Gaza. Anonymous released a statement on Thursday declaring it’s support for Palestinians and the Hamas leadership that controls the government in the embattled Arab territory. “To the people of Gaza and the ‘Occupied Territories’, know that Anonymous stands with […]

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Google Maps Now Takes You Underwater to The Ocean Floor

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  The people at Google really know how to do maps. Google Maps released its first-ever underwater panoramic images on Tuesday, announcing their “next step in our quest to provide people with the most comprehensive, accurate and usable map of the world.” You can now take a virtual tour of the ocean floor, exploring the […]

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Healthy, Home-Made Ice Cream: No Longer Too Good To Be True

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When you read “make delicious, creamy, low-cost, healthy frozen treats in just minutes” it almost seems too good to be true. But look no further, it IS true. This tagline is posted directly on the Yonanas homepage, and, in my opinion, is a 100% accurate statement. For all you foodies out there, there is a new kitchen […]

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Thoughts on E3: Microsoft Misses Mark on Day One

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  When watching the Microsoft press conference at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles I thought the tech giant was announcing some kind of takeover of Corning or Dow. “Smart Glass” sounds more like what would cover the next iPhone or “the new iPad 2” or whatever the next iteration of that device will be […]

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Never Miss Another Call – Vibrating Tattoos From Nokia

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Ever get that feeling that your phone is part of you? Like a new body part that goes everywhere you go and you don’t feel complete without it? Well the smart people at Nokia have designed tattoos that vibrate when your phone rings. Yup, your cell phone ringer can now be carved into your skin […]

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How to Spot a Yelp User | Infographic

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Since I moved, I have become an avid Yelp user. When you are looking for new, top of the line places… it is a great tool. Sometimes though, some users go too far…

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The Google Driverless Car | Infographic

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The Google Driverless Car is a project by Google that involves developing technology for driverless cars. The project is currently being led by Google engineer Sebastian Thrun, director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and co-inventor of Google Street View, whose team at Stanford created the robotic vehicle Stanley which won the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge and its US$2 million prize from the United States Department of Defense. The team developing […]

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Pinterest: What The Hell Is Pinterest?

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Pinterest.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re probably not hanging out with enough bored white girls. Pinterest is social photo sharing website where users post pictures and organize them onto their virtual pin boards.  Pin boards can range from anything to recipes, weddings or trees.   The idea, besides wasting time, is for users […]

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What Happens Every 60 Seconds?

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There are so many things that happen online every 60 seconds. I am amazed by the 38 tons of e-waste generated every 30 seconds. When you think that Google makes $75,000 every 60 seconds it is no wonder why they are one of the worlds richest companies in the world. [InfographicPost] Click on Image to […]

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Guy Steals 42″ Plasma | News Burner Video of the Day

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Once you finish watching this video you’ll realize that this is obviously an advertisement for LG… and a damn good one. Check out how this guy ‘steals’ a new thin LG 42″ plasma and make sure you look at the bottom right hand corner at the end of the video. Pretty cool!

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Siri: The Horror Movie | News Burner Video of the Day

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Siri is by far the hottest thing going. Yesterday walking around Saint Augustine I could hear a guy asking his iPhone where the best place to eat around the area was. It’s still fairly weird to the Rodfree household. With that in mind… what would happen if… If Apple’s hands-free assistant Siri one day turned […]

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Gadget Wars!

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Beta vs VHS, Nintendo vs Sega, iPhone vs Blackberry… Gadget wars have been part of our society for over 20 years. It seems like every year consumers get to choose the life or death of a new gadget. We’ve easily killed off several items and companies in recent years and below you will fine the […]

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Types of ‘Friends’ on Facebook

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Facebook… the social media giant is 800 million strong and counting. At one point or another we have had or still have a page of our own. We are reminded of birthdays, get to see who is ‘hitched’ and who is single, and stay in touch with people we never really talked to in the […]

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The Anatomy of a Perfect Website

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On a daily basis we each look at dozens of websites. From news sites to shopping sites to, lets face it, adult sites, they all look slightly different. Some are overloaded with visual items such as videos, Flash or plain images (Click on that because the website is sick!), while others are just information based. […]

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Social Media Daily Stats | Infographic

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In this day of ‘pokes’ and ‘likes’, social media is king of all information. You cannot deny that millions of us spend countless hours updating our status, sharing photos, or telling friends about a video link. On a daily basis we share more information that we probably should with anyone. Have you ever wondered what […]

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LG OLED TV = Awesomeness

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Recently the Rodfree household moved from South Florida and in doing so sold their precious 52″ Samsung DLP. Although it will be missed, I will admit that one look at the forthcoming LG 55″ OLED made the whole family forget about the Samsung ‘relic’. During this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show), LG Electronics offered a […]

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LifeProof IPhone Case: The Four Proofs !

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    I recently purchased the iPhone 4 and I was terrified of damaging my new phone. If  I were to break my iPhone before my two-year contract was up, I would have to spend nearly 600 dollars for a replacement. On the other hand,  it’s a horrible feeling to have the pressure of keeping such […]

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NORAD Helps Kids Track Santa’s Journey

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NORAD is on track to receive a record number of phone calls from kids eager for updates on Santa Claus and his journey around the world this Christmas eve. They are even using smart phone apps for the first time to keep tabs on the old man and his gift delivering ride.  On Saturday, volunteers at Peterson Air […]

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The Notorious Siri Raps Hypnotize | News Burner Video of the Day

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SiriProxy is used to intercept the communication with Apple’s servers. Based on your song request, Notorious Siri then sends your choice of Notorious B.I.G.’s Hypnotize and an a-cappella rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody to the device (the latter requiring 4 iPhones 4S). Siri’s speech synthesis is synced to the beat using the timestamps obtained from […]

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