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Fox Anchor Can’t Fathom Why A Muslim Wrote A Book About Jesus

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I want to clarify, you’re a Muslim, so why did you write a book about the founder of Christianity? ~Lauren Green to Reza Aslan And so started the greatest interview Fox has ever aired (online). Ever. By ‘greatest’ I of course mean ‘most Islamophobic, cringeworthy and base’. Jesus Christ (no pun intended), this was a […]

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No Political Group Should Be Tax Exempt

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Let’s get a few things out of the way right quick. I, like you, think the IRS is in the wrong here for their recent targeting of conservative groups. I, like you, thought this was wrong when it was done to liberal groups under the Bush administration as well. Political proclivities aside, if, on the […]

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World’s First 3D Gun Successfully Fired Because America

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It’s here. Finally. The day we’ve all been waiting for. By ‘we’ I more or less mean 2nd amendment enthusiast. Oh, you (very selective) lovers of (very selective) freedom are in for a whopper of treat. At long last someone was able to successfully shoot a gun created by a 3-D printer!   AMERICA. WE […]

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Dr. Kermit Gosnell And The Trial No One Is Covering

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According to Dr. Daniel Conway, a Philadelphia neonatologist, babies with a gestational age of 27 to 30 weeks have an 85 percent chance of survival, and a low risk of serious disabilities. Some put the chance of survival up above 90% at 30 weeks. 30 weeks being 7 and a half months. As it stands now, the law of land […]

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PTSD: An American Tragedy

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Even though we have never meet I will miss you if you go. I may never have heard you tell stories of your playful childhood days or over zealous high school years, but I will miss you if you go. Even if you would have lived to be a hundred years old and our paths never […]

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The Slacktivism Of The Equal Sign

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Slacktivism (slaktəˌvizəm) noun Actions performed via the Internet in support of a political or social cause but regarded as requiring little time or involvement – If your profile picture on Facebook or Twitter is a red/pink equals sign, you are a slacktivist. Slacker+activist=you (Note that the equation is weighed extraordinarily heavily on the slacker side, […]

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“Live Free or Die” in New Hampshire – Maybe Not !

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New Hampshire has always been respected as the “Live Free or Die” state. The citizens of NH controlled their State, Counties and Town governments. Most representatives are volunteers from the community. They don’t believe in financing big government. NH citizens are resilient people who know how to survive with very little. But times are changing. […]

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Drones: America’s Sweethearts

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It’s the kind of unrequited love that makes you cast logic aside. The sort that has you making the silliest of decisions. Ones you never thought possible. The type that wraps you up tight in its warm, safe embrace. America and her drones. It’s been a true whirlwind romance so far. Just like any relationship in its […]

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Kim Jung Un Lied To Rodman, Would ‘Do War’

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North Korea is a joke. A particularly malnourished one as it were. I mean who else, on the planet Earth, would not only welcome Dennis Rodman into their country but actually touch Dennis Rodman? Kim Jung Un would. He and his pops Kim Jung Ill (typo on purpose) shared a love for the Jordan-era Bulls. […]

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White House Cancels Tours, Keeps Calligraphers

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“This is really what the White House is all about. It’s the “People’s House.” It’s a place that is steeped in history, but it’s also a place where everyone should feel welcome. And that’s why my husband and I have made it our mission to open up the house to as many people as we […]

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We’re Not Judging Melissa King And Neither Should You

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From the young age of 12 to age 18, the former Miss Delaware Teen USA, Melissa King, lived in foster homes with no money, no family and suffered from severe anxiety and depression. At age 18, she made a terrible mistake and filmed an amateur porn film for a website that pays young girls, who […]

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Rand Paul Returns Money To Treasury, Remains Great At Getting Publicity

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Just as last year and in what amounts to largely just free publicity, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul mocked up one of those big ol’ lottery style checks which he’ll send to the Treasury. A check for his office’s surplus operating budget. Last year he returned $500,000, also on a steroid injected check, and this year’s surplus came to $600,000, […]

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On The Distrust Of Government

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For better or worse Americans continue to not trust politicians and the government very much. Perhaps because some of the sleeping have awoken and started to pay a thimble’s worth of attention. Perhaps because a poor economy naturally leads to distrust. Perhaps because we’re on the verge of some sort of political revolution (unlikely, but think more […]

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A Meteor Hit Russia And Bruce Willis Did Nothing

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Chelyabinsk, Russia. My old stomping ground* doing it Armageddon style (*not really). Well, Armageddon in the sense that a meteor hit it, which in the Michel Bay movie was pre-bang to the larger Texas sized one that was to destroy earth. Not Armageddon in the sense that Bruce Willis (of The Whole Ten Yards fame), Ben Affleck (of […]

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North Korea’s Awesomely Bizarre Missle Threat Against U.S.

