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Eddy Cebreco – The George Bailey Of West Palm Beach

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As the holidays approach, we are reminded that it is that time of the year where we find ourselves in the spirit of giving and spreading goodwill to all. One holiday movie that exemplifies this, is the story of George Bailey in the 1946 classic “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  Well, it seems West Palm Beach, […]

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Elie Hirschfeld and Jon Stewart Celebrate Athletes With Disabilities at Achilles 5 Mile Hope & Possibility Run

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  New York Developer and philanthropist Elie Hirschfeld placed 19th in his age group in the Achilles Hope & Possibility 5-Mile run in Central Park last weekend. More than 3,300 runners, walkers, hand cyclists and wheelchair athletes participated in the event from around the tri-state area. Hosted by Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s Daily Show, […]

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Give Back Box

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You know that awesome moment when you come home and there’s a box sitting at your door? I don’t know about you, but I pick up the box, run up my stairs, and then open it even before taking my coat off. It’s like a little Christmas morning happening constantly throughout the year. After I […]

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Some say birthdays are overrated, others start planning their birthdays six months in advance, and then there’s me. I feel everyone should do something special for themselves on their day. Normally, I go to the spa for a massage and anti-aging facial, but this year I was undecided on what it was I wanted to […]

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So This is Christmas

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Santa made his entrance during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and that means the holiday season has officially begun! I love Christmas and I love all things holiday, except fruitcake. I try, but I can’t seem to get on the fruitcake train. My Christmas joy has been around my whole life and even though my […]

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Oxford University Women’s Rugby Team Strips Down For 2014 Calendar

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The women’s rugby team at prestigious Oxford University took it all off for their 2014 calendar. In one photo the girls wore only their socks and their cleats a they ran out on to the pitch. Other calendar months have the girls lifting weights in the buff and sitting in the stands naked. The girls are […]

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Sweetest Day

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Sweetest Day is this Saturday, October 19th. It happens the third Saturday in October every year (in case you want to put a reminder in your calendar). Some people think that Sweetest Day is a Hallmark holiday where you are supposed to buy your significant other something in order to stay out of the doghouse. […]

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Hypoglycemia Takes Center Stage Gala “Casino Royale”

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An estimated 80 million Americans have Hypoglycemia and most don’t even know it! That’s why The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, Inc., stands firmly behind its mission statement of continuing to be a leader in providing support, advocacy and information about the causes, prevention and management of functional Hypoglycemia, also known as low blood sugar.  Roberta Ruggiero, […]

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Cancer & Marriage

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When I was eleven years old my mother was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder. Before she was diagnosed I don’t recall thinking she was sick. Dinner was always on the table, I had a ride to all my practices, and our house was clean; life seemed normal. One day my grandmother came to visit, […]

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Taking the Plunge

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Everybody has moments in their life that they will forever remember; moments that don’t just come as a memory, but fill the mind and body with emotion when remembered. It could be the moment you fall in love with your forever partner, the moment you give birth to your child, the moment you made the […]

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Celebration Exotic Car Festival 10th Anniversary Is A Smashing Success

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It has been said that the true meaning of success is having the ability to give back. This past Saturday those words were in full effect as the Celebration Exotic Car Festival celebrated it’s 10th year of giving back to those in need. Billed as the number one exotic car show in North America, the […]

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Charity Fight At Gleason’s Gym Featuring Orion Mims

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Orion Mims doesn’t do things the easy way. He actually doesn’t seem to do anything easy given his athletic feats. That extends to his philanthropic work. Can’t just cut a check and take a photo op like any other schmo. In case you’re unfamiliar with who I’m talking and what he’s done, here’s a brief […]

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Orion Mim’s Charity Fight At Gleason’s Boxing Gym

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9 Ironmans 24 70.3s 12 Olympic distance triathlons 9 marathons Just typing that list makes me feel like the laziest slouch that’s ever walked the earth. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even type it. I copied and pasted it from the website of one Orion Mims (number of Ironmans & 70.3’s updated from an interview […]

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Gleason’s Give A Kid A Dream

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Growing up is tough. That’s the refrain. It’s a tall, yet mandatory, order. There are shades of gray though, gradients of growing. Some have it easier, some harder. A lot depends on geography and who’s in your corner. For underprivileged and disadvantaged youths in New York though, it doesn’t get much tougher. The city streets […]

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Grand Prix Of Palm Beach Partners With Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

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The Grand Prix of Palm Beach is happy to announce they will be supporting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Palm Beach Area Chapter as part of the November 3 – 4 High Performance Kart Racing event in downtown West Palm Beach. Grand Prix of Palm Beach identified the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as charity of […]

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GIVING BACK – 911 Dispatcher & Wife of a Firefighter – Making wishes happen.

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As  a former Firefighter myself, I am drawn to stories of others in Public Safety taking time &  – GIVING BACK – It’s not enough that these individuals already make a difference and give back everyday in their jobs, but they continue to give back when not working!! I know the mindset, because I have […]

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