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Long Island Real Estate Icon George Hammer Fights For Tax Breaks for Property Owners

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George Hammer Jr. has made it his personal quest to provide tax relief and refunds to Long Island property owners who are paying more than their fair share. “The tax system is unfair and to the extent that there is no reason that home and business owners should have their pockets picked without their knowledge,” […]

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BASE Jumpers Arrested For Leap From New World Trade Tower

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You would think that the new World Trade tower would be the most secure building in the country – but three BASE jumpers proved that it’s just another tall structure in Manhattan to jump off. The three thrill seekers were criminally charged Tuesday, with a fourth man charged as a lookout. The three jumpers – Andrew […]

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Witnesses Say Spitzer And Young Mistress Put On X- Rated Show At Jamaican Resort

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  The hooker-loving former governor of New York gave vacationers an eyeful at a ritzy resort in Jamaica.  At least that’s what the New York Post and other conservative bloggers are saying. Eliot Spitzer, who was known as “Client #9” to his high-priced call girls, was allegedly spotted kissing and sucking the toes of his topless girlfriend, […]

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Woman Tells New York Post She Thought Lis Smith Was Elliot Spitzer’s Daughter

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Disgraced former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer and his relationship with a much younger woman has thrust the man known as “Client #9” back into the news this week. Spitzer, who resigned from office back in 2008 after spending over $80,000 on prostitutes, has been dating 31 year-old PR flack Lis Smith. The hooker-loving governor is […]

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4 World Trade Center Opens 12 Years After 9/11 Attacks

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More than a decade after 9/11, the new World Trade Center opened to the public yesterday. World Trade Center 4 is the first building among the seven towers to be opened for business. The new tower stands at an impressive 997-feet-high and is 72 stories tall. It will function as a center for office space and retail. Mayor […]

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Oops – Al Qaeda Fighters In Syria Mistakenly Decapitate Their Own Guy

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A group of Al Qaeda linked Syrian rebels beheaded one of their own fighters by mistake this week. A video posted to YouTube shows two Muslim extremists from the Islamic State of Iraq  and al-Sham holding a decapitated head in the air while addressing a crowd of  onlookers. One of the soldiers holds a knife as they […]

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Die Hard Yankee Fan Says: Rivera Ave. Name Change ‘Worth Getting Arrested’ For

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A die-hard Yankees fan so badly wants River Avenue changed to Rivera Avenue she slapped a letter “A” sticker on the sign Tuesday night. “I said, this is worth getting arrested because it’s for Mo,” model-slash-actress Nicole Saulter tells the Post. “I’m obsessed. He’s a legend and [the sign] is practically his name anyway. I don’t want […]

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New Yorkers Say No To “Carlos Danger” And “Client # 9”

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In the end New Yorkers showed they had an aversion to perversion as both Anthony Weiner and Elliot Spitzer were both soundly rejected by voters. Weiner, who spent the first six months of his first child’s life texting images of his penis to young women, was blown out in the Democratic mayoral primary race, netting a tiny […]

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Get Ready for MPRSHOW Fest

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Modern Problems Radio Show is bringing you the most exciting music event this fall, MPRSHOW Fest! The event is hosted by the outrageous Daveylove, creator and host of MPR Show, along with his hilarious producer Mr. Jay and beautiful co-host Laura Merill. John Torres from Oh Cassius! says, “Daveylove is such a fun host, it’s […]

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Superior Digital Displays Launches Billboards In Times Square

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150 years ago, the corner of 42nd street where Broadway and 7th avenue intersect was where New York’s elite brought their horse drawn carriages to get new horse shoes and to repair their wheels from the wear and tear of the cobblestone streets of the city. Today it is called the “Crossroads of the World,” […]

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Actor Forest Whitaker Falsely Accused Of Shoplifting In New York City

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Over twenty years ago, Hollywood actress and author Jewel Shepard told me the story of the day Oscar winning actor Forest Whitaker climbed on her roof of her Santa Monica home to fix her TV antenna and within minutes an LAPD helicopter and SWAT team converged on her home mistaking the acclaimed actor for a […]

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Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch Dead At 88

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The country lost one it’s greatest mayors on Friday. Ed Koch, the extraordinary three-term New York City mayor whose infamous “How’m I doin’?” tagline and unabashed style made him synonymous with New York chutzpah, has died. Mayor Koch saved New York City back in the 1970’s as the city went bankrupt after Koch’s predecessors Mayor […]

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NYC On Track To Lowest Recorded Murder Rate In 50 Years

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As 2012 draws to a close, New York City has some hopeful figures to report for the year, showing an all time low in the number of murders and shootings recorded for the Big Apple. An announcement by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly on Friday morning highlighted police initiatives and how […]

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Sandy Aftermath: Debris Clean Up Close to Complete For New York City, State Not Far Behind

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Clean up crews have been hard at work in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, with new figures from FEMA revealing their progress. As reported by the New York Daily News, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has said that 70 per cent of the debris in New York state has been cleared – with 90 per […]

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Obama Visits Ravaged Staten Island, Promises Long-Term Federal Help

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President Obama finally made it to New York. Obama today toured the Staten Island neighborhoods that were the hardest hit during Hurricane Sandy, reassuring residents that the federal government will remain a presence in New York until Staten Islanders receive the assistance they need. “We are now still in the process of recovery,” Obama said. “People […]

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New City Program To Help New Yorkers Rebuild Homes As Quickly As Possible

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New York City’s government is set to strap on a tool belt and help its residents rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Mayor Bloomberg announced November 9 the formation of a new city program, NYC Rapid Repairs, which forms a partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and sends contractors and city inspectors into […]

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Billboard Artist Ron English Premieres New Exhibition Tonight At Opera Gallery NY

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Ron English is a vigilante artist–pursued by police, admired by art lovers. English, who became infamous in the 1980s for illegally appropriating billboards to create often-politically motivated art, premieres his latest exhibition tonight at the Opera Gallery NY from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The exhibition, “Crucial Fiction,” is a “series of paintings revealing an […]

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Tiffany & Co Shine At Wall Street Collectors Bourse

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The glittering new Tiffany & Co. Wall Street store provided the setting recently for an event that showcased the historic jewelry company’s innovative partnering with the Wall Street Collectors Bourse.  The uniquely appropriate “Breakfast at Tiffany” event featured a group of Downtown glitterati sipping champagne and orange juice while surrounded by a gorgeous array of […]

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