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  If there’s one thing North Korea does well, aside from suppressing freedom, gulags and food shortages, it’s propaganda. Given that, the incredibly ironically named, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, just put out another gem. The video, uploaded by North Korea’s official website, Uriminzokkiri, starts with a (hungry) North Korean sleeping. In the foreground sits a DSLR […]

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Ray Lewis’ First Career Sack Was On Jim Harbaugh

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Shortly after the Browns left Cleveland and shortly before Ray Lewis was arrested on a murder charge, the Ravens linebacker notched his first sack. Normally these sorts of things are memorable to the sacker and really no one else, I assume. However, the first in the illustrious career of the Maniac Manslaughterer from Miami U […]

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Caleb Moore Dies From Injuries Sustained At X Games

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This was supposed to be an article about how much I loathe the X Games. About the deep seated disdain of the unironic mountain hipsters who flock to Aspen for their devastatingly expensive/inevitably mediocre views of the action. Then I was going to point out the irony of those statements by mentioning; 1) I’ve partaken […]

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The Inauguration, God & Politics

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First, the invocation. …I believe in a president whose religious views are his own private affair, neither imposed by him upon the nation, or imposed by the nation upon him as a condition to holding that office… ~John F. Kennedy, September 12, 1960 Then, the Tabernacle Choir performs ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic‘. Glory, glory, hallelujah. […]

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The Big Lie Lives On In Oprah’s Interview With Lance Armstrong

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If anyone you know happens to be choking on something, don’t bother using the Heimlich maneuver, just show them a minute of Oprah’s interview with Lance Armstrong and they will surely want to throw up. I’ve never witnessed a guy who is that guilty and who supposedly wanted to come clean, come off that cocky and […]

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The Epic Manti Te’o Girlfriend Hoax [Update]

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Like most red blooded Americans, I loathe Notre Dame football with a fire that burns with the heat of a thousand suns. But, ya know, the whole Manti-Te’o’s-girlfriend-and-grandmother-dying-within-24-hours thing really tugged at my heartstrings. I do have those. Heartstrings. Metal ones. Man heartstrings. It was inspiring, his performance in the wake of such earth shattering tragedy. […]

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Video Games And Violence

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In keeping with the dog and pony show spirit of American political discourse and decision making, Vice President Biden recently met with video game industry representatives to chat about violent video games, guns and cheat codes (for the grandkids). This, of course, part of the storied tradition of due diligence in crafting policy. Who can […]

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Fiscal Cliff Failure And Other Fun Cliffs To Look Forward To

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For all intents and purposes the fiscal cliff deal that was reached in the baby blue eyed hours of the new year accomplished close to nothing. A paltry kick of the can at best, it serves as a stop gap measure to merely save American face for a touch longer. A brief refresher as to […]

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Stop The Next Maniac – Fully Ban Assault Weapons

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Below is an editorial that was published in today’s New York Daily News. The fact that sniper William Spengler got his psycho hands on a Bushmaster AR-15 — the very same model wielded by Newtown madman Adam Lanza — speaks volumes about why assault weapons must be absolutely banned. Not even the looniest National Rifle […]

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Russian Parliament Approves Anti-U.S. Adoption Bill

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Recently America passed a piece of legislation called the Magnitsky Act. Its namesake, Sergei Magnitsky, blew the whistle on large scale tax fraud perpetrated by Russian government officials. For his efforts, he was subsequently tossed in prison where he was allegedly beating, tortured and not given proper medical care until he died almost a year later. […]

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On Christmas Traditions/The War On Christmas

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Lo, the splendor of well adorned evergreens, the bountiful largesse beneath the tree and the yule log aflame warming the hearts and souls of all around. ‘Tis the season (to be jolly (fa la la la la la la la la)). In the spirit of the season, I’ll be giving you all some knowledge on Christmas’s past. […]

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