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Christina Aguchi Honored At The Top Feature Tournament In The Country

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As the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos took the field for Super Bowl 50, they played for the Vince Lombardy Trophy, named after the iconic coach who won the first two championship games. Monroe’s of Palm Beach will be hosting their third annual Feature Entertainer Tournament this Memorial Day weekend and like the Vince […]

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The Best New Year’s Eve Party In West Palm Beach

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For close to 100 years most Americans have been celebrating the beginning of the New Year with lavish parties and extravagant events, listening to the sounds of Guy Lombardo and his Orchestra or Dick Clark’s “Rockin” New Years Eve from Times Square, but today it’s an elite nightclub in South Florida that has brought the […]

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Lacey Rain Performing Live At Monroe’s Of Palm Beach

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  Fresh off the Monroe’s of Palm Beach 2015 Feature Tournament, the hottest adult club in the country is bringing back one their champions. Exotic dance superstar Lacey Rain will be back in South Florida performing for three dates in August. The blond bombshell, who is also known as “The Hurricane,” will be back on […]

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Meryl Streep’s Powerful Message To Young Women

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The most acclaimed American actress of our time is sending a powerful message to young women by telling them to not obsess about their looks and their weight. While receiving an honorary doctorate degree from Indiana University, the 3 time Academy Award winning actress told those in attendance that when she was a teenager she thought she wasn’t pretty […]

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Will The Brilliant Satire Of Stephen Colbert Work On Late Night Network Television

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I just want to start by saying that I love Steve Colbert and his brand of satire that is the essence of his award winning show on Comedy Central – but is mainstream America ready for him on late night network television? The host of “The Colbert Report” just signed a five-year contract to succeed David Letterman […]

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Actress Anne Greene Sued By HBO For Refusing To Do Fully Nude Scene

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When HBO says get naked, they really mean it. A Hollywood actress is being sued by producers at the cable giant for not taking her clothes off when they asked her to. Anne Greene is being counter-sued for $85,000 after she refused to get naked on the set of an HBO production. The Hollywood Reporter, states that Greene filed a complaint […]

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Neo-Nazi Party Dumps German Porn Star For Having Sex With A Black Man

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  Go figure, a German porn star is in big trouble with her neo-Nazi buddies for filming a sex scene with a black man. The National Democratic Party of Germany had no problem making German adult actress Ina Groll the face of its hate- fueled party – but that all changed when they saw the 28 year-old fraulein getting […]

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Joan Rivers Slams Lena Dunham ” It’s Ok, Stay Fat, Get Diabetes And Die”

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  How’s this for a celebrity cage match? The poster child for botched plastic surgery procedures Joan Rivers, is ripping HBO “Girls” actress and creator Lena Dunham about being fat. To make this story a little more bizarre shock jock Howard Stern, who has battled his own body image issues, came to Dunham’s defense. “Let me ask you something. Lena Dunham, who again […]

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Sports Illustrated Puts Barbie On Cover Of 50th Anniversay Swimsuit Issue

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  Kate Upton move over, because this year a 7 inch plastic doll will be featured on the cover of next week’s Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary Swimsuit edition. Yes, it’s true, Barbie will grace the cover of the iconic swimsuit issue. Striking a pose in the black-and-white swimsuit she wore for her debut in 1959, Barbie takes her place alongside a […]

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Valentine’s Day

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Remember when you were in grade school and you’d receive tons of Valentines? Even the coolest guy or girl in school would give you a Valentine’s Day card that said, “I choo choo choose you” with a lollipop. Now, you feel lucky if you have one single girlfriend to go out with or happy that […]

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First Date Pitfalls

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The notorious Chi Serial Dater has done an amazing job keeping her identity under wraps so when I had an opportunity to collaborate with her and find out who the hilarious girl is behind her words, I was more than ecstatic. She has no shame, isn’t afraid to share her ups and downs, and like […]

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Best Crowd Reaction Shot EVER

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The Smith family thought they were going out for a pleasant evening in Brooklyn when “Twerk” princess Miley Cyrus decided to put on a strip show for her adoring fans. MTV cameras caught possibly the greatest reaction shot in the history of live television when it cut to Will, Jada, Jaden and Willow all looking […]

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Get Ready for MPRSHOW Fest

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Modern Problems Radio Show is bringing you the most exciting music event this fall, MPRSHOW Fest! The event is hosted by the outrageous Daveylove, creator and host of MPR Show, along with his hilarious producer Mr. Jay and beautiful co-host Laura Merill. John Torres from Oh Cassius! says, “Daveylove is such a fun host, it’s […]

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Justin Timberlake’s New Video Loaded With Naked Women Banned From Youtube

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Not to be outdone by fellow crooner Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake loaded up his new video with nude women. The Daily News is reporting that Youtube has banned the video for the former boy band member’s new track “Tunnel Vision.” Timberlake, obviously inspired by Robin Thicke’s R-rated version of his chart topping song “Blurred Lines”, cast fully nude […]

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PARAGODS – The Next Big Comedy Hit !

