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My name is Maj Soueidan. I co-founded in 2008 to help give investors an edge in a competitive market environment where investment banks and Institutions have an edge over the “Every Day” investor due to their ability to access information quickly. The legendary Peter Lynch and his book One Up Wall Street became my inspiration to begin investing in the stock market.

I started investing in the stock market during college between 1988 and 1992, even after my professors told me that doing so would be a zero sum game where: “you will never beat the market.”  So after college I accepted a job at a mutual fund firm where my manager echoed the same sentiment. Well, I decided to continue to invest my money to a point where I was had enough savings to make a full time career from investing. So in 1994, after my manager told me it would take me at least 10 years to get where I wanted to get within the “firm,” I decided to officially become a full time investor. 22 years later, I am still doing it while also teaching others how to invest in the stock market.

It was not an easy road, as many of you can probably relate.  I had to suffer through the 1998 currency crisis, the bursting of the internet bubble in 2000, 911 in 2001 and the great recession of 2008. And here we are again in 2015 with the market crashing again as lower oil prices and global turmoil in China causes investors to act irrationally which will eventually present an opportunity to buy some companies, both big and small, at prices seen only once in few years.

I would welcome the opportunity to show you the work Geoinvesting is doing to simplify the investment process.  If you are a beginner or intermediate investor I am confident you will begin to learn how to make sense of a market the media tries to complicate.  Just like anything in life, once you simply a task, the execution becomes so much easier.

I am equally certain that if you are a seasoned investor you will find that we will reduce the time it takes you to find new stocks that you will want to research further.  As a seasoned investor myself it took me a long time to accept that other investors may also have good ideas. But I am glad I eventually did. I can’t believe how many home runs that our subscribers have presented to my team. Just one good idea is worth taking a leap of faith.  Keep in mind that you can also become a member of our community by writing articles about stocks you might like but want us to amplify through our wide distribution outlets.

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About Maj Soueidan

Maj is the co-founder of Maj graduated from Temple University in 1992 with dual majors in Finance and Risk Management. While attending Temple University Maj went to work for The Vanguard Group part time while, on his own, he continued to develop his eye for unique and undervalued micro-cap stocks. Maj bought his first “multi-bagger” in 1992 and briefly published his first investment newsletter called “The Market’s Edge.” After two years at Vanguard Maj went off on his own to start trading his own ideas. Within 3 years Maj turned 30k in to his first of many millions.

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