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Pure Beverage Systems Scams Florida Tech Company

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  Pure Beverage Systems of Pompano Beach, Florida has decided to stiff a local Florida web development company after the web design team finished their new website. Lawyers sent a demand letter to the South Florida based water purification company in early January and received no response. Pure Beverage Systems, who has a reputation of […]

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Christina Aguchi Honored At The Top Feature Tournament In The Country

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As the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos took the field for Super Bowl 50, they played for the Vince Lombardy Trophy, named after the iconic coach who won the first two championship games. Monroe’s of Palm Beach will be hosting their third annual Feature Entertainer Tournament this Memorial Day weekend and like the Vince […]

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The Legend Returns To The Best Steak House In West Palm Beach

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    The best steak house in West Palm Beach is bringing back one of the most decorated food and beverage directors in South Florida. Legend’s Steak House has just announced the return of Alex Gonzalez-Campoy. A former recipient of the prestigious Bloomington Diamond Service award, which is awarded each year by the Chamber of […]

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Donald Sterling Mistress Says: “We Don’t Like Black People”

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If this isn’t a case of the pot calling the kettle black, not sure what is. The visor wearing mistress of embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling calls black people “crazy” and “stupid” in a video she made for a reality-show pilot about — wait for it — gold diggers. V.Stiviano, who secretly taped […]

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Jupiter’s Giant Red Spot Is Shrinking Before Our Very Eyes

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Scientists are saying that the giant red spot on the planet Jupiter is not so giant anymore. Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope calculate that the spot, a giant long-lasting storm, is narrowing by about 580 miles a year, much faster than before. In the late 1800s the red spot was an oval 25,500 miles […]

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GOP Anti-Gay Position Still Embedded On State And National Platforms

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After losing the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections, the Republican party is trying to reach out to a broader base and change the perception that the party is mostly made up of straight white religious fanatics. GOP leaders have tried to soften many of the party’s rigid positions on abortion and immigration reform […]

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Floyd Mayweather Says: “Donald Sterling Is A Great Guy”

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Not everyone was offended by the racist comments made by Donald Sterling last weekend. Boxer Floyd Mayweather has quickly come to the defense of the L A Clippers owner who many feel is the most hated man in America. The undefeated champ told reporters on Tuesday that “I don’t have nothing negative to say about this guy” in regards to the suspended […]

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Skinnygirl Bethany Frankel Ordered To Pay Ex’s Legal Fees

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Former “Housewives of New York” star and failed talk show host Bethany Frankel is being ordered to pay one hundred thousand dollars for her soon to be ex- husband’s legal fees. In court documents filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Frankel, who is now a multi-millionaire with her Skinnygirl line of diet products, has to pay her husband’s legal […]

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Irina Shayk Swimming With The Pigs

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Being a fashion model, Irina Shayk certainly knows how to deal with pigs – and in the photo above the Russian stunner got photo -bombed by some real pigs. The girlfriend of superstar footballer Christiano Ronaldo got close up and personal with some porky new friends on a photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret in the Bahamas. Shayk, who is […]

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Hitler’s Wife Eva Braun Was Jewish

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New DNA results that were taken from a hair on Adolf Hitler’s wife’s hair brush confirm that she was Jewish. The Ground-breaking DNA tests almost 70 years after her death have revealed that Eva Braun counted Ashkenazi Jews among her forebears. Researchers bought locks of Hitler’s lover’s hair for over $1,500, which had previously been […]

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Neo-Nazi Party Dumps German Porn Star For Having Sex With A Black Man

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  Go figure, a German porn star is in big trouble with her neo-Nazi buddies for filming a sex scene with a black man. The National Democratic Party of Germany had no problem making German adult actress Ina Groll the face of its hate- fueled party – but that all changed when they saw the 28 year-old fraulein getting […]

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BASE Jumpers Arrested For Leap From New World Trade Tower

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You would think that the new World Trade tower would be the most secure building in the country – but three BASE jumpers proved that it’s just another tall structure in Manhattan to jump off. The three thrill seekers were criminally charged Tuesday, with a fourth man charged as a lookout. The three jumpers – Andrew […]

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Discovery Of “Cosmic Inflation” One Step Closer To Proving Big Bang Theory

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  A group of astronomers from Harvard announced that they now have the scientific prove that the universe is still expanding after they discovered ripples in the fabric of space-time that are echoes of the massive expansion that took place just after the huge explosion known as the Big Bang. Albert Einstein predicted nearly a century ago, the discovery of gravitational waves […]

