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Give Back Box

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You know that awesome moment when you come home and there’s a box sitting at your door? I don’t know about you, but I pick up the box, run up my stairs, and then open it even before taking my coat off. It’s like a little Christmas morning happening constantly throughout the year. After I […]

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Some say birthdays are overrated, others start planning their birthdays six months in advance, and then there’s me. I feel everyone should do something special for themselves on their day. Normally, I go to the spa for a massage and anti-aging facial, but this year I was undecided on what it was I wanted to […]

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Love is Strength

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Falling in love is bliss. When you fall in love you feel invincible and you operate off a high. I’ve been in love and when I was in love I literally felt like nothing bad could happen to me; that the man I was in love with and the love around us acted as an […]

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Taking the Plunge

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Everybody has moments in their life that they will forever remember; moments that don’t just come as a memory, but fill the mind and body with emotion when remembered. It could be the moment you fall in love with your forever partner, the moment you give birth to your child, the moment you made the […]

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Derrick Rose Discusses Growing Up Tough in Chicago And His Desire For An NBA Championship

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Derrick Rose grew up rough and tough in a neighborhood in Chicago and talks about his desire for an NBA championship this year. Rose was born and raised in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago’s South Side. In the video, Rose talks about how his strong relationship with his mother and his love of basketball helped […]

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Maison De LaCour’s Chicago Fashion Show “The Immaculate One” Helps To Fight Cancer

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  Courage, sophistication, and passion—these are only three of the most common words used to describe the high-end fashion line Maison De LaCour (MDLC).  On Tuesday, October 16th 2012, MDLC and Luxury Management (LUX MGT) will present a dramatic Fashion Focus Chicago production of a lifetime to benefit the American Cancer Society—a cause bent on bringing hope to those who also show immense […]

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Chicago International Social Change Film Festival Is Right Around The Corner – Get Your Tickets Now

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The Chicago International Social Change Film Festival is right around the corner and tickets will sell out so get yours now to see history in the making. The CISCFF three day film festival will be hosted at the Showplace Icon October 5th through the 7th. The Chicago International Social Change Film Festival is already getting […]

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New American Idol Judges Are In The Windy City Today For Auditions

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The quartet of Season 12 judges, made up by Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson, and Mariah Carey, are in the Windy City listening to potential American Idol contestants today at the Adler Planetarium. Similar to years before, a few familiar names and faces have popped up during auditions for the upcoming season of American Idol. […]

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Drew Peterson – VERDICT REACHED – Guilty

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The Jury deliberated for 13 hours 52 minutes and the verdict is – – GUILTY Peterson, a former Bolingbrook, Ill., police sergeant, is charged in the 2004 drowning death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. The prosecution alleges that Peterson, 58, murdered Savio and staged her death to look like an accident. The defense on […]

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Chicago Mob: Joseph “The Monk” Scalise Gets 9 Years In Prison

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When you live the life of a mobster, crime pays and crime punishes. Joseph Jerry “The Monk” Scalise, who is a well known Chicago mobster and high-ranking member of the Chicago Outfit criminal organization has once again been sentenced to prison. Although Scalise has been involved in a lifetime of crime, he is most known for stealing […]

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Meet the Most Revolutinary Artist in The World – Mr. Patrick Skoff! <3

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Mr. Patrick Skoff ( … WOW – what to say about a talented artist such as Patrick?…  A creative, inspirational artist that is doing his part to give back to the world.  One of the things he is doing is connecting people all over the world with his unique paintings. Mr. Skoff has been painting works […]

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Being Sued By 11 Chicago Police Officers

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel is feeling the heat from some Chicagoans, problem is, this heat is coming from employee’s at the city he manages. 11 police officers are suing the Mayor for allegedly replacing them from his security detail and moving officers who helped his campaign for Mayor to work on his security team. The lawsuit […]

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Bartlett Illinois Man Charged: DUI & Reckless Homicide For Chain O’Lakes Death

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A Bartlett man has been officially charged in the death of 10 year old Tony Borcia, from a boating accident on the Chain O’Lakes in late July. David Hatyina, 50, had cocaine and alcohol in his system when his boat ran over 10-year-old Tony Borcia of Libertyville, killing the boy in late July on the […]

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