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More Sexual Harrassment Allegations For Photographer Terry Richardson (NSFW)

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If it only happened once, maybe embattled fashion photographer Terry Richardson might get the benefit of the doubt – but model Emma Appleton’s claims that the quirky shutterbug sexually harassed her are just one in a long line of sexual abuse accusations that surround the famed photog. Appleton posted a screen shot of her phone to Twitter […]

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Lindsay Lands Liz!!!!!

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We all know the rumors have been swirling about Lindsay playing Liz Taylor in a LifeTime movie. However, those rumors have become reality. Let the games begin! During the rumors, I was def not on board with Lindsay Lohan portraying Liz Taylor. I felt casting Lindsay was going to be too distracting. I am sure […]

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Prostitutes Strike In Spain to Save the Economy

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What is that old saying? “When the going gets tough, the hookers go on strike?” Something like that. But in Spain, one could use this saying and it would be totally accurate. Three days ago, in Spain, the “high class,” hookers (which is a total oxymoron) have decided to hit the bankers, where it hurts. […]

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BLAME CANADA ! Ice Tea Flavored Beer

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Remember that catchy lil tune from the [South Park] movie? I admit that I did laugh at the time…a lot. Then, as always, felt guilty after my  hearty laugh at the Canucks expense. Our neighbors to the north are not that bad, right? They put up with our acid rain. We put up with Celine […]

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Get Ready For a Mini Meatball! Snooki is Preggers!

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Did I scare you? Well let me soothe you a tiny bit by adding that Snooki has yet to confirm the claim. However, she is walking like a duck and quacking like a duck. Just waiting for her to show her webbed feet! Snooki’s production company has contacted a Jersey baby store, [ Baby] about shooting […]

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“It Was Just a Drunk Text,” says Paris Hilton

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Paris is back in the music bizz! Yup! [Paris Hilton] has leaked a new demo called [“Drunk Text.” ]  I know the title sounds a bit questionable. But do not worry. Paris keeps it classy as always. Classy according to Paris’s standards, of course. Which means the rest of us will have a nice sized […]

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Cattle Call For Teen Bride Courtney Stodden

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This is FANTASTIC!! I read this on [PerezHilton] and I could not agree more. The article calls for everyone to drop what we are doing…immediately….and sign up for this casting. A casting to be in the new Courtney Stodden video!!!!!  HAhahahahaaa!! I NEED to be in it! I just want to see this thing…this whole […]

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More Sick Twisted Comments From Fashion’s Mindless Idiot Karl Lagerfield

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  Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Karl Lagerfeld, you live in a glass house. Did you forget about that Karl? The fact that you were overweight for years! You lost 92 pounds!! That is not a little overweight. That is a freakin’ LOT! You were to the point of having […]

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Damn it Barbie! You Did This to Me!

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As a young girl I was wild about [Barbie]. In fact, looking back, I would go as far to say that Barbie was my gateway drug to developing a raging case of [body dysmorphia]. Self diagnosing is never good. I do understand that and I do not endorse doing so. However it is important for […]

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Attention Please! I HAVE A GIRL CRUSH!!!

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It is official. Sadie, is my new girl crush. So of course I have to show her off!! I want to WORLD to know! So ya wanna know about her? Ok!! Heheheee… Weeellll (tilts head, twirls hair between fingers, huge smile, lets out a little squeal of delight) Clearly you have guessed that the hottie […]

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New Year New Kink!!

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  We are currently in the first month of a brand new year. A time when people decide to make life changes to last the year through. So how about a change that is way more interesting and you will actually stick to?  A new sex practice!! Yay! I bet you are kicking yourself for […]

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Livin’ the NO PANTS Dream!

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  Ever have that nagging feeling that you are forgetting something? What could it be? Hhhmmmm…I have my phone, wallet, keys, metro card. Dropped my clothes off at the dry cleaners. Did I leave the oven on? What could it be? Well… I am sure it will come to me.  Why do I feel like […]

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Ho, ho...... ho...

