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Best Steak House In West Palm Beach

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For years, if you were looking for the best steak in West Palm Beach, you might find yourself at Morton’s or Ruth Chris, but steak lovers in South Florida are saying that’s not the case anymore. The 36oz bone in “Tomahawk” Ribeye at Legend’s Steak House is being touted as the best steak in Palm […]

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Karl Rove’s Insane Assertion That Hillary Has Brain Damage

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The last time many of us saw Karl Rove was on Election night 2012, when Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly called him out asking, “are these your numbers Karl” as Rove squirmed about the set in denial that President Obama had won his second term. Now the man who many believe has been lying to the […]

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Eliot Spitzer To Pay Ex-Wife Silda Wall Millions In Divorce Settlement

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New York’s Hooker loving ex Governor Eliot Spitzer will be shelling out millions of dollars to his ex-wife and mother of his children. Silda Wall Spitzer, who stood by her husband as he was forced to resign from office after being caught paying over $4000.00 a night for sex, will receive a cash payout of […]

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High School Student Suspended For Asking Out Miss America

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A very brave high school student in Pennsyvania was suspended this week for asking Miss America to his senior prom. Patrick Farves stood up in front of his entire school and asked the current Miss America Nina Davuluri to the annual end of the year high school dance Thursday night. But Patrick’s courageous stunt earned the Central York High School senior a […]

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Actress Anne Greene Sued By HBO For Refusing To Do Fully Nude Scene

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When HBO says get naked, they really mean it. A Hollywood actress is being sued by producers at the cable giant for not taking her clothes off when they asked her to. Anne Greene is being counter-sued for $85,000 after she refused to get naked on the set of an HBO production. The Hollywood Reporter, states that Greene filed a complaint […]

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Scientists Discover Vast Ocean On Saturn Moon

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If there is water there could be life. And that is what has the science world buzzing about the discovery of a vast ocean beneath the icy surface of Saturn’s little moon Enceladus. A team of Italian and American researchers uncovered the body of water using Cassini, a NASA-European spacecraft still exploring Saturn. Cassini was launched 17 years ago from […]

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Pope Francis Accidently Drops F-Bomb During Sunday Sermon

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  I guess we should start calling him “Pope Potty Mouth” as Pope Frances mistakenly said the word “fuck” in his weekly sermon. The pontiff was speaking from a window in St Peter’s Square when he accidentally muddled the Italian word “caso” — which means “case” — with “cazzo” — which can translate to “fuck” […]

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Pussy Riot Attacked By Cossacks While Protesting Sochi Olympics

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Activist punk rockers Pussy Riot were attacked by Russian militia yesterday as they performed under a sign for the Sochi Olympics. Cossack militia attacked the mostly all girl group with horsewhips as they protested the games that are in their second week. Six group members — five women and one man — donned their signature ski masks and were […]

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Sports Illustrated Puts Barbie On Cover Of 50th Anniversay Swimsuit Issue

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  Kate Upton move over, because this year a 7 inch plastic doll will be featured on the cover of next week’s Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary Swimsuit edition. Yes, it’s true, Barbie will grace the cover of the iconic swimsuit issue. Striking a pose in the black-and-white swimsuit she wore for her debut in 1959, Barbie takes her place alongside a […]

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Mia Farrow Accused Another Of Sexual Abuse Forty Years Ago

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So Woody Allen is not alone when it comes to being accused by Mia Farrow of sexual misconduct. After recently bringing up allegations from 20 years ago that Allen sexually molested thier 7 year-old daughter, it has now come to light that Farrow accused a friend of the Beatles of sexual abuse forty years ago. The angry actress once accused Maharishi Mahesh Yogi […]

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Where Richard Sherman’s Post Game Tirade Ranks in The Top Sports Rants Of All Time

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Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman delivered an epic post game rant last week that became an instant classic. The Stanford grad tore into San Francisco 49er receiver Michael Crabtree after he deflected a game winning pass in the final seconds to send his team to the Super Bowl. Sherman barked insults about Crabtree at Fox Sports sideline […]

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Movie Gunman Curtis Reeves Menaced Another Florida Couple For Texting

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The 71 year-old former Tampa policeman who has been charged with murdering a man for texting at the movies, menaced another texting moviegoer at the same theater just last month. Jamira Dixon and her husband said Curtis Reeves, the retired police captain accused of fatally shooting a man inside a theater Monday, screamed at them during a Dec. 28 showing […]

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Hubble Telescope Captures “Cosmic Dawn” From 13 Billion Years Ago

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If you ever wondered what the Universe looked like at the beginning of time, scientists have released images of what they are calling the “Cosmic Dawn.” NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has looked back to a chaotic time 13. 2 billion years ago when never-before-seen galaxies were tiny, bright blue and full of stars bursting to life all over the place. […]

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Texas Rich Kid Who Got Away With Killing Four – Sued By Victim’s Families

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The spoiled little brat in Texas who got away with killing four innocent people and paralyzing a fifth with no jail time will now face a slew of civil suits. Ethan Couch, whose lawyers won his freedom with the ridiculous defense of “affluenza”, meaning that his spoiled upbringing made it impossible for him to exercise normal judgment, will now be […]

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Australian Censors Ban Condom Commercial For Being Too Sexy

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Australian television censors said no to a new condom commercial that shows a young couple shopping for the perfect rubber. The racy spot for “Four Seasons Condoms” shows the young couple having sex in a variety of positions in a pharmacy, while the pharmacist and a clerk look on and assist the shoppers with their selection. “It really brings out […]

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Oxford University Women’s Rugby Team Strips Down For 2014 Calendar

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The women’s rugby team at prestigious Oxford University took it all off for their 2014 calendar. In one photo the girls wore only their socks and their cleats a they ran out on to the pitch. Other calendar months have the girls lifting weights in the buff and sitting in the stands naked. The girls are […]

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Drug Lords Go Henry The VIII On Former Soccer Player

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 Drug lords in Brazil took the term “heads will roll” literally this past week in Rio De Janeiro. Geisa Silva reported her husband Joao Rodrigo Santos De Silva missing on Monday at 9 p.m. Eight in a half hours later her attention was drawn to the front door of her Rio De Janeiro home. To her surprise she […]

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