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News Burner Photo Of The Day: Riding The Wave

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  Kelly Slater and Laird Hamilton have nothing on these surfer dudes. Bottlenose Dolphins love to play in the waves as much as humans do, but obviously they don’t need surf boards. Hopefully these dolphins don’t walk around saying things like “awesome dude” and “bitchin” but, hey you never know. Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals, and […]

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News Burner Photo Of The Day: Twister

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  Someone once said to me, how do people live in Tornado alley? I have to admit, that’s about the scariest thing mother nature can set upon you. With Hurricanes you can find cover and most of the misery is the aftermath and going weeks without water or power. With earthquakes, you just never know […]

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Photographer Profile: Richard Avedon, Simply The Best (NSFW)

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  If you ask top fashion photographers today, who the greatest is of all time, hands down they all say Richard Avedon. Sante D’orazio, Mario Testino, Patrick Demarchelier, all grew up watching Avedon define style, beauty and culture on the American landscape. Avedon was born in 1923 to Russian, Jewish parents in New York City. His […]

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The Art Of Photo Replication; Marissa Miller Ipod Nude

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I was hired a few years ago to duplicate this iconic shot of Marissa Miller from Sports Illustrated. The funny thing about this shot being in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is, in case you haven’t noticed, there is no swimsuit. When I first saw the image I thought it would be a piece of cake. […]

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Bar Refaeli Takes it All Off and Keeps it in The Tribe (NSFW)

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Israeli super model and ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio, Bar Refaeli is one of the biggest models in the world. She has graced the covers of pretty much every major fashion magazine out there. Ms. Refaeli is also one of the more conservative models working today. Every other day you see nude photos of Miranda Kerr or Rose […]

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The Art of Replication: Flashdance

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It was never considered a great film when it was released back in 1983, but it was a huge box office success and it’s title shot is one of most iconic movie posters of all time. Flashdance made Jennifer Beals an overnight sensation, even though it wasn’t Beals who did any of the dancing in the film. I […]

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Art Of Replication: Nastassja Kinski and The Serpent” Nude by Richard Avedon

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Back in 1981, Richard Avedon photographed Nastassja Kinski with nothing but a snake. Avedon called the shot, “Nastassja Kinski and The Serpent.” It is one of the most famous nudes in the history of modern photography. A few years back, I was hired to shoot a calendar for a client and our theme was iconic images […]

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The Art Of Replication: Janet Jackson By Herb Ritts

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A few years back I was asked to shoot a calendar for an establishment that had done several company calendars in the past. After looking at a couple of their calendars, I was ready to pass on the job because they were cheesy pin-up calendars photographed by a Miami based pin-up photographer, and I wasn’t interested in doing bad […]

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*Click on image for uncensored photograph*

The Controversy Around Elizabeth Taylor Nude Portrait

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Back in early April, a private collector named Jim Shandis released a nude portrait of Elizabeth Taylor. The image was supposedly taken when she was 24. Shandis alleges that Ms. Taylor was to give the image to producer Mike Todd, as an engagement present. The story was the photo was taken by Liz’s good friend Roddy McDowell. Days after its release, it was revealed […]

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Amateur Photographer Captures Three Elements of Space in One Image

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  For a photographer, it’s like turning a triple play in baseball. This photog captured the Northern Lights and Milky Way in the same image. It was snapped by an amateur photographer, who also points out a third visual surprise — a meteor streaking across the sky. It was taken in Ifjord, Finmark, Norway. I never […]

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News Burner Photo of the Week: The Wave Rock

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  From a land down below a tourist appears to be surfing as she stands under the lip of a massive rock —which looks like a crashing wave. The multicolored granite, known as The Wave Rock, towers 47ft high and is 350ft long. The stunning natural land-form is near the town of Hyden, Western Australia. I […]

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Photographer Profile: Mark Squires Shoots Brooklyn Decker

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Mark Squires is a New York based celebrity and fashion photographer that has captured some of the biggest names in entertainment. From Gwen Stefani to Ludacris to Monica Belucci, Mark Squires shoots fabulous high contrast, black and white, posed and candid images as well as fantastic color work. Most photographers fall into one mode of lighting that works for […]

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A Photographers Point Of View; Leave A Little To The Imagination

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Today the Internet is buzzing with full frontal shots of “Dancing With The Stars,” Cinthia Fernandez. Websites who are desperate for traffic are running twenty page photo spreads of Ms Fernandez in her birthday suit, just days after the South American model/reality actress stripped naked on the Argentinian version of DWTS. But, when you look at the […]

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Photographer Profile: New York’s Finest Sante D’Orazio

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  Sante D’Orazio is a New York fashion photographer who has taken the art of the unposed candid image and has turned it into an art form. Sante D’Orazio has shot for all the big fashion magazines and all the top name fashion lines such as: Versace, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent and more, but it’s his […]

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News Burner Photo Of The Day: Mount Rushmore From The Canadian Side

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  Outstanding photo of how our neighbors to the north view one of our most treasured monuments. We love you Canada!

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The News Burner’s Great Pumpkin Contest starts today. As Halloween approaches, many creative contestants are carving out their plans to win the first annual News Burner pumpkin contest.  The rules are simple. Submit a picture of  a pumpkin created via artistic design or carving. The most unique and creative pumpkin will be selected by our News Burner committee. […]

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Photographer Profile: Patrick Demarchelier Art Photography Warning

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Patrick Demarchelier is one of the top fashion photographers in the world. He moved from Paris to New York City in 1975 and has lived and worked there ever since. He has photographed pretty much every top model in the world and shoots for all the top fashion magazines including Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. […]

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Rita Hayworth’s famous pose in a black negligee quickly made its way across the Atlantic in 1941, as troops brought the picture with them on the way to war. It ended up as the second most popular pinup picture in all of World War II. Hayworth, whose two brothers both fought in the conflict, didn’t just pose for pictures: she also was involved in selling war bonds, and appeared in USO shows.

5 Amazing Pin Up Girls

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pin-up | noun 1. Informal a.  a picture of a sexually attractive person, when partially or totally undressed b.  (as modifier) a pin-up magazine 2. Slang a person who has appeared in such a picture 3. a photograph of a famous personality   I believe the classic celebrity pin-up is dead and has been for […]

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5 Famous Photos Changed The World

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I’ll be the first to tell you I know little to nothing about Photography. F-Stops puzzle me, shutter speeds perplex me, ISO to me should be Is Shit Ok. Nevertheless I recently bought a Canon T2i and try, on occasion, to take pictures of my friends, family, or random things around the house. I’ve screwed […]

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Dead Sea Photo Shoot Raises Awareness of Naked Jews

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Israel, the Dead Sea-  Photographer Spencer Tunick, whose last name strikes some as ironic, has made a name for himself by staging massive nudity exhibitions and taking pictures of them. This weekend he was in Israel plotting to expose about 1,000 sacrilegious, secular Jewish middle-aged types as they frolicked in the buoyant waters of the […]

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January Jones For Versace By Mario Testino

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  Versace hired legendary photographer Mario Testino to shoot January Jones for their new line of handbags and shoes. Testino has become one of the world’s most well-known and celebrated fashion photographers. His work has been featured across the globe in magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and V and he has crafted and contributed to […]

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