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Dr’s Toy Store – The Choice of America’s Top Doctors

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  Dr’s Toy Store is the industry leader in buying and selling new and pre-owned medical equipment in the Southeastern United States. Founded in 1998, it’s expansive showroom in Hollywood, Florida is the largest in South Florida. Owner Rob Raymond, has put together a crack staff of sales associates and service technicians that rivals the […]

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Pure Beverage Systems Scams Florida Tech Company

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  Pure Beverage Systems of Pompano Beach, Florida has decided to stiff a local Florida web development company after the web design team finished their new website. Lawyers sent a demand letter to the South Florida based water purification company in early January and received no response. Pure Beverage Systems, who has a reputation of […]

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You’ve Lost Your Job, Don’t Lose Your Mind: 10 Steps to Unemployment

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August 26, 2013 my company filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Myself, and all of my co-workers were suddenly out of work. Flash forward to today, some of us are still out of work, some got hired immediately, some have moved away and some, like me, are getting really good at Grand Theft Auto 5. OK, […]

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I Hope to God I’m Wrong…

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“When shit goes down and you find yourself in an argument, it’s best to be in the wrong. It’s so much easier to apologize than convince some they are wrong. If you truly remove your ego, solving the conflict will be instant and effortless.” – Dad Arguments usually start going wrong right from the beginning. […]

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Superior Digital Displays To Launch First time Network Spectacular In Time Square

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Superior Digital Displays is set to launch a multi-location network of LED digital billboards in New York’s Times Square. The first of five digital spectaculars to be installed on the Thomson-Reuters Building at #3 Time Square will be operational in the second quarter of 2013. Three additional digital displays will also be installed at 729 […]

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Games On The Go Steals The Show At Franchise Expo South

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  The Sun Sentinel ran the article below last week about the hottest franchise opportunity available today at the largest franchise show in the southern United States: Imagine a job where you can indulge in ice cream and other sweets every day. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning an ice cream shop, a hugely popular Palm Beach […]

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Google’s Android v Apple’s IPhone & Facebook

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Remeber when Google was just a search engine ? CNN reports that in an interview with Bloomberg, Google chairman Eric Schmidt has declared Android the winner in its mobile war with Apple. Android captured 72% of the worldwide market share in the third quarter, while Apple took 14%. In an interview with Bloomberg, Schmidt said […]

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Hostess Liquidation Gets Green Light, Buyer Hope In Sight

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After ceasing its baking operations two weeks ago, Hostess Brands Inc. has been granted final court approval to liquidate, ending the company’s 82-year run. During Thursday’s hearing at a US bankruptcy court in White Plains N.Y, Judge Robert Drain also approved up to $1.8 million in executive bonuses – dependent on company management meeting certain […]

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When Did Become the *New* for Business?

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  This whole new social media era we live in is quite interesting. LinkedIn, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Twitter…. Who can or could keep up with them all? I know I can’t. It becomes draining and can consume your life if you let it. It truly is an addiction just like any other addiction is. I’ve […]

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Chicago Eats: Dragon Ranch Moonshine & BBQ – American BBQ Meets Asian Influence

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BAM ! Rockit Ranch Productions, does it again – It’s not that I am surprised by another hit restaurant hot spot from the triple threat executives at RRP, but wow, what a killer new place. You can always expect unique, eclectic and different, but who would have thought to combine asian influence with american BBQ. […]

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FB Chart

Stock Report: Facebook – Why Is The Social Media Giant’s Stock Heading South

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Mark Zuckerberg has been quoted saying -“It’s painful to watch,” when referring to his FB shares sliding further south. Today the shares actually touched $19.00, which is half of the social media giant’s $38.00 IPO price. So, Zuckerberg, is $600Million lighter in the wallet and shareholders alike are asking why? Well, for starters, the initial price […]

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U.S Corn Yield: 17 Year Low Expected

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The drought is just killing off corn fields in the midwest – U.S.  – The corn yield is expected to be 123.4 bushels an acre, which would be the lowest in 17 years. What does that do to corn prices? Corn prices are projected to reach a record $7.50 to $8.90 a bushel and earlier crop […]

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Unemployment – It’s Like We’re Stuck In Mud

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Although employers added the most jobs in five months, July’s jobless rate numbers rose, leaving the impression still intact that the economy is just muddling along and still a major disappointment. The Labor Department said the economy added 163,000 jobs last month, far exceeding the 100,000 jobs that economists had expected. However, the economy still is far […]

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The Reality Television Epidemic

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Ten years ago, the only big reality TV shows that were on TV were The Real World, Big Brother and Survivor. Fast-forward to 2012, and now it seems as if reality TV has taken over America. No matter what time of the day it is, you can most likely find a reality show on TV. […]

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Chick-fil-A – Anti Gay & The President/COO Doesn’t Deny It –

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Chick-fil-A  – Open mouth and insert foot – In a recent interview with the Baptist Press, President/COO Dan Cathy stated that – “We are very much supportive of the family, That is, the biblical definition of the family unit And that doesn’t include Adam and Steve.” Cathy, whose father S. Truett Cathy founded the Atlanta-based company says […]

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Bob Chinn’s Crab House – Highest Grossing Restaurant In The Country

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If your from the Greater Chicagoland area, no doubt you have eaten at “Bob Chinn’s Crab House” in Wheeling, IL – In 1982 Bob Chinn set up his crab house to seat 250 guests and serve them fresh seafood. now, Bob Chinn’s now 30 years later seats 700 guests and has an average of 2500 […]

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U.S. Corn Growers – “We Need Rain”

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It’s true, U.S. Corn growers are in the midst of the largest drought since President Reagan was in office. What’s a farmer to do when you have a massive drought that is causing your crops to wither away? The midwest is especially concerned since temperatures just keep rising or holding at record highs. “The drought is […]

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Banks Behaving Badly – Seems to be the new Norm?

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No biggie, just another major world bank behaving badly is all – Barclays CEO, Robert E. Diamond Jr announced his retirement on Tuesday a few weeks after the bank shelled out $450 million to settle accusations that it had tried to manipulate key interest rates for its own benefit;  just one more bank that recently comes under shareholder […]

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Moody’s lowers credit ratings on World Banks –

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Moody’s Investors Services has lowered the credit ratings on some of the biggest world banks – Banks like JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America are feeling the pain and are concerned over the recent lowering of their credit ratings from Moody’s last Thursday. With the recent volatility and risk exposure from the global financial […]

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38 Studios collapse – Curt Schilling’s pain & whose to blame?

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Curt Schilling, the former Boston Red Sox star, says he will probably be flat busted after he lost 50 Million in the collapse of 38 Studios – In an interview in Boston, Schilling says he personally lost 50 million, which is apparently his total fortune from monies he made & saved during his baseball career. […]

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Second worst trading day in 2012 – Major U.S. Indexes hit hard!

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The U.S. Stock market took a blow today & recorded its second worst trading day for 2012 – The major U.S. Indexes were hit hard today. The Nasdaq, Dow and S&P all lost today, with the Nasdaq Composite posting the biggest loss, down 2.44%. The S&P 500 posted a loss of 2.23% and the Dow […]

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Jamie Dimon & the testimony on Capitol Hill –

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Jamie Dimon might just be the new Teflon Don? Nothing sticks to this guy and apparently, he doesn’t think it should? In typical Dimon fashion, you will see the written prepared statement below that he will be reading to the committee tomorrow on Capitol Hill. As a former JPMorgan employee, I’m VERY interested in the […]

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