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GOP Anti-Gay Position Still Embedded On State And National Platforms

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After losing the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections, the Republican party is trying to reach out to a broader base and change the perception that the party is mostly made up of straight white religious fanatics. GOP leaders have tried to soften many of the party’s rigid positions on abortion and immigration reform […]

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Former CIA Director Patraeus Says “Hillary Would Make A Tremendous President”

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Former CIA director David Petraeus , who was forced to resign in 2012 after an adulterous affair with his biographer, has all but endorsed Hillary Clinton for president if she chooses to run in 2016. Patraeus, who has traditionally stayed away from politics, is throwing his support behind the former Secretary of State in a new book. “She’d make […]

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Congressman Michael Grimm Apologizes After Threatening Reporter on Air

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Things got a little heated after President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night when New York Congressman Michael Grimm threatened to throw a television reporter off the balcony of the Capital building. Rep. Michael Grimm didn’t realize cameras were still live when he got in the face of NY1 reporter Michael Scotto […]

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The 113th Congress Goes Down As The Worst Ever

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It’s official, the 113th Congress will go down as the worst Congress ever in the history of the United States. With only 56 new laws passed by congressional lawmakers, it makes it the least productive ever. The previous low was 88 laws passed by the Newt Gingrich led Congress back in 1995. 2013 was supposed to be […]

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Ted Cruz Babbles On For Over 21 Hours – Recites Dr Seuss

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Wednesday, Texas Republican Ted Cruz’s talking marathon ended after 21 hours and 19 minutes. The quirky Tea Party Senator who admitted to wearing cheap suits and sporting a bad haircut, wrapped up his verbal assault against Obamacare after the self- proclaimed conservative began his “talkathon” about the evils of the President’s healthcare overhaul at 2:41 p.m. on  Tuesday. Cruz’s staff said he did not leave the floor of the […]

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South Carolina Conservatives Search For “Missing” GOP Senator Lindsey Graham

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In the great state of South Carolina, you just can never be conservative enough and Senator Lindsey Graham found out he has run a muck with the state’s ultra right-wing group Carolina Conservatives United. The group plastered Graham’s face on a milk carton with the words “missing,” and “he hasn’t been seen by his constituents all year.” “Lindsey Graham […]

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Ron Paul Joins Son Rand In Bashing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

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2012 Presidential candidate Ron Paul joined his son Rand in a new round of Chris Christie bashing, calling the New Jersey governor “a big government guy”. Paul told Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto,  that like his son, he is also not a fan of Christie and his reckless spending habits.  Cavuto baited the former Texas congressman by saying  “sounds […]

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Elliot Spitzer Refuses To Answer Questions About His Mistress

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Earlier this week, former Governor Elliot Spitzer ripped sex addict Anthony Weiner and said he would not vote for him for Mayor of New York City – but this morning, the hooker loving ex-politician refused to answer questions regarding rumors that he moved on from prostitutes and now has a mistress. Spitzer, who is running for city comptroller was asked three […]

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Rand Paul Calls Chris Christie The “King Of Bacon”

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  Kentucky Senator Rand Paul fired back at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Tuesday telling CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that Christie is the “king of bacon” when it comes to government spending. Paul, who like his dad Ron Paul sounds more like a Libertarian than a true conservative, has picked a fight with the Tony Soprano of the Republican […]

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Republicans Denounce Congressman King’s Ignorant Remarks About Immigrants

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  House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor voiced their disapproval of Rep. Steve King’s (R-Iowa) recent despicable comments about young, undocumented immigrants. Also known as Dreamers, King claims the majority of them are drug traffickers. “For everyone who’s a valedictorian,” King said, “There’s another 100 out there that weigh 130 pounds and they’ve […]

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Elliot Spitzer Never Voted In 2012 Election After Writing Article About The Importance Of Voting

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On the same day that former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer filed thousands of signatures to run for public office again, it is being reported that he didn’t vote in the 2012 election. The hooker loving ex-governor even wrote a column titled “Why I Am Voting for Barack Obama” just four days before many Americans took […]

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Pro Muslim Brotherhood Senator Rand Paul Rips Texas Governor Rick Perry

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Kentucky GOP Senator Rand Paul took to the airwaves on Monday night to express his support for Muhammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood. Paul told Fox News that he is disappointed that the Obama administration didn’t do more to keep Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood cohorts in power in Egypt and the United States should […]

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Romney Family Voted 10 – 2 Against Mitt Running For President In 2012