Hilarious Funny Or Die: A Drunken Christmas Poem

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Ah yes it is that time of year again. Where age old traditions are made a mockery by a drunk a*#hole…..then we all laugh and share it with our friends!! Really becomes the hit of the season! But in the sharers defense. The drunk guys morals were in the gutter first!! Which means we all […]

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Put On Your Spandex Tights And Work That Holiday Fat Off

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  As the holidays approach, so does the inevitable weight gain. Every year we promise ourselves that we are going to go easy on all of the candy, cookies, spiked egg nog, any food with the name “ball or log” involved. Then of course, at the end we are left pudgy and full of self […]

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Whose Your Daddy?

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  No really…who is your daddy? If you are in your early 20’s, and either already know that your real daddy is a sperm donor, or have the sinking feeling that your family is keeping something from you. You might want to do a “Google images” of [Richard Hatch] Why you ask? Good question! Well […]

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I swear, she is all real...

Celebs Dish Up Their Freaky Beauty and Hygiene Tips

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Just in time for all of those holiday parties! Celebs offer their beauty and hygiene,(or lack there of, you know who you are, [Jessica Simpson]) tips! Click here to check out the full article [The Frisky] Find out who exfoliates with…kitty litter… She also admits to being unaware of the harmful chemicals in kitty litter. […]

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Paging Dr. Venkman...

Ghost Gropes 73 Year Old British Woman

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Who Ya Gonna Call? NNOO!! Not [Ghostbusters!] ME! To trade apartments with Ms. Frigid 73 year old granny. Apparently this woman does not know a gift from above when she sees, uumm, no, I guess feels one. An elderly British woman is upset and trying to get rid of a ghost that gropes her and […]

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Matt Hardy Adds Getting Kicked Out of Rehab to Rough Year

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I will admit it. I have no flipping idea who, Matt Hardy, is. But I do know a train wreck when I see one! I just saw “[Matt Hardy] Kicked Out Of Rehab,” and that is all I needed to click through. Boy am I glad I did! I got quite the reward! So Matt […]

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“Boobs” Lively at the Opening Of Lady Gaga’s Workshop at Barney’s NYC

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WOW Blake! You are going to land yourself on Santa’s naughty list if you don’t watch out! First you did this little see through dress on Saturday [E! On-Line] Now you seem to have forgotten your blouse! Is it “The Gaga,” the season, the fact that you were not sexy enough to keep [Leo]interested? What, […]

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Kim Kardashian “Does Nothing.”

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BAM!!! There it is ladies and gentlemen. Put simply by the editor of [Elle] magazine. [Joe Zee,] [Kim Kardashian] “does nothing.” Which is why she will not be on the cover of Elle. My favorite part of his explanation, is “It’s about new. It’s not about, so much, a reality star. The idea is, are […]

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Nice job, numbnuts...

Nice “Tweets” Tori!! (NSFW)

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I don’t even know what to say. Grounds for divorce? [Dean McDermott] claims that he did not notice that his wife, [Tori Spelling] was exposing her bare, post birth, boobies, in the back ground of a stupid picture of his kid. Dude, she just had a baby. Occupy your oldest kid, but don’t freakin [Twitter!] […]

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Sex Toy or Kitchen Utensil

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I LOVE THIS GAME! Click here [The Frisky] for a super fun game that will have you looking at your kitchen utensils and body machines…yes the naughty kind…in a whole new light! Trips to [William Sonoma] are about to reach a whole new level of interesting. The game is called “Sex Toy or Kitchen Utensil.” […]

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Starbucks Masturbator

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  Next time you are looking for a [Starbucks] to duck into and use the bathroom quickly…think again. A man that goes by the name Mr. Pee Pee is on a mission to masturbate in every Starbucks bathroom in [New York City]. In case you were not up on exactly how many that is…well…298 to […]

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Own a Replica of Lindsay’s Vag!

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Is it just me, or does this picture look like Lindsay just had a baby at the Prom? Like she just got done throwing it away in the bathroom..wouldn’t flush so she chucked it in the trash. Then broke into the school office in search of booze. Seriously. Edgy photography is only cool if it […]

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Missing Cat Found 2 Months Later in JFK

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  Jack the cat was found! YAY!! How amazing! Everyone is crying tears of joy! Even the cat. AAaawwww…happy ending. Wait, what was the whole story again? How did Jack get lost in the first place? How long was he gone? Where? Jack the cat was lost for two months in [JFK airport.] Really? How? […]

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