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I have worked in the media for over 30 years as a Producer,director, cameraman,photographer and in publicity. I have worked for the four major television networks and for over 20 different cable networks. From American Idol to the Today Show to HBO Documentaries to the Academy Awards, I have been fortunate to work at the highest professional level in television. As a photographer, my work has been published or seen online in magazines such as Maxim, Stuff, Us weekly, InTouch,Gotham, Shock, OK magazine and more. My work has taken me to the four corners of the world from Africa to South America to Europe to Japan. It's been a great run and I am happy to be on board with the News Burner team.
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Dr’s Toy Store – The Choice of America’s Top Doctors

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  Dr’s Toy Store is the industry leader in buying and selling new and pre-owned medical equipment in the Southeastern United States. Founded in 1998, it’s expansive showroom in Hollywood, Florida is the largest in South Florida. Owner Rob Raymond, has put together a crack staff of sales associates and service technicians that rivals the […]

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How I Doubled My Money In Stocks I Traded With

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Back in the 1990s, as the United States went through the longest peace time economic expansion in history, I was heavily invested in the stock market. With well over $200,000 in equities, I watched the market go up every year as we approached the millennial. But as the year 2000 drew closer, I saw all […]

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Eddy Cebreco – The George Bailey Of West Palm Beach

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As the holidays approach, we are reminded that it is that time of the year where we find ourselves in the spirit of giving and spreading goodwill to all. One holiday movie that exemplifies this, is the story of George Bailey in the 1946 classic “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  Well, it seems West Palm Beach, […]

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Dr. Johanna Youner’s PicoSure FOCUS Laser Provides World’s Fastest Facial

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Dr. Johanna Youner is the only doctor in New York City to provide PicoSure FOCUS laser facials.  Dr. Youner can revitalize your skin on your lunch hour with no tell-tales signs of treatment. Dr. Youner’s ground-breaking PICOSURE FOCUS LASER FACIAL is the fastest and most effective laser facial in the world. PicoSure Focus treatments are ideal […]

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Ground Breaking PicoSure Technology At Park Avenue LaserTreatment

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Dr Johanna Youner is the one of the only doctors in New York City to offer PicoSure™, an unprecedented advancement in laser tattoo removal. The FDA-cleared PicoSure™, named for its picosecond laser technology, erases tattoos with far fewer treatment sessions and better results than previous laser treatments. Tattoos that have been treated previously with Nd-Yag lasers […]

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Dr’s Toy Store Opens 15,000 Square Foot New Showroom Off I-95

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With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, those in the field of medicine are looking for new ways to cut costs and make their practices more profitable. One man in South Florida has been listening to what doctors needs are and is providing state-of-the-art medical equipment at the lowest prices in the nation. Rob Raymond, of Dr’s […]

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Who Doesn’t Want To Buy The Clippers?

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After NBA commissioner Adam Silver said yesterday that he would do everything in his power to force the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers – the big question is, who doesn’t want to buy the team? It seems everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Floyd Mayweather to Magic Johnson and a host of others are throwing their hats […]

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Meryl Streep’s Powerful Message To Young Women

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The most acclaimed American actress of our time is sending a powerful message to young women by telling them to not obsess about their looks and their weight. While receiving an honorary doctorate degree from Indiana University, the 3 time Academy Award winning actress told those in attendance that when she was a teenager she thought she wasn’t pretty […]

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“Blood Moon” Lunar Eclipse Unfolds Tonight

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Space geeks around the country will get a celestial show that won’t be visible in the United States again until 2019. A full lunar eclipse will take place early Tuesday morning that at it’s peek will turn the moon from bright orange to blood red and then to brown. The eclipse will unfold over three hours beginning at […]

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Will The Brilliant Satire Of Stephen Colbert Work On Late Night Network Television

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I just want to start by saying that I love Steve Colbert and his brand of satire that is the essence of his award winning show on Comedy Central – but is mainstream America ready for him on late night network television? The host of “The Colbert Report” just signed a five-year contract to succeed David Letterman […]

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Extreme Dieting Might Have Killed Peaches Geldorf

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Some in the media are reporting that the pressure to stay thin for the cameras might have been the cause of the untimely death of Peaches Geldorf. The daughter of rock legend Bob Geldorf had been warned that her rapid dieting could bring on a heart attack. The English journalist and part time TV host/model was found dead at her […]

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Jon Stewart Destroys GM Over Their Faulty Ignition Recall

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Jon Stewart weighed in last night on the GM ignition switch controversy last night on The Daily Show. Stewart eviscerated the automotive giant for their gross negligence in dealing with the 2013 recall for the faulty ignition switches that was first discovered back in 2001. The Daily Show host points out that GM could have saved […]

