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Valentine’s Day

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Remember when you were in grade school and you’d receive tons of Valentines? Even the coolest guy or girl in school would give you a Valentine’s Day card that said, “I choo choo choose you” with a lollipop. Now, you feel lucky if you have one single girlfriend to go out with or happy that […]

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Give Back Box

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You know that awesome moment when you come home and there’s a box sitting at your door? I don’t know about you, but I pick up the box, run up my stairs, and then open it even before taking my coat off. It’s like a little Christmas morning happening constantly throughout the year. After I […]

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Some say birthdays are overrated, others start planning their birthdays six months in advance, and then there’s me. I feel everyone should do something special for themselves on their day. Normally, I go to the spa for a massage and anti-aging facial, but this year I was undecided on what it was I wanted to […]

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So This is Christmas

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Santa made his entrance during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and that means the holiday season has officially begun! I love Christmas and I love all things holiday, except fruitcake. I try, but I can’t seem to get on the fruitcake train. My Christmas joy has been around my whole life and even though my […]

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She Pooped

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Girls don’t poop, right? I agree. The food we eat magically disintegrates in our bellies and creates no output. I’m going to show my age here and say, “Not!” Men say they prefer to think that women do not poop and they want to keep it that way. They don’t want to know that our […]

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Sweetest Day

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Sweetest Day is this Saturday, October 19th. It happens the third Saturday in October every year (in case you want to put a reminder in your calendar). Some people think that Sweetest Day is a Hallmark holiday where you are supposed to buy your significant other something in order to stay out of the doghouse. […]

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Love is Strength

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Falling in love is bliss. When you fall in love you feel invincible and you operate off a high. I’ve been in love and when I was in love I literally felt like nothing bad could happen to me; that the man I was in love with and the love around us acted as an […]

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Cancer & Marriage

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When I was eleven years old my mother was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder. Before she was diagnosed I don’t recall thinking she was sick. Dinner was always on the table, I had a ride to all my practices, and our house was clean; life seemed normal. One day my grandmother came to visit, […]

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The possibility of love opens our hearts, but sometimes it opens it to the wrong people; the people that have intentions of hurting us, taking from us, or simply toying with us because their lives feel so empty. Being open to love and the possibility of it is beautiful, but this day in age love […]

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First Date Pitfalls

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The notorious Chi Serial Dater has done an amazing job keeping her identity under wraps so when I had an opportunity to collaborate with her and find out who the hilarious girl is behind her words, I was more than ecstatic. She has no shame, isn’t afraid to share her ups and downs, and like […]

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Taking the Plunge

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Everybody has moments in their life that they will forever remember; moments that don’t just come as a memory, but fill the mind and body with emotion when remembered. It could be the moment you fall in love with your forever partner, the moment you give birth to your child, the moment you made the […]

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Now this is Love

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Ninety-six year old Fred submitted a song he wrote for his wife, Lorraine, of 73 years a month after she passed away. He wrote lyrics out of love and in memorial of his late wife then submitted it to a contest he saw advertised by Green Shoe Studio in the newspaper. They took his lyrics […]

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We Don’t Love Like Our Parents

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When I see my parents, I see beautiful, everlasting, committed love. My parents have a love and marital bond that only death can do them part. They are, and always will be, dedicated to their marriage no matter how hard things get. I’ve watched them make it through obstacles in which many people in my […]

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Get Ready for MPRSHOW Fest

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Modern Problems Radio Show is bringing you the most exciting music event this fall, MPRSHOW Fest! The event is hosted by the outrageous Daveylove, creator and host of MPR Show, along with his hilarious producer Mr. Jay and beautiful co-host Laura Merill. John Torres from Oh Cassius! says, “Daveylove is such a fun host, it’s […]

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Guy Code

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I’m not totally in the loop with guy code because I have a vagina, but I know it is sacred. Girl code exists, but only in theory because girls are sneaky bitches and they honestly don’t give a crap about any codes. If they like a guy they don’t care if he’s your boyfriend, your […]

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Naked Selfies

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I’m not sure why, but after my book, Dating Chase Walker, was published, many men thought it was an invitation to send me naked selfies of them fully exposed in the bathroom mirror. I found it humorous at first and so did my friends. I wondered how many takes it took them to get that […]

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Shark Week

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When I say Shark Week I am not referring the all the excellent shows on the Discovery Channel, but what I am referring to is scary, dangerous, and involves a lot of blood. It isn’t a highly anticipated television event that happens once a year; instead it is a highly dreaded monthly occurrence. Yes, when […]

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Mean Girls

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When you hear the label mean girls, you are probably brought back to the retched days of high school or junior high when insecurities in girls ran high. I know that’s what comes to my mind. I think about the girl Kristen who constantly teased me in junior high because my grades weren’t very good. […]

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Everybody Poops Their Pants (at some point)

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At some point or another everybody’s life goes to shit. It’s true. And if you are sitting there saying your life hasn’t, then lucky you. We all reach a point so low that it feels as bad as pooping your pants. It may even be a point where you literally shit your pants. It isn’t […]

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