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Top Athletes Get Naked For ESPN “Body Issue” 2013

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  Super bowl quarterback Colin Kaepernick and NBA point guard John Wall took it all off on the men’s side. Pro golfer Carli Booth and UFC fighter Meisha Tate posed nude on the women’s side. Tate had this to say about getting naked for the magazine, “One of the biggest common misperceptions about women’s mixed […]

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News Burner Photo Of The Day – T-Rex Crashes Wedding In Louisiana

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I can only guess that the bride and groom were huge Jurassic Park fans, why else would you want a shot of your entire bridal party about to be eaten by a giant carnivore? Not sure if it was the idea of wedding photographer Quinn Miller or the dinosaur loving newlyweds but someone came up with the odd idea of filming […]

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“Follow Me”… Stunning Photos of Girlfriend Who Leads Photographer Around The World

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Murad Osmann is a London based photographer who is releasing a series of Instagram photos of his gorgeous girlfriend leading him by the hand all over the world. The series is called “Follow me” and you have to ask yourself, who wouldn’t follow the stunning model who appears in each shot. Osmann took the exact […]

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Kate Upton Body Paint Spread For Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

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Sports Illustrated released it’s 2013 swimsuit edition on Monday and even though TMZ leaked the cover over the weekend, most guys who are freezing their butts off around the country were happy to see Kate Upton on the cover in just a jacket. But the cover is nothing compared to Upton’s body paint spread inside […]

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The Most Iconic Photograph In The History Of Sports

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A 23 year-old kid was one of two photographers to have color film in his camera at ringside on May 25, 1965, when Muhammad Ali knocked out Sonny Liston in Lewiston, Maine. Neil Leifer found himself in front of Ali as he stood over Liston in what is known as the phantom punch. I interviewed […]

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Newborn Grabs Doctor’s Finger During C-Section Delivery

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An Arizona doctor was the first to shake hands with Nevaeh Atkins, when the baby girl reached out of her mother’s abdomen during a C-section delivery and grabbed his finger. The memorable moment was captured by the baby’s father, Randy Atkins, who took the photo that has now gone viral on the web. “The doctor called […]

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Alessandra Ambrosio Poses Nude Four Months After Giving Birth

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If you happened to catch last week’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, you got to see Brazilian super model Alessandra Ambrosio strutting down the catwalk in her underwear. Well, now you can see even more of Ms Ambrosio in this months Made in Brazil magazine. The  images were shot by photographer Stuart Shining and the Brazilian […]

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Photographer Of The Stars Mario Testino Showcases Work In Stunning 300-page ‘Private View’ Book

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He is a magician with a camera—a photographer of modern fashion, a portraitist to the stars. Famed photographer Mario Testino has built a prolific career as a man who is capable of capturing candid images of celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow clutching the Oscar she won for her 1998 role in Shakespeare in Love, as well […]

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Iconic Depression Era New York Photo Was Staged

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  For the second time in the last few months, an iconic New York photograph is being outed as being staged. Earlier this year we reported that the famous shot of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square, was staged between two strangers who didn’t know each other and the World War II hero’s future […]

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Seconds In Syria

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I’ve seen a lot of photos in my life. Photos of moments, ever fleeting. That’s usually how people talk about photos, in minute increments. A moment in time. Yet, the above photo is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. It has to be one of the most thoroughly affecting & deeply disturbing images I’ve laid eyes on. […]

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Kissing Jailbirds Tell Reporter “F#ck Off”

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It seems like two handcuffed hipsters, who were captured on camera last month exchanging a defiant kiss after being arrested for allegedly spray-painting a building, just want to be left alone. Alexis Creque and Russell Murphy were snapped sharing a last lip-lock outside Manhattan Criminal Court on Aug. 16 by Brooklyn photographer Mo Gelber. The […]

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Jean-Paul Bourdier’s Spectacular Camouflage Body Art Images

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Genius fine art photographer, Jean-Paul Bourdier has released some of the most stunning images that use nude painted models set against spectacular landscapes. The French photographer pairs models wearing nothing but body paint with natural backgrounds to create amazing works of fine art. While most models are usually known for their visibility in in a […]

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Dramatic Storm Images Captured On Russian Beach

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Sun worshipers are usually pretty quick to leave the beach at the first sign of rain, but for photographers, that’s many times the best moment to capture sometimes spectacular images of severe weather. An amateur photographer in Russia snapped some of the most incredible shots of an incoming storm on a beach in Baltiysk. Oleg […]

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Celine Dion Topless – Why?

