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Stars Gather In Washington To Celebrate Theodore Bikel’s 90th Birthday

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A star-studded collection of artists from a wide spectrum of artistic disciplines will gather at the Washington Hebrew Congregation to pay tribute to the star of stage, screen and sound. Among those expect to perform or attend are such luminaries as Tom Paxton, Dr. Hans Peter Manz, Amichai Lau-Lavie and David Amram. Judy Collins, Arlo […]

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Rolling Stones Ron Wood And Mick Taylor Join Rock Legends In New York City To Pay Tribute To The Blues

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The Cutting Room in downtown Manhattan was torn up by a collection of classic rock legends who ripped through a showcase of the blues roots music that found new life in their seminal sounds of the ’60s and ’70s. Rolling Stones Ron Wood and Mick Taylor (who each made blues guitar a hard-rock staple) were joined […]

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Who Laughs The Loudest When Kanye West Claims He’s A “Genius”

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After watching Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel last week, I realized that there is no limit to how unlikeable this guy can be. If you thought you felt disdain for him before his appearance on Kimmel, the self proclaimed “genius” sank to all new lows as an obnoxious, egomaniacal creep. In the same breathe, he admitted that in his youth, he was an […]

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Joan Jett is Back – Singing About Mother Nature

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Its nice to hear Joan Jett rocking again after almost 7 years.   Billboard’s Matt Diehl reports that Joan Jett Storms Back With New Album ‘Any Weather’.   Its been a long time since ‘I Love Rock N Roll’ hit the charts in 1982, but it is good to hear Joan crank it out again. […]

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Now this is Love

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Ninety-six year old Fred submitted a song he wrote for his wife, Lorraine, of 73 years a month after she passed away. He wrote lyrics out of love and in memorial of his late wife then submitted it to a contest he saw advertised by Green Shoe Studio in the newspaper. They took his lyrics […]

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Get Ready for MPRSHOW Fest

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Modern Problems Radio Show is bringing you the most exciting music event this fall, MPRSHOW Fest! The event is hosted by the outrageous Daveylove, creator and host of MPR Show, along with his hilarious producer Mr. Jay and beautiful co-host Laura Merill. John Torres from Oh Cassius! says, “Daveylove is such a fun host, it’s […]

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Prince Says He “Doesn’t Own A Cellphone”

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The artist formerly known as The Artist  Formerly Known as Prince is the new cover boy for the August issue of V magazine. The eccentric little singer admitted that he doesn’t own a cellphone, so doing a phone interview with the 1980’s music icon was quite a challenge. Even in person, Prince wouldn’t directly talk to the […]

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Snoop Dogg Says: Hip Hop Not Ready For A Gay Rapper

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Even though he has come out in full support of marriage equality, Snoop Dogg is saying he doesn’t think the rap world will ever be accepting of a gay rapper. In an interview with The Guardian, the legendary rapper who now goes by the name Snoop Lion, was asked about Frank Ocean’s admission that he […]

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Goodbye to Droppin Knowledge with Joe Graham

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WMBR (Cambridge, MA) Host Joe Graham recently announced that after 5 or more years, New England’s favorite music show Droppin Knowledge was ending. Joeg supported local talent in the New England area. More than “250 bands/guest/performers have appeared live on the show over the last 5 years, everyone from comedians and actors to bands and […]

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Billy Joel Makes Vanderbilt Student’s Musical Dream Come True

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At an appearance at Vanderbilt University earlier this year, Billy Joel was conducting a Q&A with students when one of the little buggers asked to join him on stage for a song. A soft spoken kid from Long Island told the “Piano Man” that his favorite song was “New York State Of Mind” and asked […]

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In Memory of George Shadow Morton

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For the past 5 months or so, I couldn’t understand why Shadow wasn’t responding to phone calls and emails. I had a sense something was wrong. I found out this week that George Shadow Morton died on Feb 14th from cancer. It has taken me a few days to get my wind back, as Shadow […]

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Howard Stern Rips Clive Davis For “Degrading” Kelly Clarkson

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Shock jock Howard Stern ripped into Clive Davis this week on his radio show for going after Kelly Clarkson in his new book. “I always find it sickening when management guys like to set the record straight about how [bleeping] creative and what geniuses they are,” the shock jock said on his radio show Wednesday […]

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Kelly Clarkson Destroys Clive Davis On Her Blog Post In Reaction To His Book