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I just want to know what the Director/Writer Shawn Allen was doing when he came up with the idea for Paragods . . . I wish I was there.   Paragods is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen, and it hasn’t even been released yet. In their own words: “Think of us […]

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Tanking “American Idol” Look To Fire Mariah Carey And Bring Back J-Lo

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“American Idol” ratings have been so bad this season that the show’s producers have hatched a plan to fire singer Mariah Carey mid- season and bring back Jennifer Lopez. The Hollywood Reporter is saying that show’s producers are so desperate at this point that they are looking to replace both Mariah and rapper Nicki Minaj […]

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Kid KJ And Lil Mighty Monsters Roll Into Chicago At Sears Center Arena

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Kid KJ and his team of mini monster truck drivers will be rolling into the “Windy City” next weekend as part of the Lucas Oil Monster Truck Nationals Tour. Kid KJ’s team will be featuring the Lil’ Bully truck, which is part of his team’s new anti-bully campaign. First year drivers Chris Dixon and Macy […]

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Broadway Fans Ignore No Camera Rule And Film Naked Actress In ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’

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Hoping to capture an image of actress Emilia Clarke naked on stage, had theater fans at the Cort Theatre audience ignoring Broadway’s strict “no photos” rule and frantically snapping shots of the actress’s nude scene on their cellphones. Clarke is starring in the Truman Capote classic, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s” where she plays Holly Golightly in […]

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Jon Stewart Taking A Break From “Daily Show”

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“Daily Show” host Jon Stewart will take an extended hiatus from his late night talk show this summer to direct his first movie. Stewart, who has been the host of the show since 1999, will be replaced by John Oliver. Stewart will take his break over 12 weeks this summer. Oliver will fill in as […]

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Jimmy Fallon To Replace Jay Leno At “Tonight Show”

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Here we go again. It was  a was three years ago when NBC was forcing Jay Leno out and ushering in Conan O’Brien as the new host of the “Tonight Show,” when then NBC president Jeff Zucker got cold feet and pulled the last minute “switcheroo.” It is now being reported that Jay Leno is […]

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Team Kid KJ Rolls Into DuQuoin Illinois This Weekend

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Team Kid KJ hits the road again this weekend when the youngest monster truck driver in the world heads to DuQuoin, Illinois. The Monster Truck Nationals Tour will roll into the Southern Illinois Center at DuQuoin State Fairgrounds on Friday and Saturday. Kid KJ and his little brother Jake will be appearing at the MONSTERS & […]

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Oscars Memoriam Forgets Some Of Hollywood’s Most Iconic Actors

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It looks like the producers of the 85th Academy Awards were too busy choreographing over the top musical numbers and forgot to do their research on exactly who died last year in Hollywood. How do you forget to include Andy Griffith, Alex Karras and Phyllis Diller in the memoriam? Diller was in over 40 films […]

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Seth MacFarlane Insults His Way To Oscar Gold

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No one in Hollywood was safe from the wrath of Seth MacFarlane jokes at last night’s 85th Academy Awards. Gays, Jews, Blacks and Hollywood’s elite were all fair game for the “Family Guy” creator. My favorite line of the night was when the comic compared the violence towards women in “Django Unchained” to a Chris […]

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Games On The Go – Education Through Entertainment

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Games On The Go operates a mobile entertainment business in an impressive 38 foot custom motor-coach. Schools throughout the Florida market have embraced the quality of their services as an “easy button’ for after-care programs and camp activities. Games On The Go pride themselves in quality non-violent entertainment for up to 30 players at a […]

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Sore Loser Chris Brown Sits During Frank Ocean’s Standing Ovation

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Chris Brown showed what a class act he is last night when he remained seated during the standing ovation for Frank Ocean’s win for best contemporary urban album category. Brown is being destroyed by bloggers today on the web for his childish behavior. The punchy little singer who used Rihanna’s face as a speed bag […]

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