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Don’t you agree that there are some people in the world that you just don’t want to see naked? You know, people that you have a lot of respect for who they are or what they do. To me Celine Dion, is one of those people. Even though I wouldn’t walk across my street to see […]

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Amateur Photographer Captures A Whale of A Good Time

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An amateur photographer captured the above image along the roadside on the California coast. Bill Boutin saw a flock of birds in the water as he drove near Port San Luis and as he got out of his car to snap a shot of the birds in the ocean with his Canon 7D, a 40 […]

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National Geographic Awards It’s Top Traveler Photographs

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There are a lot of photography magazines out there but I still believe that National Geographic brings us the most spectacular images on the planet. The magazine has released some of the finalists in it’s annual travelers photo contest and they are truly breathtaking. From under water surfer shots to picturesque nighttime landscapes, each of […]

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Miranda Kerr By Terry Richardson For Harper’s Bazaar

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It seems like every week the media gets all worked up over another naked Miranda Kerr photo shoot. Last week it was French photographer Laurent Darmon’s nude photos of Kerr that were leaked all over the web. Darmon briefly published the images, then quickly took them down, most likely a reaction from a cease and […]

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Iconic Images Throughout Olympic History

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The 2012 Olympic Games start this Friday in London. We here at News Burner have compiled what we feel are some of the most iconic images in the history of the games. From Jesse Owens amazing run at the 1936 Berlin Olympics where he stunned Adolf Hitler and his Nazi cohorts with four gold medals, […]

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Nobody’s Kicking Sand In Her Face

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The above photo has gotten almost 1 million hits today on the web, with a wide variety of speculation as to why this woman is carrying an assault rifle to the beach. The girl in the bikini is part of the Israeli Defense Forces and their military has very strict regulations about losing your weapon. […]

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ESPN Magazine Releases The Full 2012 Body Issue

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On Sunday we were given a tease of what was to come in the 2012 ESPN magazine “Body Issue.” Earlier today they released the entire spread. Top athletes such as MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, running back Maurice Jones Drew and sprinter Carmelita Jeter are just a few of the world class athletes that stripped down […]

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Top Athletes Pose Nude Again For 2012 ESPN Body Issue

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The biggest selling issue for Sports Illustrated is their annual swimsuit issue. Over the past few years ESPN magazine has tried to cash in on the old “sex sells” adage by publishing an annual body issue where famous athletes pose in the nude. Again, this issue is ESPN’s best selling issue of the calendar year. […]

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News Burner Photo Of The Day: Lightning Strike During Fireworks Display

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 Talk about being in the right place at the right time, an amateur photographer captured an amazingly well timed shot of a lightning strike and fireworks all in the same frame. Michael Pescetti, was snapping photos from a walkway above the Hudson River and he was able to perfectly snap Independence Day fireworks bursting in […]

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Stunning Images Of Tornadoes Captured For National Geographic

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Landscape photographer Mitch Dobrowner has captured some of the most breath taking photos of super-cell storms across the Midwest United States. The series of shots are running in this month’s National Geographic Magazine and they are some of the most incredible images you’ll ever see of giant tornadoes sweeping across the high plains. Following renowned storm chaser […]

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News Burner Photo Of The Day : Sharks Shopping At The Mall

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Yes, it looks like these two sharks are taking advantage of some great sales at your local mall, but the shot above was allegedly taken at the Science Center Of Kuwait after the massive tank, which was home to the sharks collapsed. As funny as this photo looks with two sharks swimming around on the […]

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Candice Swanepoel Photographed For Muse Magazine (NSFW)

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IMG super model Candice Swanepoel is currently on the cover of Muse magazine. The South African stunner was photographed by Mariano Vivanco in the spread that is simply titled “The Private Candice.” The images are shot in black and white with Swanepoel in a variety of poses, all with the same wardrobe, none at all. […]

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