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Working Mom Destroys Gwyneth Paltrow In Open Letter

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An open letter from a working mom from New York absolutely crushes recently uncoupled actress Gwyneth Paltrow. The letter written by New York Post writer Mackenzie Dawson eviscerates Paltrow for her comments about how being a movie star is so much more difficult then working a lowly office job. The pompous remarks made by “Gwynnie” gives you a little insight to maybe why a smart […]

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Malaysia Airlines Sends Text To Families That All Are Dead

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You would have thought they would have called – but Malaysia Airlines instead sent out a text to the families of those presumed killed on flight 370 that their loved ones are dead. “Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets that we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board […]

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Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend L’Wren Scott Found Dead

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High fashion model & designer L’Wren Scott hung herself in a luxurious Manhattan apartment early Monday morning. Scott is the girlfriend of Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger. The 49 year old “Fashionista” was found hanging by a scarf inside the Eighth Floor apartment at 200 Eleventh Avenue around 10 a.m, her body was found in her […]

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Donald Trump Remembers “The Late Jimmy Carter” – Who Is Still Alive

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Moments before saying that the Chinese “respect smart people” and “don’t respect stupid people” – Donald Trump proved why he is not very well respected in China. Trump’s stupidity was on full display at CPAC as he made reference to the “late Jimmy Carter” – problem is Carter is still alive. The misinformed millionaire who likes […]

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Not So Gentrified Brooklyn Home Of Spike Lee Vandalized

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So I guess Spike Lee’s old Brooklyn neighborhood isn’t as gentrified as he thought it was. Just to prove that Spike’s old hood is not just white kids sipping lattes at Starbucks, vandals sprayed graffiti on his house in Fort Greene. Three days ago the Knick loving filmmaker criticized his old neighborhood for being over run with white people and said […]

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“Piers Morgan Live” Staffers Thrilled The Show Got Cancelled

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I guess no one was properly in love with Peirs Morgan – and it sounds like the people who are the most happy that the English talk show host got the boot from CNN are his own staff members. The New York Daily News is reporting that the production team at the show despised the obnoxious British blabbermouth. An […]

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Looks Like It’s A Good Time To Boycott Arizona

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After the state’s Legislature passed a bill on Thursday to allow business owners to refuse service to gay people, many Americans are saying it’s time to boycott Arizona. The controversial bill, which has been voted down in states like Kansas and Idaho, was approved by the Republican-controlled Senate on Wednesday and the GOP-led House on Thursday. The bill passed the […]

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Asteroid Has Close Encounter With Earth

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  An asteroid about the size of three football fields zoomed by Earth late Monday, missing our planet by about 2 million miles. The small space rock that could do catastrophic damage if it were to hit our planet, was traveling at approximately 27,000 miles per hour. The asteroid came just about a year after a relatively small asteroid blew up over […]

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Iraqi Suicide Bomb Class Ends Early As Teacher Accidently Blows Up Students

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Class was dismissed a little early on Monday at a school for would-be suicide bombers. “Excuse me, but what does this red button do?” Might have been the last words spoken at the class of suicide bomb makers just outside of Baghdad on Monday. The Inspector Clouseau of suicide bombers accidently blew up himself and 21 of his […]

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Does My Child Need Speech Language Therapy? By Adrienne Frohlich

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Your child may be a “late talker”, is difficult to understand, or just seems to be developing speech and language differently than his peers or siblings. His speech and language milestones may seem to lag behind his other areas of development. There is a wide age range of appropriate development for speech and language milestones, and changes can happen […]

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New Dr’s Toy Store Showroom Coming Soon

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Doctors in the south eastern United States are in for a treat as one of the nation’s leading medical equipment sales companies is opening a brand new showroom. Dr’s Toy Store will be expanding with a 15,000 square foot showroom between Hallendale Beach Blvd and Penbroke Road on I-95 just north of Miami. With an impeccable track record of sales and service, Rob […]

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Murder-Suicide Trend Sweeping The Nation

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2014 has started out with a new epidemic of heartbreaking murder-suicides. Just this past week, national media outlets have reported four tragic cases where individuals have killed family members before turning their guns on themselves. Today it is being reported that a cop in Utah killed his wife, mother-in-law and two beautiful kids before he took his own life […]

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A-Rod Found Guilty – Suspended For Entire 2014 Season

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Alex Rodriguez will be taking the 2014 baseball season off after being suspended for the entire season including the playoffs. Independent arbitrator Fredric Horowitz ruled Saturday that the controversial Yankees superstar was guilty of using performance enhancing drugs and must serve a full-season, 162-game suspension. It’s a reduction from the initial 211-game suspension executed by Major League Baseball, but […]

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