Chef Dominick Brings Bronx Tradition To Monroe’s Of Palm Beach

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For over 300 years, Bronx, New York, which many call “The Bronx,” has had a long history and deep tradition in the culinary arts.

In the 1600’s, those who lived in what is known today as lower Manhattan would travel to a 50,000 acre farm owned by the Bronk family. There, customers would taste the fruits of the land and be introduced to what is now known today as fine dining. Years later, urban slang changed the name from the Bronk’s farm to what is known today as the Bronx.

Well, leave it up to the masterful people at Monroe’s of Palm Beach to tap into the strong culinary history of the Bronx and hire one of its top chefs.

Chef Dominick hails from Arthur Avenue, which is the home of some of the finest Italian restaurants and bakeries in the country. Today, he spends his days spoiling the diners at Monroe’s and it’s steakhouse, Legend’s Lounge, with some of the most delicious culinary creations in Palm Beach.

A former student of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Dominick’s extensive resume includes stints as the head of catering at Hughes Catering and as Sous Chef at the Design Center of America. He was also executive chef at Mizner Park hotspot Jazziz.

This Bronx native also studied under legendary Jamaican chef Sean Lucas and incorporates exotic rums and liquors into his fish and meat dishes.

Besides his love for Caribbean and island dishes, Chef Dominick is also known for his epic pasta specials that are offered daily at Monroe’s.

General Manager Joe Bee says he couldn’t be more excited having a fellow New Yorker head up his kitchen and with the jerseys of iconic Bronx Bombers such as Ruth, Gehrig and DiMaggio lining the walls of Legend’s lounge, there couldn’t be a better fit for this prodigal son of the Bronx.

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