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We all know that Clive Davis is a legendary record label executive and has taken credit for signing artists such as Whitney Houston, Carlos Santana, Barry Manilow, Alicia Keys and more. But that didn’t stop singer Kelly Clarkson from standing up to Davis as he continues to make disparaging comments about the talented singer/songwriter. Clarkson got […]

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Whitney Wolanin’s Tribute to Bob Babbit

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2012 was a great year for Whitney Wolanin as she climbed the charts with “Honesty”, “Frosty the Snowman, and now . . . “Wrong Guy”.   However, Whitney doesn’t quickly forget the people that helped her along the way.   Here is a touching testimonial to the immortal Funk Brothers’ Bass Player, Bob Babbit, who […]

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Bob Marley Forever – Happy Birthday !

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Bob Marley (68) shares a birthday with former President Ronald Reagan (102) today.   He was one of those artists that made you feel good everytime you heard him sing.   It seems as though all the great ones die early.   Bob was only 36 when he left us in 1981. Bob was a […]

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Beyonce Lip-synched “The Star Spangled Banner”

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It is being reported today that Beyonce lip-synched yesterday’s “Star Bangled Banner” at President Obama’s second term inauguration. People who were close to the singer said they could tell that Beyonce wasn’t really belting it out and now it has been confirmed that Beyonce made the decision to use a recorded track instead of trying […]

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The David Bowie Comeback: Singer Drops New Single, Reveals Upcoming Album

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For David Bowie fans, their prayers have just been answered. Celebrating his 66th birthday today (January 8), the superstar has ended his ten-year musical silence with the release of a new single “Where Are We Now?”, on iTunes. Scheduled as the fifth track off of his new album, “The Next Day”, the song explores the […]

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Yoko Blames Paul For The Beatles Break Up – But Says The Band Was “Growing Apart”

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Newly released interviews from 1987 have shed some light on the breakup of The Beatles. Industry big wig Joe Smith sat down with Yoko Ono 25 years ago and John Lennon’s widow says the bands breakup was more like a “divorce.” “The Beatles were getting very independent,” she said in the interview. “Each one of […]

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The Gods Of Rock And Roll Mingle Backstage At 12-12-12 Concert

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The gods of rock and roll were all under one roof last night as Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Eric Clapton, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, Bruce Springstein and Billy Joel all took the stage at Madison Square Garden to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims. For music lovers, this is like Jesus, Moses, Buddha […]

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Tristan Omand Releases New Album

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He looks like Buddy Holly and performs like Bob Dylan.   His name is Tristan Omand, a young New Hampshire man with an “old soul”.   Soft spoken with a strong delivery. Its rare to listen and watch a solo artist capture an audience song after song . . . like Tristan Omand.   When […]

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Nicki Minaj Blames Retailers For Her Poor Record Sales

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When asked why no one was buying her most recent record, Nicki Minaj doesn’t blame it on her crappy music, she says it’s the stores fault for her disappointing sales numbers. The bitchy rapper was asked on Power 105 if it was hard to purchase “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up,” Minaj responded, “It […]

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INXS Takes A Final Bow?

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After 35 years as a group, Australian rock sensation INXS is said to have bid fans adieu. Reports say the announcement was made on Sunday night, during their support performance for a Matchbox Twenty tour. Playing to a homegrown crowd in the west coast city of Perth, drummer Jon Farriss apparently delivered the news – […]

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Aztec Two-Step’s Rex Fowler Launches A Kickstarter Campaign For His New Band – The Nutopians

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Aztec Two-Step was one of the best known groups to emerge from New York City’s downtown music scene in the early 1970’s.  Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman met at an open mic night in Boston in 1971 and have been playing to packed houses throughout the U.S. ever since. Other artists such as Bob Dylan, […]

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Keith Richards Apologizes To Mick Jagger For Insulting His Little Manhood

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Rolling Stones front-man Mick Jagger demanded an apology from lead guitarist Keith Richards for insulting his little Jagger. In Richards best selling memoir titled “Life,” the now heroin-free guitarist wrote that Mick was packing a ‘Tiny Todger” in reference to his diminutive male organ. “He did apologize, to my face,” Jagger says. “So you have […]

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Don’t Miss this LIVE interview!!!

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Extra!  Extra!  For all you electronic music fans I’ve been telling you, that it’s one thing to hear her but a whole other experience to see and feel her electrifying personality!  Well now you’ll  get your chance tomorrow night! That’s right, VButterfly La Mariposa will be flapping her wings LIVE via Skype on Thursday October […]

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