Pure Beverage Systems Scams Florida Tech Company

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Pure Beverage Systems of Pompano Beach, Florida has decided to stiff a local Florida web development company after the web design team finished their new website. Lawyers sent a demand letter to the South Florida based water purification company in early January and received no response.

Pure Beverage Systems, who has a reputation of sleazy sales tactics, engaged designers and programmers with over twenty changes to their website before they decided to not pay for services. Terry Shea, a manager at Pure Beverage Systems actually visited the offices of the web developer with a list of changes a week before the company decided to fleece the Florida based development team.

Lawyers for the plaintiff say they will not only be filing a lawsuit for lack of payment and breach of contract, but also copyright infringement as Pure Beverage Systems used images created by the designers for a trade show in December without paying for them.

Pure Beverage Systems did not return our calls for a response to the pending lawsuit.

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