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Duke Porn Star “Belle Knox” Is Right About Hypocrites Who Condemn Porn

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Last night on CNN, Duke University porn star Belle Knox told Piers Morgan that the same people that are condemning pornography are the same ones who are watching it – and she’s right. “I think eighty percent of the world’s traffic on the Internet is pornography,” she said on the news show. “And I think […]

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“Real Housewives” Couple Face Jail After Guilty Pleas

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  A strong dose of reality hit the stars of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” as Teresa and Joe Giudice pleaded guilty Tuesday to fraud charges that could land both behind bars. The admission of guilt will likely get Mr Giudice deported. The brash couple, who loved to mix it up with their Jersey co-stars […]

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Alec Baldwin’s Brutally Honest Essay For New York Magazine

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The article below is a re-print of an essay that ran in the Feb 24 issue of New York magazine. I flew to Hawaii recently to shoot a film, fresh on the heels of being labeled a homophobic bigot by Andrew Sullivan, Anderson Cooper, and others in the Gay Department of Justice. I wanted to […]

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Michael Dunn Facing 75 Years In Prison – But Not For First Degree Murder

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Jurors in Florida still seem confused about the state’s stand your ground laws as they found Michael Dunn guilty on 3 charges of attempted murder – but were not able to convict on murder in the first degree after the 47 year-old software programmer shot and killed Jordan Davis in cold blood. The jury found Dunn […]

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Former CIA Director Patraeus Says “Hillary Would Make A Tremendous President”

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Former CIA director David Petraeus , who was forced to resign in 2012 after an adulterous affair with his biographer, has all but endorsed Hillary Clinton for president if she chooses to run in 2016. Patraeus, who has traditionally stayed away from politics, is throwing his support behind the former Secretary of State in a new book. “She’d make […]

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Amanda Knox Found Guilty Again By Italian Court

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The nightmare continued for American Amanda Knox as Italian judges are upholding her murder conviction, making this the third verdict in the case in six years. A judge has sentenced Knox to 28 years in prison — four more years than her first 2009 sentence. Her Italian ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, also found guilty Thursday, has been sentenced […]

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Texas Jury Goes Easy On Dallas Cowboy Player Who Killed Teamate

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It looks like a Texas jury was loaded with Dallas Cowboy fans as it sentenced former Cowboy Josh Brent to only 180 days in jail and probation Friday for causing the December 2012 crash that killed his teammate and best friend Jerry Brown Jr. In addition to a 10-year suspended sentence, Brent was ordered to pay a $10,000 fine. The […]

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Chris Christie Faces Federal Investigation For Hurricane Sandy Funds

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The old adage, when it rains it pours, is ringing true for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Christie, who is still reeling from last week’s “Bridgegate” scandal,  is now facing a federal probe of how he spent Superstorm Sandy aid, a lawmaker announced Monday. The investigation is centered around how Christie used $25 million in aid for a TV ad campaign that […]

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Dwayne Wade Fathers New Child But Not With Fiancee Gabrielle Union

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NBA star Dwayne Wade has fathered his third child – but what’s suprising some about the news was that the baby’s mother is not his girlfriend of the last 4 years. Wade and actress Gabrielle Union recently were engaged after dating for about 4 years – but the child, who is now only a couple of […]

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Duck Dynasty Star Booted From Show For Anti Gay Comments

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The A&E channel says “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson is off the show indefinitely after condemning gays as sinners in a magazine interview. In a statement Wednesday, A&E said “We are extremely disappointed to have read Phil Robertson’s comments in GQ, which are based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the […]

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New Volkswagen Prototype Gets 261 Miles Per Gallon

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There has been a UFO looking car driving around New York City this past week and get this, it gets 261 miles per gallon. The futuristic Volkswagen XL1 plug-in hybrid has been making rounds in the Big Apple. Looking like a stunt car for a science-fiction movie, the two-seater XL1 debuted as a concept car at the 2009 […]

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Nelson Mandela Dead At 95

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Nelson Mandela, a world-wide symbol of resistance to racism and injustice during 27 years in jail and then, without rancor, became the iconic pathfinder who led South Africa from apartheid to all-race democracy, died Thursday. Reports of the  Nobel Peace Prize winner’s failing health circulated during the day as relatives and friends gathered at his death […]

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