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Mitt Romney should have listened to his family and himself and spared the country his failed run for president in 2012. According to a new book by Dan Balz of The Washington Post, Romney was one of 10 members of his family who voted against making a second White House bid, only two voted for the […]

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Sarah Palin Looking To Bolt From GOP – Wants To Create New Political Party

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  Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin is looking to possibly sever ties with the Republican Party if the GOP continues to neglect conservatives. Palin, who ran with John McCain on the GOP ticket in 2008, entertained building a “Freedom Party” while  answering Twitter questions on Fox News Saturday. One fan tweeted, “Would you & Mark Levin be […]

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Rick Perry Mistakes Benghazi, Libya As “An Embassy In Lebanon”

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If there is one thing that we most miss about 2012, it’s the steady stream of blunders that came out of the mouths of GOP candidates during the Republican presidential primary. This past Saturday we were treated to some new gaffes, as it became obvious that Texas Governor Perry is in need of some tutoring when it comes to world […]

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Top Republicans Sarah Palin And Lindsey Graham Divided Over Syria

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Since their devastating loss in the 2012 Presidential elections, the Republican party has been a house divided. Now top GOP leaders are in complete disagreement with the U S government’s role in arming rebels in Syria. Former Republican Governor Sarah Palin and GOP Senator Lindsey Graham can’t seem to find common ground on whether President Barack […]

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Ann Coulter Says “America Is Over” If Latinos Get Amnesty

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Ann Coulter continued her assault on Latino voters last night on Fox News Channel.  In a recent column, the controversial right-wing extremist wrote that Hispanics are lazy, poor and government dependent. Coulter went on the Sean Hannity Show and said that if Republicans back Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio’s immigration reform bill, the “GOP deserves to die.” Many Republicans […]

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New Study Shows: Over 50 % Of The Time Republicans Are Wrong On Facts

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George Mason University conducted a study that showed that Republicans make false claims and are wrong on their facts 52 percent of the time. The study, which was conducted by George Mason University’s Center for Media and Public Affairs, looked at 100 claims made by both parties on the fact checking site PolitiFact, 54 by Republicans and […]

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Trump Eyes Run For President In 2016

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The New York Post is reporting that real estate mogul Donald Trump has spent over 1 million dollars on electoral research for a possible run at the presidency in 2016. “Everybody tells me, ‘Please run for president. Please run for president.’ I would be much happier if a great and competent person came along,” Trump […]

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Both GOP Oklahoma Senators Oppose Disaster Relief For Others

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After tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma on Monday, residents of Moore, which is a suburb of Oklahoma City will now look to the federal government for their help to rebuild their ravaged communities. This puts two GOP senators in a bit of an awkward position. Oklahoma Republican Senators  Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn have not only […]

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Republicans Resort To Altering Benghazi Emails To Attack Obama

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It’s a pretty well  known fact that the Republican party will do just about anything to bring down Barack Obama – but now it looks like the GOP has been caught red-handed altering emails about Benghazi to try and place the blame for the September attack on the White House and the State Department. CBS News is reporting that […]

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Clueless Michele Bachmann Leads The Charge On Obama Impeachment

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It might be time for someone to give Michele Bachmann a lesson on why a democracy has elections to choose it’s leadership. The right-wing Congresswoman from Minnesota must be forgetting that Americans just went to the polls 6 months ago to re-elect Barack Obama for a second term. Bachmann would rather just ignore what a majority of the […]

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As Republicans Attack Hillary Over Benghazi – Diplomat Says She’s Not To Blame

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With former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton running away in the polls as the Democratic Presidential nominee in 2016, the GOP has decided to revisit the Benghazi terror attack that claimed four American lives. But the big problem the GOP is having is that Benghazi accountability review chairman Thomas Pickering has absolved Hillary Clinton and says the […]

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GOP Senator Admits Background Check Bill Died Because Republicans Hate Obama

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I recently saw a headline on the web that said, “Republicans hate Obama more than they love America.” Well, that headline rang true yesterday when Republican Senator Pat Toomey admitted that members of his party opposed expanding background checks for gun sales recently because of their disdain for Barack Obama. “In the end it didn’t […]

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Chris Christie Proves Again That Serving His State Comes First

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  Six months after Hurricane Sandy ripped through the New Jersey shoreline leaving over 7 million without power and over 360 thousand homes demolished, Republican Governor Chris Christie is still praising Barack Obama, saying he has, “kept every promise that he made.” Christie has become public enemy number one for the GOP, with Republicans calling […]

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